A Few Biscuits Short of a Packet

As they say.

You couldn’t make this up if you tried.  Are these people seriously thick or are they taking the pee?  You know the way they conduct themselves on twitter is quite amazing.

Well as a continuation from yesterday we have learnt that Tony Bennett is planning to call Mike Gunnill as a witness, fine, I don’t think Mike Gunnill has anything to worry about, do you?

But Tony Bennett should be worried. You see once you call someone as a witness or plan to call them as a witness, certain rules and laws come into force.  And one thing any Judge deplores is witness intimidation.  If a judge hears of witness intimidation then he will come down heavily on those that intimidate a witness and if it is proven that the defendant is actively supporting this intimidation or if the defendant doesn’t put a stop to it, then the chances are the judge will not be lenient with the defendant either and could hold him accountable.

A witness in any case is protected by the Courts… end of story.. no arguing.. that is the rules and legal criteria of the Courts of England and Wales.

So what do the supporters do, once they hear that Tony Bennett is planning to call Mike Gunnill? They hit twitter with abuse and accusations directed at a possible witness in a case to be heard at the High Court.

Bennett and the moderators of the forum he is on have already allowed several posts to stand (after notification that Mike Gunnill could be called as a witness) with reference to Mike Gunnill including one post, made by JD,  in which he says:

Any fair judge will see that mike gunnill’s actions, words, behaviour and sole motive constitutes to nothing less than 100% entrapment

Along with this post that was made before JD’s, in which a member called Tiny says:

what can one say,except the mccanns have a lot to answer for,but it is good to see that gunnill will have to take the stand,what an odious person that gunnill is.i wish you all the best tony.

With uppatoffee making two posts with regards to the possibility of Mike Gunnill being called.  They say in their first post:

I will be interested to see what Mike Gunnill has to say for himself in the witness box!

And continues in their second post with:

I think there are a number of reasons to be relatively optimistic. The judge has asked to Mccanns to massively reduce the number of claims against Tony, suggested that their lawyers are wasting time presenting weakly supported claims and agreed to Tony calling Gunnill to show entrapment by the Mccanns.

Well it seems that the abuse has even spread further than the forum that Tony Bennett posts on, it is now engulfing Missing Madeleine forum where one member has posted this:

P.S. My “signature” about slithering creatures was chosen for Mike Gunnill in particular. *

Now I am no legal expert, but even I know for a fact that the last thing Tony Bennett needs is for a pack of anti-McCann vigilantes to harass a potential witness in a Contempt of Court hearing to be held at a later date.  And if Bennett had even an ounce of a legal brain he would have asked his members and supporters not to speak about Mike Gunnill as it could jeopardise, calling Mike Gunnill as a witness.

Too late, all captured and I am sure Mike Gunnill has more evidence to support the possible intimidation of a potential witness.

These people are treating and mocking the legal system of England and Wales and treating this as a Court case being held at Trumpton. Judges don’t like their courts to be made a mockery of, and they deal harshly with perpetual offenders who defy the laws, including those that govern the protection of witnesses.

As they say some people are a few biscuits short of a packet at times….



4 comments on “A Few Biscuits Short of a Packet

  1. Excellent points Bren.  There is also the little matter of the vicious campaign of harassment that Tony Bennett’s supporters conducted against Mike Gunnill in the form of a fake website.  Mr Gunnill was forced to take his own business website down temporarily whilst he dealt with that. 

    This all started because Mike Gunnill was involved in the article which exposed the Madeleine Foundation’s anti-McCann activities.

    Tony Bennett would indeed be well advised to restrain his supporters in this regard.

    • Yes Jayelles, and Tony Bennett wonders why Mike Gunnill tried to make him sell a book, to which Bennett was so eager to do.. FGS they tried to ruin Mike’s career. 

      Initially didn’t they try to report Mike to the PCC over the photograph he took of Debbie and bombard the paper with letters of complaint, because the picture wasn’t flattering.  

      I am afraid to say Jayelles they don’t like it when it happens to them.  The McCanns are repeatedly condemned for courting the press to find their daughter and then complaining about them when the Press decide to print utter fabricated lies.

      The Madeleine Foundation (and I do wish they would stop using this child’s name) did exactly the same, they courted the press to get in the papers and then complained when they didn’t like what the papers wrote or the photograph wasn’t airbrushed to make her look like a cat walk model.

      They have so many double standards Jayelles it makes me sick… If the McCanns do anything they are vilified and condemned if they do the same they class themselves as victims and need pity.

  2. ” I will be interested to see what Mike Gunnill has to say for himself in the witness box!”

    So will the rest of the world – after all, they are finally going to be able to repeat the words of an accredited journalist on oath covered by privilege.  

    Everything Mr Gunnill says will be reported at length. It will be riveting. That is so long as Bennett manages to raise the 80 quid to start an action…..

    Dig deep ladies, you don’t want to miss the chance of hearing what Mr Gunnill has to say for the sake of a measly 80 quid do you?

    • Hiya Anna, yes let’s hope he does find the £80, (just checking the back of the sofa, to see what I can find), because as you say his testimony will be under privilege and surely Bennett does realise that if he calls Mike Gunnill the other party is entitled to cross-examine his witness…

      Oh I might even, have a day trip to London myself… this could be very interesting.

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