The Shutters

Well done Pat, you have proved exactly what Gerry McCann said in his statement. So a recap with regards to the witness statement Gerry McCann made on the 10th May 2007 to the Portuguese Police, he said:

Then he closed the external blinds, made his way to the outside and tried to open them, which he managed to do, much to his surprise given that he thought that that was only possible from the inside.

So whoever PM is, he has obviously been to apartment 5A and opened the shutters from, guess what, the outside.  Now what have certain people been saying for all these years, oh I remember those shutters CAN’T be opened from the outside.

Yes Pat Brown has even supplied us video evidence of how easy it is to raise those shutters.

Now I hear you all say, what about the noise?  Well what about it, people get used to noises and in the end they don’t pay attention to them.

For instance my old neighbours were so used to the dog barking, that they paid no attention, whereas our new neighbours, wonder what is happening when the dog barks.  As I said people get used to noises and it won’t be long before they ignore him, just like our old neighbours did.

And people who have these kinds of shutters, will obviously be used to hearing them being opened and closed and will pay no attention, especially if they know that the apartment is being occupied.

Well done Pat, as I said I will give credit where credit is due and you have proved what Gerry McCann said was NOT a lie.


Now Ms Brown you go and score a point from me to lose it just a few minutes later, when I notice that you dated your post Thursday 16th February 2012 .

Now there was no post on that blog when I checked on Friday morning, so why backdate the post to Thursday?

You see when I created this post, I did NOT have to enter the date, WordPress automatically dated the post and it is the same for Blogspot.  The only time you have to amend the date is if you wish to schedule a post for a latter date, or backdate a post.

Surely Ms Brown wouldn’t want to deceive people into thinking she created that post on the 16th February 2012, would she?  Now the post states it was posted at 8:53pm

And the first comments were on the 18th February, 2012, do you expect me to believe that nobody commented on your post for roughly 40 hours?

Now don’t go denying it because the Video on Youtube also gives you away, as  that wasn’t uploaded until 17th February 2012

And she even tweets about it, nearly 48 hours after posting it.

Caught.. busted… owned or as Fat_Salz would say Holler!!


5 comments on “The Shutters

  1. Well spotted Bren. And here’s more evidence that she’s messed with the date (heaven knows why). 

  2. Why do it though Cath, she got caught out with the cease and desist letter, so why do something so stupid and something that looks so unprofessional?

  3. I believe PM is Peter MacLeod (PeterMac), thanks to Nothing Special.

  4. Why would anyone rush to their windows when they hear a shutter opening or closing.  Surely that noise is part and parcel of the sounds of people coming home at night etc.

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