Pull the other one

Well I am not going to apologise for my thinking, because to be honest, I am entitled to my Freedom of Speech.  Well that is what Tony Bennett, Goncalo Amaral, and Pat Brown say they are fighting for.  So I will exercise my right here in this post.

Last night news broke that Tony Bennett has retired as Secretary from the Foundation in order to concentrate on keeping his self out of prison.

The full newsletter can be read on McCannexposure, but here is the relevant part about his resignation.

2. The resignation of Tony Bennett as Secretary and from the Madeleine Foundation Committee

It is with regret that on the day after the hearing Tony resigned as Secretary and also from the Committee of The Madeleine Foundation. Tony has authorised us to say that he feels that, given the pressures he is under of having to fight a contempt of court action on his own, which could lead to his imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine, he must disengage from the Madeleine Foundation which he set up over 4 years ago.

On Monday 6 February he saw two Doctors at his practice about a recent deterioration in his asthma condition. At that consultation, his blood pressure was significantly raised for the first time ever in his life. Given an extremely stressful 2-day trial ahead of him, and a huge amount of preparation he has ahead of him, he has to focus on defending himself. We would all like to emphasise that the work of the Madeleine Foundation continues as before, subject to what we say in the next section of our Newsletter.

Well my observations of this are as follows:

  • It is with regret that on the day after the hearing Tony resigned as Secretary and also from the Committee of The Madeleine Foundation. 
    Well so he has stood down as Secretary and resigned from the committee, but he still could be a member of the Madeleine Foundation and as a member could have considerable input into ideas, future campaigns etc of the Madeleine Foundation.

Well this was confirmed by his numerous tweets telling people.


And again he is not speaking the truth, the McCanns HAVE NOT asked for him to be committed to prison.  The draft order clearly states that should he be handed down a prison sentence that it be SUSPENDED.

  • On Monday 6 February he saw two Doctors at his practice about a recent deterioration in his asthma condition. At that consultation, his blood pressure was significantly raised for the first time ever in his life. Given an extremely stressful 2-day trial ahead of him, and a huge amount of preparation he has ahead of him, he has to focus on defending himself.
    Come on we are  talking NHS here (unless he paid to go private), who gets to see TWO doctors, you are lucky if you get an appointment to see one.  And why would you need to see TWO, did he ask for a second opinion or was he trying to get two doctors to say he was not fit to stand trial?  You don’t mind me speculating here Tony, after all that is what you do when the facts don’t fit your theory on the McCanns involvement.

Just one more thing my observations noticed and it was this. The following day after he went to the Doctors, and needed to see TWO doctors, he was galavanting at Heathrow airport with a so-called home-made American Profiler and was fit enough to walk along the Thames at Windsor again confirmed by a certain profilers tweet.

Who kindly posted a picture confirming the rendezvous of their tête-à-tête.

So we had:

  • Monday – Doctors with possible diagnosis of stress, with aggravated asthma attacks and potential high blood pressure.
  • Tuesday – Walk along the Thames with Pattie including photo-shoot somewhere near Heathrow Airport
  • Wednesday – High Court directions hearing.  Seems his previous offer put to the McCanns has not been accepted and he finally realises that he is in deep-shite.
  • Thursday – Resignation as secretary and from committee, but not clarified if still a member of the Madeleine Foundation

Nope it is not washing with me I am afraid, what I see is a person who is now trying to blame the McCanns for his deterioration in health.

You Tony Bennett were the one, that decided to leaflet Rothley. You were the one that decided to try and get the McCanns into Court on Neglect charges. You were the one who decided to write such atrocious and libellous posts. You were the one that ignored numerous warnings that the McCanns would be willing to take legal action if you did not stop libelling them and if you continued posting derogatory remarks about them and their family.

So don’t even bother to try and blame the McCanns for the deterioration in your health, just take a look in the mirror because person who is really responsible for the situation you find yourself in, is the reflection that stares you back…Yes, you guessed it  – YOURSELF.

Of course, Tony Bennett or his followers won’t object to me saying – Pull the other one – after all, I am only exercising my right to freedom of speech, which they claim is so precious.


10 comments on “Pull the other one

  1. ” he finally realises that he is in deep-shite”

    I think the Judge made that very clear to him.

    He’s said in the past that he would stop commenting on the case. That he needed all the time he’s got to prepare his defence. Yet look what he’s been doing since? Yeah, right, posting on forums, twitter etc.

    It’s time people realise that you can’t trust a word of what Bennett is saying.

  2. Very true Cath, now another burning questions was he pushed into resigning? Was it put to him maybe you should step down before you drag the whole of the Madeleine Foundation committee members into this mess?

  3. I agree wth your comment about Tony Bennet taking responsibility for ones actions and sadly the same can be said for the tragedy that befolded Kate and Gerry McCann.
    The direct responsibility for their small infant children was entirely upon their shoulders when they left them alone each and every night.

