And so the mystery deepens

God I have so much to do today and someone goes and spoils my plans.  Well let us start from the beginning, I had a look at Anne Bremner’s timeline on Twitter to see if I could see about her representing dear old Pattie.  You know looking for that tweet that says if you (put in what you like) my client, we will… well you know the rest.

Well the only tweets I could find about our dear friend Pattie and her press release were these:

and a praise the ass of Pat one

and Pattie praising Anne

The retweet made by Anne Bremner caught my eye as that obviously meant she approved of Womenincrinkink tweeting about the press release, by retweeting it (anti logic being used here), so here it is again:

So I thought I would have a look at the Womenincrimeink timeline, to see if it had been used during the day to tweet about the Press Release and lo and behold when I click on the link, it doesn’t exist.


user does not exist

So I thought, you dosey bint you have probably typed the wrong address or Anne Bremner has caught the copy and paste bug.

No I wasn’t being dosey and Anne Bremner has not gone down with candpdivvylitus, because the account@Womenincrimeink did exist and I found the account on Topsy

Topsy - womenincrimineink

So the mystery deepens…… and the question for today is why would @womenincrimeink tweet about the cease and desist letter and then either deactivate the account on twitter or remove it completely?

And to make sure I was NOT* wrong I clicked on the womenincrimeink on that topsy page and it still brings up “Page does not exist”.

Note* missed the word NOT out of the sentence, have corrected it. well I suppose I could have just corrected it and said nowt, and claimed a copy and paste typo error.


Someone is playing games it seems the account  @womenincrimeink is active again, but this time with 0 tweets

womenincrimeink (3.3.12)

and according to When Did You Join Twitter the account was created TODAY

joined twitter

And if you click on the  time and date of the twitter bird (as per screenshot below) on the Topsy page ( http://topsy.com/twitter/womenincrimeink) relating to Jaycee Dugard


You are directed to @crimeshewrites


Who has made numerous tweets and has quite a few followers.


When are these people going to learn you can’t play games without getting caught…

Thanks to the nice person who sent me this information…. greatly appreciated.


5 comments on “And so the mystery deepens

  1. Hiya Bren. Nope, still no sign of an active Women-thingy account. Was it a shooting temporarily-activated star in the Twitter galaxy?

    Could RT in front of a deactivated account have come from the well-known PR agency Cut & Paste, Inc.?

  2. Makes you wonder whoever’s blog it is, didn’t like what was happening on there yesterday.  The truth is it wasn’t just Anne Bremner and Pat Brown involved they dragged in a top legal firm Stafford Frey Cooper.  Who ironically has a blog post on their site about screen-shots


    Perhaps they could do one on cut and paste….

  3. Anne works for Stafford Frey Cooper, and Women in Crime Ink is her blog. Anne is notorious for posting things on Facebook and twitter, only to later delete them.

  4. Ok so don’t want be appear thck, but, after all this too-ing and fro-ing, are we having a cease and desist – or not !!! Just more publicity seeking, a bit like the other ‘freedom of speech’ lawsuit?

    Bloody woman is relentless.

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