Reconstruction, my ass

Lift off, here we go, Pat Brown has finally stopped doing photo-shoots with people who love to to appear in front of Judges and has finally set down to the task that she told the world she was going to do.

Investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and search for her.

Yes Pat Brown paraded around Windsor on Tuesday with Bennett, (who is awaiting trial in the High Court for Contempt of Court).

And then on Friday she posted a picture of her with Amaral (yes the one convicted of perjury and falsifying documents) .

Who looks to be wearing the same clothes as he did for his Algarve123 article back in December 2011

And yesterday she told the world she is going to post the results of her reconstruction.


  • Has she managed to get all the holidaymakers back in PDL that were there on the night of the 3rd May 2007?
  • Has she managed to turn what was the Tapas Bar back into a Tapas Bar after it became a Pizzeria?
  • Has she managed to gain access to not just Apartment 5A but all the apartments that the McCann’s friends were staying at?
  • Has she managed to get the waiters, Jez Wilkins, the McCanns and their friends to return to Portugal to help?
  • Has she been able to get the Smith family back in PDL so that they can try to recall their movements on the night of the 3rd May 2007 and who they saw?
  • Has she managed to speak to Mr George Burke/Brooks who saw a couple with a child in the early hours of the morning of the 4th May 2007 at Lagos Marina acting suspiciously?
  • Has she managed to get the Police involved in doing this reconstruction? And I don’t mean that cop who was kicked off the case either.

Well you see until she manages to do those things listed above, her reconstruction is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.  And her findings hold no credibility whatsoever.

And one of her previous tweets, the day before her photo-shoot with Amaral:

You mean learning the case from an anti-McCann perspective. Because it is evident that those people you are associating with and whose hospitality you are praising do NOT hold an unbiased opinion about this case.  And if you are still learning, Pattie my dear, you were not qualified to write that  pamphlet, sorry e-book, were you?

Just one more thing are you planning on searching in Huelva and Rothley like you originally stated?

Just asking Pat Brown and I await your reconstruction results.  Reading the report of your reconstruction should keep me, and I suspect  others, entertained on a damp, overcast Monday here in the UK.


More observations and valid points from people about this reconstruction:

  • RingoStarfish: Why did Pat B not do her ‘reconstruction’ in PdL in early May when evening light levels would have been same as in 2007?
  • Mobyra: Who has she cast as the main players and exactly WHERE is she’s doing this (cough) “re-construction”

Update 12:53pm

So the long awaited blog post has finally arrived.  On repeatedly being questioned about the man on the balcony having a fag, watching the window of apartment 5A,whilst Martha is in the apartment along with being asked for a link to the statement of this gentleman having this cigarette where he states that nobody broke into the window of the children’s bedroom, Pat Brown finally concedes that her first blog post is a FICTIONAL SCENARIO.

As I said, reconstruction my ass.

Oh Pat by the way you are providing an excellent scenario supporting the theory that someone could have been watching that apartment and was a look out for the person who was abducting Madeleine.  And an excellent scenario that they used that apartment to keep Madeleine until the coast was clear to move her.  Which would account for the time delay between Jane Tanner seeing the abductor and the Smiths seeing the abductor.


3 comments on “Reconstruction, my ass

  1. WTF does that post mean, “Hahaha…does a fictionalized scenario have to be spelled out to these dolts?”?  I have no clue what she’s going on and on about. How the Hell can you have a reconstruction when you aren’t even doing your “investigation” at the same time of year and with the same players. The woman is a complete idiot and she’s making herself look like an ass. 

  2. Megan  and she wonders why the Media won’t report her reconstruction, it’s flawed, it is not based on evidence and is rather pitiful to read.  

    Well so far today she has made a very good case for proving there was an abduction.

  3. Brilliant post once again Bren.

    Pat Brown, well where do we begin?  This woman must be the most un-professional person I have ever had the misfortune of coming across.
    For any “professional profiler” to go on to a social network and update her so called findings , is really quite unheard of.
    If she genuinely wanted to help look for Madeleine, she would have gone over to PDL , did whatever she is there for, and gone back to America and put all of her findings in writing to S.Y. who are in fact the ones doing the proper review of this very sad case, BUT no, Ms.Brown sees fit to go on twitter and face book and let all of her followers, sheep, believe that she is actually doing something concrete there.

    Her scenario from the balcony would be hilarious, should this not be such a serious situation!   What is she crazy altogether?
    It only proved that the McCann family could quite easily have been watched from said balcony,so thanks for that Patty. 🙂

    She is a disgrace to all women everywhere and I hope that the McCann’s now sue her for interfering in the review which is ongoing into their daughter’s disappearance.
    Did she honestly believe that she was going to walk into PDL and walk back out holding Madeleine by the hand????

    Give it up Patty, you are making a complete and utter fool of yourself.

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