Last night Panorama did a documentary on Cyber-bullying and the affect it has on people who are bullied online.  There is much said in the programme about cyber-bullying but it is not only children that get bullied.

Adults do as well, believe it or not.

For instance if you support the family of a missing child, you became a target for attack from those who believe the parents are involved.

As people well know, and I won’t deny it, but at one stage I myself thought the parents could be involved.  I quickly changed my opinion when I stopped ignoring what was so glaringly obvious, the truth.  So in essence I have been attacked from both sides of the argument.

People are attacked online for having an opinion.  People are attacked online because they want to support a family who have a missing child.  You can even be attacked for leaving a message of support to family who are grieving the loss of a loved one or a family who have a child missing. Some people are even attacked because they want to start a page where people can leave their condolences to friends and family of a person who has died or even worse a person who has committed suicide because of online bullying.

My god these online bullies are supposed to be adults.

But one thing I do know there can only be an argument if you participate and react to their vitriolic comments.  That is something I refuse to do.  People who are sane and have a moral compass can see exactly who the bully is and see the truth.

In a way it is lucky I have a thick skin and think these people are only usernames on a screen, who probably have a small dick or mush for brains or, even worse, have both.  Some people post anonymously out of fear of what could happen should their real identity be exposed.  With the threats of being outed, that happen regularly on the #McCann has tag on twitter, it is understandable why people wish to remain anonymous.

Because without that thick skin and treating their comments like “water of a duck’s back”, who knows would be could happen.

Nobody knows the person on the end of a keyboard and monitor, they don’t know their mental state, they don’t know their character or their personality and they don’t know if one day something they post might tip a person over the edge which results in that person taking their own life.  Then how would they feel?  Would they boast about it?  Or would they feel remorseful that their comments led a person to a dark place where the only escape was to self harm or commit suicide.

Cher Lloyd said this about how cyber-bullying can affect people:

a few comments to a young girl – that’s all it takes

In reality it should read:

a few comments to anyone  – that’s all it takes

I fully appreciate that youngsters are more vulnerable but even as an adult, to take the amount of bullying I have seen distributed to other adults, is beyond belief.

These online bullies include, ex-teachers, home-made profilers, ex-social workers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, university lecturers, ex-solicitors and even an ex-Police Superintendent.  And they are well known for their intimidation online to people who don’t hold the same opinion and to people who refuse to condemn the family of a missing child.

These are people who are supposed to have held or still hold professional jobs, people who could have raised children and are responsible for the welfare of children and grandchildren. Please can someone tell me how they can give good moral guidance to a child when their online activities prove they are nothing but bullies themselves?

Keir Simmons said in a Blog Post about the Anti-McCanns

These people say they are ‘truth seekers’. They are not. What they write is just nasty, obsessive and vicious. They are not journalists, not even campaigners, they represent the worst of the human psyche electronically unleashed.


After this article they will send me abuse and vitriol over the web. I can deal with that of course. But why should two parents who have suffered so much continue to have this groundless campaign against them? Those involved claim they believe in ‘truth’ yet ignore any evidence that doesn’t fit their conspiracy theory. They claim to love children, yet ignore the effect their ‘campaign’ might have on Kate and Gerry McCann’s twins as they grow up and begin to comprehend such things.

He hit the nail right on the head with that post.


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  1. Hi Bren. 
    Panorama clip seems to have been removed as it was too long. 

  2. Hi Carana, found another link with it on.   It should work now.

  3. Thanks for the alternative link, Bren. 

    Q = question from police

    A = answer from troll

    Q = Why would you put those wordings on that image there?

    A = Like I said the whole idea of trolling is to go around and say things to get a reaction.

    Q = Is that purely what it is?

    A = That’s purely what it is, it’s loads of people are doing it. It’s purely to get some kind of reaction to people without meeting, just have a go at them. That’s what trolling is.

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