Dignity and Honour

Let us take a look at those two words, Dignity and Honour.  What do they mean? Well I suppose like anything to each person they have a different thing.

Well dictionary reference says one meaning of dignity is:

bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of an occasion or situation.

and and one meaning of honour is:

honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions

So in fairness, a person who is claiming that their honour and dignity has been taken from them, must be an upstanding, law-abiding citizen who basically would never do the dirty on anyone.   Wouldn’t you agree?

A person who lives their lives by a code that they keep to their morals and principles no matter what is thrown at them, is a person of dignity and honour.

A person with dignity and honour will never stoop to levels that are deemed unacceptable by the vast majority of  people who live their lives by morals and principles and by people who know right from wrong.

For instance if a close friend or family member had a car, and they said you could have the car at the end of the month and you handed over cash and you did some work on it, paid for repairs, you wouldn’t class that person as having dignity and honour if after taking your money and letting you do work on the said car, they sold it to someone else and kept your money, would you?

Now if the person who did that to someone turned out to be a family member, many people would think, if they could treat a family member like dirt and basically steal from them and con them out of money, they would have no hesitation in treating a member of the public like dirt.

Just imagine the impact it would have on a whole family, if one person conned another family member.  It is only natural that if you were the aggrieved party you would expect support from other family members.  But where does that leave a parent?  Do they cast aside one child for another especially if the child that wronged their other child is now asking them for refuge?

So the news in the nutshell is, if someone conned money out of anybody, no person with morals or principles would back that person, would they?  No person would bury their head in the sand and ignore what wrongs that person did, just because that person was speaking out against someone they don’t like.

And above all no person who treated another person in this way, has the right to shout that their dignity and honour has been damaged, when they really are no better than a common-garden thief, and have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that they would act is such a malicious and undignified manner.

So why are people praising the likes of Goncalo Amaral and why are they saying his honour has been bought into question when he himself ripped his own brother off over a purchase of a house.   If these documents are truthful, then it is obvious that Goncalo Amaral, has NO honour or dignity when it comes to his own family, so why she he have it over people.

This is what Goncalo Amaral did to his own brother, according to a member of J4M, who writes:

It was a contract in which the Gonc promised to sell his house to his brother, having received from his brother that amount of money as a guarantee.

In the meanwhile, the brother, already having the keys, begun to make several repairs in the house, because it was very much in bad condition, so he spent lots of money repairing the house. After doing so, Gonc sold the house to another person, keeping all the money he received from his brother and profiting from all the repairs his brother did.

That’s why the brother sued Gonc.

The court case ended with the victory of Gonc’s brother:

– Gonc was forced to pay all the money he received from his brother, in double, according with the law;

– Gonc was forced to pay his brother all the money he spent repairing the house;

– Gonc was forced to pay all the costs of the court action.

The translation and documents can be read here.  I can’t vouch and won’t vouch for the authenticity of these documents, not until I can find them online from an official judicial site, but if they are true (which I am of the opinion they are) then it rather does leave a lot to be desired about the dignity, integrity and honour of one Goncalo Amaral, doesn’t it?

So far we have a man who is convicted or perjury and falsifying documents (received a suspended sentence); a man whose wife had to get his boss involved in a domestic they had (documents verified in another case) and reported him to his superiors; and a man who ripped his own brother off over the purchase of a house which resulted in another court judgement demanding that he pay his brother back the money his brother lost.

Well all I can say is, dignity and honour my ass….


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  1. Yes and I have been arguing that Amaral was not a fit person to oversee the Madeleine case.  Apart from what you say he allegedly owes the taxman thousands too and coupled with his doctoring of court records, he is both unfit in his personal life as well as his professional.  Had he been in another country he would have been suspended from office and eventually sacked, just as a Barrister behaving in the same way would be debarred.  I believe that is why he resigned before he was pushed.  Yet, people say it has no bearing on the Madeleine case?  What planet are they on?

  2. PS Then he has the audacity of blame the McCanns for his financial plight.  His financial worries were established long before then.

    • You are so right there, this reminds me of someone not being able to admit to their own failures.  They will blame everyone other than themselves.  But really it should not surprise us margaretandfred, because who else is like that, Bennett and Brown.

      Bennett can’t admit that he breached the court order by selling that book and blames everything on Mike Gunnill 

      And Brown just refuses to admit to any mistake she makes… it is everyone else’s fault and they are haters if they find one fault in her observations.

      These three are very suited to each other…  Mind you how long before there is one massive fight for number 1 place… they each want to be at the top of the list so I can foresee a falling out in days to come.

  3. What bothers me is if this man was so far in debt, who’s to say he didn’t turn a blind-eye to the person who abducted Madeleine? Was he on the take as an officer? All of these issues with his integrity… one has to ponder if he truly knows who took Madeleine?

  4. Exactly Megan and there are people who say his private life has no bearing on him being in charge of the investigation.  Being so much in debt he could be open to blackmail at the very least.  I see JM hasn’t reported any of this.  Just the fact that the court action taken out by the McCanns is instrumental in the breakdown of his marriage.

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