Epic Fail

Those are the only two words I can use to describe Pat Browns fact finding mission, about what happened to Madeleine McCann.  . Yes it was only 13 days ago that Pattie tweeted the following:

So what have we had so far, well we have had the photo-shoot with Bennett

Then we jetted off to another photo-shoot with Goncalo Amaral, who appears to have only one set of clothes.  I have heard ex-wife’s saying, “I’ll take the shirt of your back, you ****”, but I never thought it was true.

Then eventually she arrived in Portugal, and for the life of me I can’t understand why she stopped off in Lisbon because Madeleine McCann never even went to Lisbon, did she?  Well the only reason I can think she stopped off (and did a layover) was to meet the convicted ex-detective himself and catch up on the gossip from those who believe the McCanns are involved in what happened to their daughter.

Excuse me, but I always thought profilers had to remain impartial, neutral and unbiased. How silly, of course Pat Brown is not neutral how can she be when she only news she wants to hear is that 25yr old called Casey Anthony is dead.

Well after her long earned rest – god knows what for, she arrived in Praia da Luz.

On Monday the 13th February, 2012 (after waiting anxiously for those blog posts that she said she would make daily) she posted about findings of the Crime Scene.

Well that didn’t stay for long as it was soon amended when the people who know more about the surrounding area and the case files, found all the flaws in her post.  With one person on twitter @johnjll, providing superb photographs of what Praia da Luz looks like now and what it looked like back in 2007.

Of course this caused a massive re-write, which can be read on this blog in a post called Before and After.

Yes even after the massive rewrite we were promised a new blog post.  Pat Brown tweeted that we will all be amazed at her findings when she posts up her new blog post on the 15th February, 2012.

So we all went to bed early on the 14th, cor it was like waiting for Santa all over again.  Up we got early and we waited and we waited and we waited and still no blog post.

Then last night we got a spectacular set of tweets from our dear friend Pattie, she tweeted.

Then we got the climb-down about her blogging she tweeted.

No Pattie you said YOU WILL BE blogging every day to keep people in the loop.  Of course now she is trying to blame others.  Yes she says she can’t write and think because of two animals..  Yes these cutties are stopping her posting .

Now as Pat Brown is all for free speech I am sure she won’t mind me voicing what I think.

I think this, Pat Brown saw how her lack of comprehension for the case facts was highlighted with her first post.  And therefore she knows that there are going to be people who are going to pick up every fault in her postings.  But you see if she posts her postings on a Blog, for the world to see, wouldn’t that make a future book irrelevant, especially if people can read the crux of the matter on the internet.

You see I think Pat Brown is possibly thinking of writing a new e-book, for which she will charge and make money out of, and it will be based on her search for Madeleine McCann.  Yes the usual fans will eagerly purchase it and line her pockets.  But those people who know the facts will have to purchase it to dispute them.  Whichever way it goes, she makes money.

The internet in Portugal, I am told is better than the internet in the USA.  So why is she having so many problems in keeping people in the loop?  Of course if she is out and about, dining and having lunch with those who are giving her hospitality, then it is obvious she is not spending as much time on her search for Madeleine as she said she would.

And have these people thought, they could be being taken for fools.  Yes they are paying for a so-called Profiler to stay in Portugal on the cheap, by offering her a bed, and at the end of the day, she could end up writing another e-book and pocketing not just 50% of the earnings but 100%.

When are the shrooms going to wake up and smell the coffee… Pat Brown is possibly thinking of lining her own pockets on the back of a missing child.  Mind you, she won’t be the first to do this will she?  And of course remember the news broke that in May 2012 Kate McCann will be releasing a new book about their search for Madeleine and the review being carried out by Scotland Yard.

Don’t tell me, if  Pattie is planning a new e-book, what is the betting that she will go back to Amazon and try piggy back on Kate’s new book, like she tried before?


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  1. Bwahahahaha.  Very succinct, Bren  Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    But, Come on, be fair, she has to pay for more flights to Portugal for Gonc’s Trials, of which there appear to be several.  Not least the Trial for personally beating up Leonor Cipriano’s husband.  That should be a good one.

    We of course won’t need to buy her book because it will be all over The Internet with two flicks of a lamb’s tail, courtesy of her Fans.  Perhaps she will sue them for Copyright Infringement.  I’ll go along with that.

    • Yes the book will be available for all to read, without lining her books, should she decide to write one.  I am still laughing my way through the Profiler book.  

