So Bennett made the Sundays

Well when the Telegraph pick up a story you know it is going to reach a greater audience than the Harlow Express or the local Neighbourhood watch newsletter.  If Bennett wanted to keep his activities quiet from his fellow neighbourhood watch committee members, there is no chance of that now.

The Sunday Telegraph reported.

Retired lawyer faces jail for ‘harassing’ Kate and Gerry McCann

A retired lawyer who has repeatedly accused Kate and Gerry McCann of covering up their daughter Madeleine’s death is facing jail for harassment.

By Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter
8:20AM GMT 29 Jan 2012

For almost five years, Kate and Gerry McCann have suffered the anguish of not knowing what happened to their daughter Madeleine.

Through it all, they have also had to contend with a sustained campaign of harassment conducted by a small band of fanatics convinced they had a hand in their daughter’s disappearance.

Now, one of their main tormentors is facing jail for refusing to leave the McCanns’ alone.

Tony Bennett has waged a campaign since 2007 against the couple – repeatedly accusing them of covering up the girl’s death in leaflets, books and on internet postings.

On one occasion, the Madeleine Foundation, which he runs, handed out 1,500 pamphlets in Rothley, the couple’s home village in Leicestershire, entitled “10 key reasons which suggest she was not abducted.”

Another booklet has been posted by registered delivery to the McCanns’ home.

Next month, a court will decide whether to jail Mr Bennett, 64, for contempt of court.

The action is being brought by Mr and Mrs McCann who have grown increasingly disturbed by Mr Bennett’s attacks on them.

Mr Bennett is accused of flouting an agreement in the High Court – made in November 2009 – that he would stop repeating allegations that the McCanns were in some way involved in their daughter’s abduction.

Since then, Mr Bennett, a grandfather-of-two from Harlow in Essex, who is obsessed with the case, has posted on the subject of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance an astonishing 3,800 times on one website alone.

Lawyers acting for the McCanns accuse him of breaching the undertaking on at least 149 occasions. The list of alleged breaches is not exhaustive.

The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “This has gone on for a long time and Kate and Gerry now feel enough is enough. It is obviously very distressing for them. The fact they are taking legal action speaks for itself.

“Tony Bennett is his own worst enemy by persistently doing what he does, he has brought this action on himself.”

The couple, both doctors, live in hope their daughter may still be alive and continue the search for her.

A Metropolitan police review of the evidence, put together by Portuguese detectives, continues but is not thought to have produced any significant new leads in the search for Madeleine.

A draft order seen by The Sunday Telegraph, which a judge is expected to rule upon at a hearing in February, includes an option for Mr Bennett to be “committed to HM Prison for a period” to be determined.

Mr Bennett could also be fined and ordered to pay costs that are likely to bankrupt him.

The undertaking Mr Bennett signed – he will now claim he only agreed it under duress – prevents him from making a number of claims in relation to Madeleine’s disappearance from her parents’ holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz on May 3rd 2007.

At the time she was just three-year-old.

The agreement signed in court states: “The defendant [Mr Bennett] undertakes not to repeat allegations that the claimants are guilty of, or are to be suspected of, causing the death of their daughter Madeleine McCann; and/ or of disposing of her body and/ or of lying about what happened and/ or of seeking to cover up what they had done.”

The undertaking also included the destruction of a book “What really happened to Madeleine McCann? 60 key reasons which suggest that she was not abducted” and a leaflet “What really happened to Madeleine McCann? 10 key reasons which suggest that she was not abducted.”

But since that November 2009 undertaking, Mr Bennett has continued many of his activities.

The list of 149 alleged breaches, compiled by the McCanns’ lawyers Carter Ruck, includes a book:

“The Madeleine McCann Case Files: Volume 1” and a series of postings on the social networking website Twitter.

Mr Bennett runs the Madeleine Foundation, whose website has been subject to scrutiny by the McCanns’ legal team, while also putting up 3,800 posts on another website The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann at a rate of about five a day.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Bennett was largely unrepentant and seemingly happy to repeat some of the allegations that put him under threat of contempt.

He first became interested in the case while watching it unfold on television in 2007.

He attempted to bring a private prosecution against the couple in November 2007 for child neglect – on the grounds the couple were eating dinner with friends when Madeleine was abducted – but the case was thrown out in a magistrates’ court.

Mr Bennett said: “I have done my best to comply with the undertaking but I would argue to the courts it was an unreasonably wide undertaking to sign.

“In the last two years I have not written specifically about the details of how she [Madeleine] might have died or how the body was hidden.

“It is my sincere conviction that one day I will be proved right. I truly believe that one day the truth will be told. And yes I am risking a breach of the order by saying that.”

Asked how he felt about harassing a couple, grieving over the disappearance of their daughter, Mr Bennett replied: “The thing that came closest to harassment was when we distributed the ’10 reasons’ leaflet in Leicestershire in August 2009.

“Three of my colleagues in the Madeleine Foundation distributed a small quantity of leaflets in Rothley. I would honestly say that perhaps that was a leaflet distribution too far.

“If Madeleine was abducted I would accept what I have done is a wicked campaign of harassment. If I am wrong I am evil. But if I am right, I am a victim of simply having the desire to pursue the truth.”

Just a few things I noted, firstly:

Three of my colleagues in the Madeleine Foundation distributed a small quantity of leaflets in Rothley. I would honestly say that perhaps that was a leaflet distribution too far.

No Bennett you were there, according to Butler, you were hiding in the car and you delivered leaflets to Mountsorrel, you also visited the place where Gerry McCann worked and you left leaflets on the table.  If that was not ghoulish enough for you, you all then proceeded to where Kate took Madeleine, namely the local children’s farm.

