Prime Suspect – No Longer

Can you imagine what it must be like to be a prime suspect with regards to your son’s death?  Can you imagine what it must be like to have the looks, the stares, the gossip and your son’s death being treated as a murder instead of an accident?  Can you imagine what it must be like to know you are innocent and yet everyone thinks you are guilty? Can you imagine what it must be like to have to grieve for your son and then lose another son because of the finger of guilt is being pointed at you?

It is hard to imagine isn’t it?  But unfortunately it happens.

For 25 years since her son’s death in 1987, Elizabeth Watkins has had that finger of guilt pointed right at her.

This tragic tale starts in 1987 when her son Nicholas Loris died, the police after two investigations, each of which was closed, still held his mother as prime suspect and being possibly involved in his death.

If that is not enough to deal with, Elizabeth Watkins also had to deal with the breakdown of her relationship with Nicholas’ elder brother, Alex, who went to live with his father and has not spoken to his mother since.  Elizabeth Watkins lost two sons the day of Nicholas’ death and for 25 years lived with being classed as the prime suspect, as there was no other witnesses in Nicholas’ death.

However tragic this tale is, after 25 years Elizabeth Watkins is no longer the Police’s Prime Suspect, the Daily Mail reports:

…a new investigation from the FBI and North Carolina police used cutting-edge technology to determine that Nicholas could have been strangled by animals, not by a human.

They have concluded that the boy was attacked by dogs while he was walking his own pet, a collie which was in heat – which police believe attracted the other dogs.

The dogs pulled on the hoodie he was wearing, tightening it around his neck and choking off his air supply.

Forensic experts used new photographic technology to examine the marks on Nicholas’ neck, and compare them to the fabric of his clothing.

Elizabeth Watkins will never get back those years she lost with her son Alex and I hope and pray that a mother and son are reunited and together can mourn the loss of their loved-one and start to rebuild their life together.

Her lawyer, David Freedman said, that Elizabeth is relieved and grateful that the Police have finally exonerated her and he went on to say:

I hope people learn from this not to jump to conclusions.

As much as I hope the same, somehow I doubt it, because there will be those who are all too willing to point the finger of blame at someone.  And even when evidence and facts are produced to prove their assumptions are wrong, they still continue on their blind hate mission, to destroy a person and/or family.  Just like those people who refuse to see the facts for what they are and continue blindly to accuse the parents of another missing child, Madeleine McCann.


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  1. That poor woman, what she must have gone through for all that time. She not only lost her son, she lost the son who turned against her, which must have been doubly painful for her. Twenty five years is a long time to try to prove that you are innocent for no-one to believe you, just shocking.

    As far as Madeleine McCann is concerned, despite leading police officers coming out and saying that the parents were not involved and that they have some people whom they would like interviewed etc, there are some who just seem to know better.

    It is pretty disgusting to read some of the accusations hurled at the McCann couple on a daily basis, six years on.
    I would love to see what their reaction is when Madeleine is found and it is proven that she was indeed abducted and that her parents have been, as they have stated, innocent of any wrongdoing in as far as her going missing is concerned.

    Cannot wait for the day that this little girl is found, for her and her family to be re-united but also to wipe the smirks off the faces of those who have accused them, and who have made videos which are posted on you tube for all the world to see and who have recruited like minded nutters to join their groups for the sole reason of tearing this family apart. May God forgive them.

    • Hi Vicki, totally agree with you. Honestly though, I think it has come an obsession with some people… they are on twitter day and night.. I am starting to wonder if they do have a life or whether they are just robotically charged to spill their hate all over the place. When facts are pointed out to them and their myths are busted do they stop and think? No.. they carry on blindly and then repeat the same untruth time and time again.

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