      I just have to keep re-reading this line

      “Mrs. Brown,” he said, “you need to get a life.”

  2. So, it’s because of these two dogs that we will never know what happened to Madeleine? grrrr…

    • Welcome guest, yes those poor animals are taking the blame for her lack of blogging.   Mind you one thing I did notice, she might have posted those pictures to twitter, but I can’t see her in them… so she wasn’t prepared to pose with the doggies was she?

      • The great danes are deemed to be very protective… But you don’t need to be protected by dogs when you live in a very cozy, brightly lit, very small and charming resort town. Do you?  😉

  3. A few facts for those who are still posting how wonderful Pat Brown the so-called professional is.

    If she can tweet she can also blog. Access to the internet is available all over Portugal (especially in the homes of “journalists” who you might happen to be staying with).

    A true professional wouldn’t even attempt to write with dogs nudging the keyboard. They would try to move to another room or ask the owner of the dogs politely could she work undisturbed for an hour or two without the canine attention. After all these hosts are encouraging her work so would want her to have the best working conditions.

    Pat Brown has (even though she said she would blog daily) managed to blog only about 1,600 words which is around the length of work a GCSE pupil is expected to produce for a C grade in their timed two hour writing assignment. Pat Brown has taken ten days to produce her assignment (which due to the massive errors of fact within it would not have got her a C grade).

    You are absolutely right to point out that Pat Brown has taken those who paid for this trip to Portugal for mugs. Those who bought her first badly-researched e-booklet paid directly for this trip. And those who have housed her for free and bought her drinks and meals have enabled her to do precisely what you suggest, collect anecdotes for the next booklet which I am certain you are right will be posted on Amazon by her to co-incide with the next Kate McCann book.

    She is piggy-backing on the story of missing Madeleine to make money. Nothing more, nothing less.

    There is not a single word of accurate profiling in anything she has so far produced. I somehow doubt that her amateurish methods will produce anything of value no matter how long her hosts entertain her to their famous Portuguese hospitality.

    • Anon I Mouse, many people have to go away and work, they don’t get distracted by dogs or wining and dining.  If they are on a work related assignment they show their true professionalism by doing their work first and if there is time left over then do their socialising.

  4. Everybody’s Dog nudges their elbow, and everybody’s Cat dances on the keyboard.  You just move out of their way.
    Pat Brown is offering vague innuendoes in the hope that Pros will buy her next rotten book, along with all of the idiots.  How little she knows us or The Internet.  And I thought she thought she is a Profiler.
    She might well try Amazon, but as she herself has already said, Amazon only like Books that have been vetted by Publishers.  So if Amazon turn her down will she sue The McCanns again?

    Oh.  Don’t tell me.  She has found a Publisher?

    • Exactly Sabot, you go into another room, even if there was no internet access there is nothing stopping her composing a post in word and then copying and pasting it to the blog once back in with those dogs.

      It is all excuses.

      • Acherly, my WiFi works in all of the rooms in my house. Magic Innit.   I can even post IN MY GARDEN. 
        And then there is always those bits of wire that you can trail around the house. Or even, heaven knows, another Telephone Plug IN.  If you haven’t got a WiFi.  

      • I know Sabot, this WiFi is good, I can even post in next doors garden… Seriously her excuses are lame.  Has she never heard of shove the dogs out the back or ‘walkies’.

  5. Well I have been waiting for her fascinating news with baited breath.  Not surprised that there isn’t any and now it seems she doesn’t know how to tell everyone.  Poor internet connections, dog nudgings etc etc  my backside.  She is in a hole and doesn’t know how to get out.  Due home on 20th too………..not much time left Patti.

    • Due home on the 20th, please don’t tell me we are stopping off at Windsor for  a walk along the Thames again.  God this is going to be exciting, especially if Bennett goes for another meet,  we will find out if Bennett has more than one pullover.

  6. You mean he’s not going to get a Lego Over.  So he won’t be taking her home to meet his wife then?

  7. (hope this works)

    Just to remind everyone How Pat Brown describes her role as a profiler.  This is from page 4 of her book “The Profiler”.

    Also, remember that Amazon offer refunds if goods are not as described.  If she describes any book as true crime when it is filled with “imagined scenarios”, then it is not as described.

  8. Add – meant to say that image is courtesy of blogger Prinnie who wrote an excellent article about “Implied Credibility”


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