Secondly, the Telegraph says:

A retired lawyer who has repeatedly accused Kate and Gerry McCann of covering up their daughter Madeleine’s death is facing jail for harassment.

Wrong, the Draft Court Order states that receiving a prison sentence is only one of the options, and that the  prison sentence will be SUSPENDED which means Bennett won’t have to spend time behind bars.

Thirdly, this is Bennett’s own handywork.  I am of the opinion that Bennett may have contacted the Sunday Telegraph himself or the Telegraph picked up on his numerous tweets telling people he is going to be sent down.  He lies, he changes the whole context of what someone says, and not for one second do I believe Carter Ruck gave the Telegraph a copy of the Draft Order.

Fourthly, Bennett you wouldn’t have been in the mess if you had learnt to STFU, like you said you would do.

Fifthly, if you are going to contact the papers about your impending trial, please make sure you tell the truth because there are many of us that have screenshots of what you said and what you are now saying you said.

And sixthly, a “small band of fanatics”.  Well not according to you Bennett you were bragging not so long ago how CMOMM was the number one forum and how it had reached such a great audience.  (screenshot)

I am sure there are many other bits in that article that could be picked apart and mulled over but to be perfectly honest, I hope the law deals with him appropriately and one of the terms be that he is not allowed computer access or internet.


12 comments on “So Bennett made the Sundays

  1. In my opinion Mr Bennet has gone way to far in outwardly accusing Kate & Gerry McCann of being involved in the death of thier daughter.
    He should have stuck to factual evidence. 

    • Tony Bennett doesn’t do facts.  He does assumptions, suppositions and innuendos and that is what has got him in this mess. 

      I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.. He doesn’t care about finding the truth all he cares about is placing the blame firmly at the parents door. If Madeleine was found tomorrow he would not apologise to the McCanns for the pain he has caused them… he will probably go off on demanding they be charged with neglect.

  2. What if Madeleine is proved to be dead, which could be the case, would the McCann’s ever face the reality of the trauma, would they ever admit this to themselves if there were proof?
    I know a lot of people would ask what would become of the Madeleine fund , that was founded with public donations in Madeleine’s name?

    • Josim502, what if Madeleine was proven to be dead?  What kind of talk is that?  I think it is bad enough with people classing her as dead without solid evidence yet alone harping on about “what ifs”.

      Just tell me how you would feel if this was your child being discussed and you were being picked apart on a daily basis?  Hope is all people have at times and without hope there is no future.No offence Josim502 if you want to start posting about the McCanns and how awful they are may I suggest these two forums, 
      http://missingmadeleine.forumotion.net and

      You should fit in there quite smoothly, as far as this blog is concerned, there is NO evidence to prove Madeleine is deceased and until there is she will be treated as a missing child.

  3. No disrespect to Kate and Gerry, but I would want to know if my daughter was dead or alive , its called closure and it would bring peace to them and their children and all those horrible trolls could shoot off and find other victims to prey on.
    And it would be etter that than living in a perpetual nightmere wondering if she is being abused, like Kate described in the book.
    I know I could not live with that!
    I am sure, many like Kate and Gerry (with stolen children) take the same stance, that of a return of their beloved child and a happy ending and I wish that upon them.

    • I understand what you are saying, yes closure is what they need. And we’re all hoping for a happy end. 

      I think the McCanns have said that what’s left of the Fund after Madeleine is found is going to an organisation/organisations that helps finding missing children. 

  4. […] with reference to Tony Bennett.  Yes “This is Leicestershire” have picked up on the Sunday Telegraph article, and guess what he actually […]

  5. Thank you Cath.
                I understand everyone on Madeleine’s case are suspicious on both sides , yet there are some who remain neutral, I am one of those.
    If there is any wrong doing upon Kate and Gerry’s side, then they have to live with the fact they have lost their first born child through that act.
    If on the other hand, they were deceived or targeted by evil forces, then all we can do is hope it all ends well in some form of closure, so that thousands of people can get on with their lives.
    Kate and Gerry must face the fact, they instigated the tide of public emotions and deep careing for Madeleine’s welfare by the massive media coverage they had access to.
    There is no doubt there are really only three victims in this tragedy, the twins who have to live with the stigma and little Madeleine who we have all grown to love.
    Kate and Gerry must accept that they won’t be the only ones to suffer a loss if Madeleine is
    proved to be no longer with us , but thousands of the public who will feel a deep sadness at her loss.
    Tony Bennet is no doubt a sick person and I would not be surprised if he was suffering from some kind of dementia, once his lot has been disbanded the lynch pin of his web site would have been pulled ( so to speak).
    Unfortunately if Kate and Gerry allow him to be  incarcerated then those against will only rally even more.
    For the sake of their remaining children, Madeleine has to be found (one way or the other) and they have to acknowledge what ever comes, so that their children can live a happy and fufilled life.   

    • There are many victims in this sad affair. The main one is, of course, a little girl who is still missing. 

      The incessant hounding and stalking of anyone with even a tenuous link (including numerous witnesses who were simply trying to help) has created many more. 

      As for TB, it is up to the judge to decide how best to make him comply with the undertaking that he made. 

    • A question if I may (you may not wish to answer, I’m just generally curious).  If you had any information that you thought could be relevant, who would you feel comfortable informing and why? The PJ / Crimestoppers / the findmadeleine hotline / Other ?

  6. There is only one correct way, that is to present the evidence( if found) to the Grange Review to see if it would be accepted as part of the review.
    One has to put ones faith in someone and just hope they are working for Madeleine.

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