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Algarve Resident – Readers back Scotland Yard Review

Well who said the McCann’s don’t have support?  Who said the locals and ex-pats don’t support them?  Oh yes the anti-McCanns on various forums, blogs and social networking sites.

Well it seems those who have been saying that the McCann’s don’t have support in Portugal, along with those saying that the residents of Portugal don’t back the Scotland Yard Review, are wrong.

I fully appreciate that some will say the Portuguese don’t read the Algarve resident, even so, those residents and people who do, still backed a scotland yard review, because according to the Algarve Resident Poll, 63% of its readers voted that they backed the Scotland Yard review.

The Algarve Resident says:

When we asked readers in the May 20 issue if they thought the McCanns should be aided by the UK’s Scotland Yard police in the search of their daughter Madeleine, 63% said they should while 37% disagreed.

It seems the readers of the Algarve Resident have not written this child off as dead.  The full article can be read here.

Many thanks to Pedro who posted the link on JATYK2.


One comment on “Algarve Resident – Readers back Scotland Yard Review

  1. Just a thought. Maybe Kate should release photos of herself at the age that Madeliene would now be… She seems to resemble her mum.

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