‘Liar’ Cop ignores sightings

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Yes we are going back in time, back to February 2010 when in Lisbon a trial was being held as to whether the book written by Goncalo Amaral, ‘Truth of the Lie”, should remain banned.

On the 12th February 2010 The Sun reported the following:

COPS in Portugal ignored hundreds of “sightings” of Madeleine McCann — because they believed she was dead, it was claimed yesterday.

Inspector Ricardo Paiva also neglected to show her parents “shockingly similar” photos the public had sent in believing they were Maddie — or act on tip-offs.

Instead he put every bit in a dossier after writing on it: “Not relevant to the investigation”. Maddie’s parents, Kate and Gerry, only learnt the file existed this week.

The Sun article goes onto say:

Paiva, the McCanns’ family liaison officer, started collating the dossier in July 2008 after cops called off the hunt.

It contains information from police forces across Europe including sightings, photos of houses where people reported seeing Maddie and tips-offs.

Isabel Duarte, the McCanns’ solicitor, asked to see the dossier after Paiva mentioned it at a court hearing.

Straight away people were crying foul and accusing the media of tarnishing the reputation of the PJ, especially ex-detective Goncalo Amaral and Ricardo Paiva.  There were battle cries of this is a smear campaign against the PJ and it is being orchestrated because the McCanns have to be protected, at all costs.


You see in Goncalo Amaral’s book in Chapter 6 he states this:

During this time, the Leicestershire police continue to receive a considerable number of enquiries that they have trouble sorting and analysing. On May 15th, inspector Ricardo Paiva is sent as reinforcement to the English, who, he says, welcome him warmly and feed him on tea and cakes. Most of the bits of information received from all over the world are of no interest; so, there is no reason for follow-up. People allegedly recognise Madeleine or claim to know exactly where she is; seers, clairvoyants send very confused messages to the police, some well-intentioned, others less so… Rapidly, the sophisticated computer system for managing calls is overloaded. So much effort and so much money spent financing the appeals in the press for witnesses leaves us wondering; we are not convinced of the expediency of this method that consists of requesting help from the population to resolve a case.

So what was Paiva’s remit in Leicestershire?  Was he making decisions on the information received as to whether there should be further enquiries?  And was he using the same remit/criteria to analyse evidence back in 2007 as he used since the archiving of the case in 2008?

And Amaral doesn’t seem to like it that the British Police were using their computers and time sifting through this information to see if it could lead to a breakthrough and seems to think it was a waste of time and effort asking the public for help when a child goes missing.

Do you know what I wouldn’t have come across this if it had not been for someone questioning whether their was any written evidence in the Police Files  to confirm that the McCann’s, via the Family Liaison Officers/Brit Police, were requesting certain things back in May 2007, that could have help find their daughter.

Oh well, it looks like another own goal for the “Support Amaral at all costs Campaign”.

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