Cease and Desist

From laughing that is.

Honestly to wake up and read this has made my day. According to Pat Brown her lawyer, Anne Bremner, has written to Isabel Duarte at Carter Ruck (*chuckles*) to request them to allow her book to be sold back on Amazon.  Yes we all know why that is, so that she has a chance of piggy backing on the back of Kate McCann’s book and increase those sales.

Well I am not going to produce the whole of the letter here but you can read it via this screenshot.

Just a few points to note:

  • This is a letter of request and not a proper cease and desist notice
  • There is nothing in that letter stating that legal action will be taken should their clients refuse this request
  • There is no time stipulation and future course of action to be taken, ie if Anne Bremner does not receive a reply or satisfactory reply by such and such a date, she will start legal proceedings.
  • There are no legal points mentioned  to state her clients legal rights
  • The words Cease and Desist are only used in the title of the Post and NOT in the letter itself
  • There is no Client Reference number or Reference Title to Letter
  • As far as I can see there is no mention that Anne Bremner is acting for Pat Brown in a legal capacity

After reading all the reasons as to why the book should be back on sale Anne Bremner finishes with this paragraph.

We are requesting that you respect Pat Brown’s right to free speech and to purport a theory as Gerry McCann has stated is not a problem for him. We request that the claim of libel be retracted for the Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the book permitted to be returned for sale at Amazon.

And if you read the letter carefully there is no mention of what action will be taken should the lawyers of Carter Ruck tell her politely to go forth and multiply in a long winded and polite way.

And the bit that is so glaringly obvious, is who the letter is addressed to, Isabel Duarte of Carter Ruck… Oh come on any person following this case knows that Isabel Duarte is the McCanns Portuguese Lawyer and she definitely doesn’t work for Carter Ruck in London… I think the name you might have wanted was Isabel Hudson, who has spent numerous hours writing proper cease and desist letters to certain ex-solicitor.

And one thing we know from Carter Ruck, no lawyer likes their communications, especially if they intend to take legal proceedings plastered all over the internet for every person to see. I would have thought Ms Bremner would have advised her client to stay quiet until she had at least received a reply and decided whether she would take legal action or not and issue a proper cease and desist notice.

Mind you, you can only issue a cease and desist notice to a person who is libelling you, and as far as I have seen the McCanns have never mentioned Pat Brown’s name and surely Pat Brown knows the best thing would have been to contact Carter Ruck when they originally wrote to Amazon back in July 2011.


Remember this Pat Brown Suing the McCanns

Yes the “tortious interference with business”, yet all Anne Bremner says is that Pat Brown alleges it.

Now, Pat Brown has fought back for the cause of freedom of speech and justice, alleging that the McCanns have interfered with her right to conduct business and have damaged her professional reputation with their successful removal of her book from sale.

Yet Anne Bremner does not state how her business has suffered and what financial loss there has been to Pat Brown business due to this tortious interference.   Strange… especially as she nows uses the words Pat Brown alleges they have.

Now here is a funny thing, remember I wrote this post Who Came A Searching, well I wrote that back on the 11th January 2012 in light of a visitor to my blog.  Yes statcounter showed up a visitor from Stafford Frey Cooper.

Stafford Frey Cooper

You don’t think a certain company was not impressed with the antics of Pat Brown when they read those posts, do you?  I wonder if this letter is anything to do with my visitor to this blog, what do you think?

Oh dear this blog post is ever increasing.  Now it seems that there has been some alterations to the letter…


original before alteration

And After

alternation - to Adam Tudor

Now surely a lawyer would send an email, apologising for their error and send the corrected letter via attachment, wouldn’t they?  And then you would expect Pat Brown to edit the post, explain the error and then post up the relevant email showing the apology and amended letter to Carter Ruck.

Oh well I expect before the day is out this post will increase in size even further…

And now for the excuse:

accidental cut and paste

All I can say to that is CODSWALLOP

Copy and Paste copies EXACTLY what is on the screen or in a document and posts it to another document or post on a blog…. IT DOES NOT ALTER IT

Oh shiver me timbers, it has changed yet again, it is now a typo error

Oh please Ms Brown what is it…. a typo or cut and paste?

