Before and After

We can all remember those Blue Peter days when sticky back plastic and a Fairy Liquid bottle could be transformed into such wonders. Yes the presenter would look so chuffed with themselves when they used to say to the viewers, “And here is one I made earlier”. Well it looks like those Blue Peter words have crossed the Pond to America and our very own Pat Brown is now doing the same.

This is her original post about her reconstruction (screenshot):


And here is the latest version:


My god, it seems to have morphed into a complete new meaning and gained a paragraph or two.

Now where have we seen this kind of  behaviour before from Pattie, oh yes I remember, her cease and desist letter that was supposed to have been sent to Carter Ruck.

It is now quite evident that when the flaws of her original post were highlighted to her, instead of putting her hands up and saying, “OK guys I got it so badly wrong, and will add a correction to the post”, she went and altered it hoping that it would not be noticed.  Too late Pattie we saw your first post and I luckily captured it.


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  1. The woman is a total screw-up and I’m glad you are capturing all of this crap. You would think she would cut her losses and go home, but she’s making it so much worse for herself.  One thing I’ve learned about Brown is that she will NEVER, EVER admit she’s wrong. She always plays the victim and she preys on stupid people. 

  2. […] Of course this caused a massive re-write, which can be read on this blog in a post called Before and After. […]

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