Lost for words

Well it is not often that I get lost for words, but I am totally speechless.  I just can’t believe what possessed  a so-called professional profiler to say this.

As we all know, from the numerous tweets from Profiler Pat Brown that she is heading for Portugal in hope of solving the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  If this so-called profiler is not plugging a pamphlet, full of flaws, on twitter and social networking sites, she is trying her damned hardest in getting the British media to cover her trip to Portugal.

Has she forgotten that during the last few weeks, journos, editors, papers have been giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry about how they reported non-factual statements leaked by the Portuguese Police with regards tot he disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Today Pat Brown excelled herself at showing the world, how unprofessional she really is with this comment:


So there we have it, in black and white, Pat Brown is implying that the people of Portugal, Praia da Luz to be specific, sell their children cheaply or groom their children so that paedophiles can use them for sexual gratification.

Would you want this woman in your area?  Would you want this woman anywhere near adults yet alone children?

Words fail me….


6 comments on “Lost for words

  1. Everyone is reeling from shock and horror.  How could this AWFUL woman say such an appalling thing.

    Speechless in Seattle

  2. Morning Sabot, yes, I have been tweeted and told she was meaning it was a global problem.  Well she never mentioned globally and she was distinctively talking about missing Madeleine McCann and as Madeleine disappeared from Portugal, then her words meant that area.

    Annmaree Harris @emaliine
       ·More@BrenR1958 @ModNrodder I read the tweet as a worldwide issue, which it is – in poor countries. She didn’t state PortugL only.

    They can try to twist her words as much as they like, but no person no matter where they live wants that implied about them.

    And what does she think she is planning to do in PDL, interview witnesses, (that would be interferring in an ongoing police investigation), dig up gardens (surely that would be criminal damage), or demand answers from people (that surely would be harassment)?

    • More insults.  So Portugal is a Poor Country is it?  Third World does she mean?  Someone should tell Gonc as he seems to have missed that, what with his Jaguar and his interminable Boozy Parties and his Diamond Earring.
      Still, never mind, the peasants can always sell their children if they want to eat cake, or donate to Gonc’s Defence Fund.
      I think they ought to shut up about this before it gets any worse.

  3. Being an American, I’m embarrassed by Brown. Not all Americans are uncouth as this woman or lack any sort of global view. She’s what we call here white trash. The woman should just shut her God-awful mouth. Every time she speaks, I cringe. Not only because she shows what a true idiot she is, but she makes American look bad. I just wish she would go crawl back under her rock in Maryland and leave the serious cases to the “real” professionals. 

  4. Why would you think this fraud would be able to censor herself? After a friends wife died, Pat Brown emailed people who signed her online guestbook and asked if the deceased had actually been raped! The lovely woman who died had actually been kidnapped and raped, but what kind of monster would go to her online memorial and question her friends about a rape right after she died? Appalled does not even begin to describe how horrible this total fraud and lunatic made mourners feel. Do not let T V and Radio shows get away with putting her on the air anywhere, she has no credentials, no training, is possibly mad as a hatter and we are held hostage with this idiots opinions because of shows having her on and assuming that she is the real deal, she isn’t. She’s a bonafide monster. Complain to stations when you see her on T V or radio, FCC has standards and she is not a credible profiler or criminologist, she’s a fraud plain and simple.

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