Oh my this gets even funnier.  After it was pointed out that her cut & paste or was that typo left Dear Mr Tudor in a different font size, someone hastily went for a quick edit which left England in a bit of a mess, and there was David Cameron thinking he could do it all on his own…

alteration affects England

All change – yet again  

Womenincrime - Post as of 15-50pm.png

The this time in the change we have the ending altered…

Originally it ended

Ending of original letter

and it is now ending

Ending of 15-50 pm letter

Just for information:

Tony Post JATYK - Cease and desist

All I can say and will say is, I just hope this letter is genuine and not some publicity stunt because I dread to think what the repercussions could be in Carter Ruck decided to write to some lawyer’s boss and ask why cease and desist letter are being posted on blogs and they have never received such communications?

I don’t think any top legal firm wants to be the subject of such hilarity, especially as it has hit blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook, do you?

Update 3.3.12

Well I just had to have another look today and saw this comment.

cease and desist letter - this version

And my ribs were just starting to recover….   Excuse me Mr Anon there weren’t supposed to be any versions, the letter was supposed to have been sent..


41 comments on “Cease and Desist

  1. If that letter was sent to the wrong lawyer in the wrong country, does this mean she hasn’t actually written to Carter Ruck before following the notification from Amazon to sort out the problem?

  2. Good Screencap Bren.

  3. Very good question, Amazon wrote to her on the 25th July 2011 that her book was pulled, she then told the world in November 2011 that Anne Bremner was going to represent her in her legal proceedings against the McCanns and now a letter emerges dated 1st February 2012 to the wrong lawyer in the wrong country…. Doesn’t look like Anne Bremner has contacted Carter Ruck previously to see why the book was pulled.

    Mind you I did have to laugh at Sans_Souci’s comment, 

    What purports to be a copy of a letter to Carter Ruck was dated 1st February 2012. 

    Today is the 2nd February.

    So I assume the letter was sent yesterday. (if it actually exists, and actually was sent).

    Could someone explain how it is now magically re-addressed to Adam Tudor. Did she pop down to the sorting office and amend it……?

    I can imagine lawyers raking through letters looking for one addressed to Carter Ruck  ROFLMAO

  4. Anyone wishing to know which of the two letters isthe  genuine article, can ask the, Head Honcho of Bremner’s firm.

  5. So it was a Copy and Paste error according to Pat Brown, well I have switched my computer on and off, turned it upside down, and still it pastes exactly what I copy from the screen.  

    And now she is stating it is a typo, not once but twice.

    It is addressed to Isabel Duarte and the letter starts with Ms Duarte…. confusing

  6. But, but, I thought the letter was supposed to have been sent by her attorney… Even more confusing. 

  7. The type in the address is different from the rest of the letter.

    • Oh my ribs can’t take no more…  I think BB1 had better put on her map the direction of which she is flying in from … can’t have her getting lost now, because if the reports of the search as as amusing as that letter then we are in for a week of laughter.

  8. Wish she would leave this editing lark alone, she is making a right cock up of it… now  England has decreased in size and Dear Mr Tudor has grown. LOL

  9. Ms Brown’s reaction to being caught out….

    to try to lie her way out of it…….

    So much for truth and honesty..

  10. She is just making matters worse for herself  Sans…. but normally doesn’t a lawyer use phrases like “my client” in their communications?  Strange how that letter sounds more like it is coming from a friend than an attorney who is going to represent her at any future trials.

  11. How can a letter that has been sent, gain extra content…. Now Cease and Desist Letter has been added to the post.

  12. Oh please stop. I am sure I’ve cracked a rib.

  13. So who made the corrections? Pat or Anne Bremner?

  14. God knows Carana, I just know my ribs ache and the dog is looking at me wondering why I am laughing so much.  

    Whoever is correcting, haven’t they heard of “when in hole stop digging”?

  15. I am now confused.

    Given that this letter was apparently sent yesterday, what was sent and who was it addressed to?

  16. Sans, I will join you on the confused bench… Because this letter has morphed from

    http://regretsandramblings.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Anne-Bremner-Letter-to-Carter-Ruck-Pat-Brown.png.png to this

    during the day

  17. Hold on just one more thing, the original letter ended with 

    Anne M Bremner 

    now the final one ens

    Anne M Bremner

  18. This woman is way out of her league. She’s playing a very dangerous game with very powerful lawyers. You would think Ms. Brmner wouldn’t be playing this game with Brown. At first I was upset, but now I’m just LMAO. The woman is a complete idiot. She should stick to the states and her pretendy profiling. 

  19. Megan I know my ribs are aching… But the thing is, this, if Anne Bremner has written that letter, then it doesn’t look professional when it keeps being altered to cover one’s mistakes.

    But if Anne Bremner did NOT write this letter, Pat Brown is playing a very dangerous game with very powerful lawyers.

