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The State of Play

It has been reported on forums that the case that was due to be heard tomorrow at Faro with regards to the complaint raised by Goncalo Amaral against Marcos Correia and another defendant for defamation, has been postponed to a later date.

Also it was reported on another forum that amongst the list of witnesses to be called by Marcos Correia is Sofia Leal (Goncalos ex-wife) and his brother.

Now the burning question is why would Sofia Leal testify against her husband? Could it be because she going to be asked about the temperament of her husband? If yes this could bring in those documents that have been denied by Sofia herself and yet have been classed as admissible evidence in another Court case.

Well as the rumour mill is ripe and there are numerous rumours about the state of the marriage of Goncalo Amaral, I decided to do a bit of reading of his book, and a couple of passages stood out to me.

One being this, from Chapter 1 – February 2008.

After my departure from Portimao on October 2nd 2007, I had decided to forget about this case. Perhaps the best thing to do, considering the forces at play. If the authorities of her own country were not worried any more about what had happened to that child and they satisfied themselves with the theory of abduction, why worry myself about it? It’s certainly not the unfortunate statement from a director of police (as perhaps inferred by the journalist) that will make the existing evidence be forgotten – I no longer think that was his intention. The only means of erasing the record of everything that was done would be the destruction of the official records. And then, our memory remains, that of all those set out on this investigation to discover the truth.

I receive another phone call: it’s my wife Sofia. She is worried about me, and has been since May 3rd of last year, for nine months now. Previously, our marriage already knew highs and lows; after that date, it was worse. I had become an absent father and husband. At the beginning I distanced myself from my family to protect them from the media pressure, but also because of the pace of work imposed by the investigation; now I live alone and I am seized by a certain bitterness; I can’t help feeling betrayed by the institution to which I dedicated myself for more than a quarter of a century. Nothing that happened to me seems justified to me, nothing makes sense. My family did not deserve that.

Sofia is shocked by the national director’s statements.

    – Come and have dinner with me in Portimao. The children are with their grandparents. We can talk a little about all of that.

I decide to go. I need to hear some reassuring words.

So I ask myself this, he wasn’t bothered about the authorities treating it as an abduction, he was bitter over something to do with the PJ and feeling betrayed. So really it wasn’t about the British Press and their comments about him either, was it?

Now could it be because they told him it might be best to retire than be sacked if found guilty over the Cipriano case? Please don’t tell me he has put the McCanns through this living nightmare because he was pissed off with the PJ.

And those documents, if genuine, were dated December 2007, two months earlier, and reveal that he and his wife are not living as a couple.

And from his book in Chapter 21, it seems they were not living as man and wife in September 2007, because he writes this:

On the last weekend in September, I decide to leave Portimão to go to my virtually abandoned house in the Algarvian east. Inès, my four-year-old daughter, goes with me. She loves the countryside, being in touch with nature. If she is asked which she prefers, living with her grand-parents in Faro or with her mother in Portimão, the answer is immediate: with my daddy. Not so much because of her father as attachment to the house where she was born.

Why would you even considering or think of asking a child if she would prefer living with her mother or her grandparents? The only time you would think like that is if you were not living as man and wife and you felt concerned about  your child’s welfare whilst living with the other parent.

One thing I am thinking as the ACED report stated this with reference to Goncalo Amaral:

Leonor Cipriano tried to identify, at the request of prosecutors, the four or five detective inspectors that had tortured her. Accordingly, she was transported to Évora in 2006 to try to recognise some of the torturers. She was invited to see if she could identify up to six inspectors.

Unfortunately, given the lapse of time, and the fact that she had often had a bag over her head when attacked, she was unable to be certain of recognising any of the aggressors.

The only thing that Leonor was able to say with absolute certainty was that Gonçalo Amaral, then coordinator of the CID of Portimão, was present throughout the interrogation, watching complacently while all the torture took place. Every time she was able to open her eyes and every time she was beaten, Amaral was there, walking from one side to another without ever trying to prevent any of the torture carried out by his subordinates.

If Isabel Duarte, yes she is representing Marcos Correia, can prove to the Court that Goncalo’s own wife was scared of her husband and had been threatened with violence, then it proves beyond shadow of doubt that if he can threaten his own wife, he could agree and would not hesitate to either inflict or sanction the torture inflicted on Leonor Cipriano and also he did nothing to stop her torture.

Yes there is a lot of guessing but this is something that is prevalent every day with regards to the anti-McCanns, they guess and surmise all the time. And when facts are proven to them that their innuendos and assumptions are wrong they just ignore it and carry on blindly. Stuck permanently in that Summer of 07 time-warp believing the lies that the papers printed, lies and headlines based on unfounded leaks from the Portuguese Police.

Everyday the McCanns have to endure this kind of treatment, perhaps it is time that some people also had their lives put under the microscope, especially those that played a key role in this case.

The truth will emerge eventually, and no matter what people say, when certain parties are so, so silent, the state of play definitely doesn’t look good for Goncalo Amaral, does it?


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  1. Once again Bren, powerful reading. Seems Mr.Amaral had a lot more on his mind that Madeleine being missing. His beef is with the P.J. no-one else…….and this is the man they all bow to and want a day’s holiday in honour of…….in honour of what I ask you!

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