  4. Bravo Bren, I am standing here applauding you for saying what we are all thinking. I said only minutes after reading about his supposed retirement from the foundation, that he would lay the blame of his health problems, firmly at the feet of Kate and Gerry McCann. You have just confirmed that many of us think the same way.

    A few weeks ago I was sickened to read about how this poor disabled pensioner was being attacked and how the wicked McCann’s were trying to have him thrown in prison…..well where were his supposed health problems when walking all around Rothley posting leaflets through the doors of Madeleine McCann’s neighbours ?

    He, like a lot of people who are against the McCann’s seem to be able to dish the dirty but don’t seem to be able to accept it when thrown back at them.
    I do not believe for one minute that he is stepping away from this case, not at all. He will still be pulling the strings of the puppets who bow tow to his every unlawful word.

    • Thank you AnneB, and what have we had, the excuse concentrating of his defence and what does does he do, keep tweeting and posting on forums etc. Well that is not working on your defence and concentrating on your health.  

      The statement has been made, so why not leave it at that, why the need to keep reinforcing that fact that he is no longer on the committee or Secretary of the Foundation?

      And that imo is all he resigned from, he is still part of the Madeleine Foundation and will still play an integral role.

  5. Josim – the McCanns did not act with malice.  Nor did they act with criminal negligence.  They continue to pay the highest price for feeling that it would be safe to put their children to bed and dine at the restaurant next door whilst checking them at intervals.

    The same cannot be said for those who continue to beat the McCanns up.  Tony Bennet and his ilk have chosen to conduct their malicious and shameful persecution of this family for the past four and a half years.  If Bennett’s own actions are taking a toll on his health, then he only has himself to blame.  Hatred eats people up.  Ask yourself why he is playing the victim here.  His supporters are blaming the McCanns for his alleged decline in health.  In other words, they are blaming the McCanns for (finally) taking a stance against this campaign of hatred which threatens their search for their missing daughter.  When have Bennett and his supporters ever considered the effect of their campaign of hate on the McCanns health? 

    The fact is that they don’t.  Their response to images of Kate McCann with pain etched on her face is to scorn her.  I even recall a thread at a now defunct anti-McCann discussion forum where one member salaciously proposed she take her own life. 

    THAT is what the McCanns have to deal with.  They aren’t getting a choice on how it affects their family and health.  Bennett does.

  6. Surely the first place one would expect to see a Newsletter of the MF  published is the MF website?  Yet it’s not, nowhere to be found on that site.
    It is published on mccannexposure. Didn’t Bennett write a letter to CR on their behalf (claiming he’s got nothing to do with that site)? Odd.

  7. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing.. have there not been occasions in our own lives  where we have all had that ‘heart in the mouth’ moment with children?  A moment when we all think, my god that was lucky, it could have turned out a whole lot worse.

    Have there not been times when we have each left our children with an element of risk in the situation we leave them? For instance, answering the door when they are in the garden playing, nipping in and having a quick wee whilst they play in the paddling pool.   Leaving them in the car to pay for petrol, leaving them in the car whilst we take the shopping in, leaving them in bed with ground floor windows open due to hot weather whilst we have been in the garden.

    All I can say any parent that says they watched their children 24/7 is a bloody liar.  Nobody can watch kids non stop, every moment of their time.  As a parent you do the best you are capable of and we all make mistakes and as human beings we all make wrong decision at times.  

    That is how we learn, by experience.  Life teaches us some lessons by bitter experience.

    With regards to the McCanns they have to live day after day with the guilt of their actions on that holiday, and it doesn’t need people rubbing salt into wounds and adding to their pain.  

    Kate in her book goes to great lengths in explaining her feelings and that of her husband at how they feel so guilty.  Kate explains that her guilt was so immense that she couldn’t even watch telly or doing something enjoyable without feeling such pangs of guilt.

    As Jayelles so rightly said the McCanns don’t have a choice on how it affects them or their family, Bennett did have that choice and he took the path of persecuting the McCanns to the point where they have had to say enough is enough.  He only has himself to blame.

  8. Bren the fact that he is still using twitter and posting on forums, just proves your theory to be right and your saying “Pull the other one”, to be very apt.

  9. I for one feel great empathy for the McCanns, they are a very fortunate couple to have the powers that be backing them up, many millions of parents would not have.
    Also  it has to be said, they may have promoted more public sympathy if they had gave out the message, that is,  whereever one thinks it is safe, please do not take it for granted.
    Small children should not be left out of earshot where one cannot react to their cries.
    That statement would have been so much better and seen as a warning to others where perhaps future small children’s lives could be saved.
    Perhaps Kate could make an addendum to her future book about leaving small children out of earshot is not a wise choice.
    By the way, I brought up two children and sacraficed quite a lot of social activity to keep them from harm, why, because I had great sensitivity of how terrified they would have been if mummy or daddy never got to them quickly.
    As I have stated , I feel great sympathy with Kate and Gerry , but they must not give out the wrong messag,  that is, leaving small infant children out of earshot so as not being able to respond to emergencies is correct parenting, it is not.

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