  20. Somehow it doesn’t seem as if an awful lot of attention went into this “press release”… What was the rush?

  21. Good Blog Post, Bren.  And thank God you got the screen shots.  We were all panicking about that.  No one in a million years would have expected this cock up, again and again.  
    What a day, yet again.  Talk about The Gift That Keeps On Giving.  I am going to have to take a day off in a minute, before I do myself an injury.

  22. Thank you Sabot, I know it hurts to breathe now, and the more I keep thinking of the cut and paste taking the blame the more I laugh.  That stunk of desperation, wonder if Bennett could use it in his defence… “it wasn’t me gov it was the cut and paste.”

    Someone has been quiet for a couple of hours, … oh yes now what is the time in Seattle… nearly 10 am..  

    • 10am. is it?  The Off Licences will be open then.  Time Brown stocked up on the booze, she is going to need it.
      Actually, now I come to think of it, perhaps that was the original problem.  No sober person would have done what she has done today.  My goodness me, what a hoot.

      • Can you image the repercussions, if this is nothing but a hoax.  A Seattle lawyer using her Company’s name on letters of cease and desist… It doesn’t bear thinking about.  I wonder if Stafford Frey Cooper will look favourably on this?

        Or is this some friend writing to Carter Ruck, dropping her title and Company name in hoping it has some sway, in order to get the book back on sale.

        One thing I have noticed in those letters not once, does Anne Bremner or her company state they are representing Pat Brown and neither does she refer to Pat Brown as her client.

      • Stafford, Frey, Cooper are not going to be amused when they find out that their firm is being bandied about The Internet to much hilarity.

        Whoops, I think someone has already informed them.  Domage.

  23. Does anyone truly think Bremner wrote this piece of trash? I mean really… wouldn’t someone of Bremner’s stature actually pickup the phone (or have a Legal Aid) and get the info of the law firm she’s writing to before she sends a letter? And how is it that the letter is able to be changed so fast on Brown’s site? Brown wrote that piece of crap and she’s now trying to wriggle her way out of her mistakes. If she’s this careless with writing, it shows how much detail she pays attention to when “profiling”. The whole thing smacks of desperation. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Ms. Brown has very low self-esteem and should get some help pronto. She’s making a complete ass of herself. If I was Ms. Bremner, I would extricate myself from this train wreck as fast as I could. 

  24. Megan, it is the most unprofessional legal letter I have seen in ages.  It has changed and morphed during the day when things have been mentioned.  

    I would do as you say if I was Ms Bremner and I played no part in this.. I would categorically state that before complaints go into the Bar Association and her employers, it won’t take much for Carter Ruck to write to Stafford Frey Cooper about this, especially if they have never received such a letter.

    • Actually, you have given me the idea of writing to the bar association. I’m going to file a complaint. This letter is absolutely appalling.

  25. Does Stafford Frey Cooper, PC  have anything to say on this? 

  26. I’m still confused. Who made all those mistakes? Pat Brown or Anne Brenmer of  Stafford Frey Cooper, PC ?

  27. God knows Carana but according to Pat Brown it is the fault of Cut and Paste

    • Oh, Ok. Is that the name of her PR agency?

    • That should have read copy and paste.. my god I have never laughed so much in ages.. 

      • Nor me neither, Bren.  I don’t know about you but I am utterly exhausted form hilarity. I’m not sure I can cope with too much more of this.
        However, I expect to survive.
        Thanks again for the screen shots.  What a relief that was.

      • Just glad to have captured that – seeing as it has been altered time and time again.

        We have 4 days to get the ribs to stop aching before we have to face Pattie does PT….

        Still can’t find the copy and paste program she used.

  28. Imagine if you hadn’t caught them, they would all be lying in there teeth, and saying we altered her posts.
    As it is they are strangely quiet.

  29. […] Lawsuit or no lawsuit For several months, interested enquiries about the lawsuit on Facebook and Twitter were met with the response that Brown and Bremner were “still working out the details” of the lawsuit.  Last week these details emerged in the form of a “press release” containing a “cease and desist” letter from Anne Bremner to the McCanns asking them to drop their objections to her clients accusations against them.  There was no mention of the words cease and desist in the letter and no threat of legal action.  The letter also went through several rather interesting online incarnations during its first 24 hours.  This is discussedhere. […]

  30. Stafford, Frey, Cooper have deleted their Facebook page.

  31. […] it is not good news for Pattie and her cease and desist letter.  You know the letter, the one that good altered so many times, it became a standing joke. […]

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