Interesting times ahead…

Now I am no Solicitor or even an ex-one but I would want to something dealt with by the Courts as soon as possible. You know when you have had months of knowing that action is being taken against you, surely you would start working on either getting a Solicitor and Barrister or start on your own defence.

And I wouldn’t even enter a High Court without a Barrister who is fully conversant in Libel and Defamation.  The law is a minefield and unless you are on the ball you could make matters worse for yourself instead of making them better, by representing yourself.

Of course, when it is a Civil case, especially Libel and Defamation or Breach of a Court Order, the best thing to do, if you know you have breached it, is to put your hands up and say “Honest Catch Gov, I did it” and ask for mitigating circumstances to be heard so that you get a lighter sentence.

Well it seems now that Tony Bennett, is going to represent himself and has asked for further time to prepare his defence – seriously does he have one?  I don’t think so.

You can read his full post here (screenshot).  And you can read the PDF of the proposed Court Order here (PDF)

However I have picked up on a couple of things.

Firstly the McCanns have NOT asked for him to be sent to prison.  They have not asked for the judge to say, “Take him down”.  They have given alternatives that they would be prepared to accept, and one of them is a SUSPENDED sentence.  So why does he lie?  Is it to gain sympathy and drum up hatred for the McCanns by again feeding people with misinformation.

And if lying to people on a forum is not enough, he then went onto Twitter, a social networking site, to tell twitter users that the McCanns had asked for him to be committed to prison.

Here is the relevant part of the Draft Court Order that asks for a SUSPENDED sentence.

As for this bit:

“In relation to your queries about our clients’ costs, we entered into as fee-paying retainer with our clients in relation to this Contempt of Court application. As previously indicated ,our clients intend (as they are entitled) to seek an Order for the repayment of their costs by you in the event that their application is successful”.

Well as an ex-solicitor Bennett should know all about Conditional Fee Arrangements, shouldn’t he?

Yes there are still costs, all that paragraph means is that if the McCanns lose, by the terms of their CFA they won’t have to pay Carter Ruck’s costs, however if the McCanns win (which I suspect they will) you have to pay the costs incurred by Carter Ruck… God any solicitor would know that whether they be ex or still practising.

Now onto this part


I have asked via a unit called the Masters Support Unit at the High Court if the hearing on 8 February will be in open court or in chambers, and have also asked if I could bring a relative or a friend to take notes at the hearing. I got a very short note back saying that all the answers are in a book called ‘Civil Court Practice’, otherwise known as the ‘White Book’, which I could buy from a legal bookshop. Even to get that answer took four e-mails dated 23 and 30 December and 5 and 20 January. I am still trying to find out if anyone is allowed to accompany me to the hearing.

Why are you asking if it is going to be held in Chambers or Open Court, surely you would want the world to know the injustice being carried out against you as you do say this in your post:

I therefore have to struggle on, on my own and unaided, on what feels like a very unequal contest indeed.

Now there is an alternative Bennett, one that is as clear as the nose on your face, you could admit you breached the Court Order, stop what you are doing and offer a donation to the Find Madeleine Fund.  Accept your punishment and stop trying to play the martyr.  You have brought this on yourself.  It has been your choice to keep accusing the McCanns along with other people of being involved in what happened to Madeleine.  No-one forced you to make those comments and posts, you did that of your own freewill.

Now I can also see a bigger picture that is being played here, and I will keep that little ace up my sleeve for the moment.  The clues are there in his post.

Yes my little prediction envelope is sealed and I bet you after April I may well be proven right.  As for letting onto to Bennett what my prediction maybe, no… forget it…. I think he will find out in due course.

Interesting times ahead ……


Oh I said times would get interesting, well it seems he has made a post to a member of a forum he posts on (screenshot)

But again he still persists in spreading untruths but stops short of saying anything by putting in brackets [withheld for legal reasons], but the innuendo is still there

And now for the truth as it is beginning to emerge.  It seems that he has already offered the McCanns a settlement.

The member states:

Good luck and no sneering from me if you are able to settle this without going to court.

To which Tony Bennett replies:

REPLY: I doubt it this time, though I have made an offer to the McCanns which I am not at liberty to disclose.

And who could blame the McCanns, if they took him to Court, he undertook an agreement to stop back in 2009, he failed to abide by the terms which resulted in him being taken to court and a Court Order being made against him…. he is now in this bother because he breached that Order.

So would you trust him to stop?  Maybe initially but once he carried on once a Court Order was obtained it is pretty obvious that he had no intentions of stopping in the first place…. let the Courts decide his fate, after all it is their Court Order he has breached.

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7 comments on “Interesting times ahead…

  1. He’s been given numerous chances to STFU – he will now have to face the consequences of his actions.

  2. Yes Samantha he has been warned, time and time again, but he decided to ignore all those warnings.  He has to face the consequences of his actions, that I agree but I can see a bigger picture in this.

  3. I have updated and re-tweeted this post to include his blatant lie to Twitter users and readers that the McCanns have asked for him to be sent to prison.

  4. Wouldn’t that court order be a standard form issued by the court once the judge was satisfied that there had, indeed, been a contempt of court breach? 

  5. Reading his post, I can’t help but think he’s put his foot in it all over again. 

  6. Yes Carana, those are basically what the prosecutions would deem suitable punishment should the Court find him guilty.  They have listed the options acceptable and the Judge can if he wishes use any one of those sentences.

    But on saying that, the Judge might think that Bennett has had enough warnings and think a stiffer sentence should be implemented.

    The trouble is and I think it is emerging since this 6mths Jail sentence awarded to this woman today, that the Courts are trying to keep the system credible.  

  7. And a Judge would only have to see what he has posted today to see that he has no intention of shutting up.

    Especially the one where he is telling people to carry on, that will not go down well.  The man is either on a self-destruct mission or he simply doesn’t have a flaming clue what trouble he really is in.

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