Bennett – Unavailable for comment

God they say there is a first for everything and here is a one and only with reference to Tony Bennett.  Yes “This is Leicestershire” have picked up on the Sunday Telegraph article, and guess what he actually STFU.

Can you believe it? No I can’t.  Now why would he not be available for comment as stated by the Leicestershire article?

The article states:

Mr Bennett was unavailable to comment yesterday.

Did he realise that he had opened his mouth once too often?  Did he realise that his comment to the Sunday Telegraph made matters worse,  and gone one step too far, especially when he said this:

“If Madeleine was abducted I would accept what I have done is a wicked campaign of harassment. If I am wrong I am evil. But if I am right, I am a victim of simply having the desire to pursue the truth.”

Clarence Mitchell however, did comment and said this to the Leicester Mercury:

 “The matter is in hand with Kate and Gerry’s lawyers. It has been pretty distressing for them.

“He has accused them of lying and that is a prima facie libel.

“Kate and Gerry do not want this but he (Mr Bennett) has persisted with making hurtful and untrue allegations about them and they want it to stop.

“They feel enough is enough.

“It is the case that he could face jail.”

And there is not one untruth in what Clarence said, the McCanns via their lawyers, have asked him to stop repeatedly, they even went as far as getting a Court Order, Bennett refused to stop, Bennett made his mind up to breach the Court Order and Bennett in February will know what the future might hold for him.


Just one more thing the Leicestershire article states:

Madeleine’s parents were considered suspects in her disappearance by Portuguese police in the early stages of the investigation, but were subsequently completely cleared of any wrongdoing.

Now there lies the truth and not what Bennett tries to tell people.

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