Is this what the search for a missing child has turned into, gross indecencies with a bar of fairy and snapping necks.

How can that help find Madeleine McCann? How can that even be legal? I won’t name the names or even publish the tweets but after reading the #McCann hash tag today I was appalled.

For God’s sake, there is a missing child involved in all of this. I know some of you want to write her off as dead without concrete evidence, but just sit back for one minute and think if this was happening to you and it was your child missing, how would you feel?

Would you want papers to print stories that you harmed your child, when you know full well you haven’t? Would you want the Police Force in charge of investigating the disappearance of your child, releasing private information, like your diaries, to the Press, after a Judge ordered their destruction? Would you want the Police Force, leaking information to journalists, knowing full well that it could harm the search for your child, whilst threatening you if you speak about the case you are breaking judicial secrecy and could face 2 years in jail?

Threatening each other, trying to make people lose their jobs is not helping Madeleine McCann whatsoever. All it is doing is exasperating matters and eventually someone will either get hurt, or be driven to the point where they could seriously take their own lives due to the bullying that is going on.

Does that help the parents to find a missing child? No. And it certainly doesn’t get Justice for a child that is missing, that is for sure.

I don’t think anyone is saying we have to agree with each other, but threats of violence are illegal and people will only have themselves to blame should the Police ever come knocking at their door.

Sorry but if anyone thinks that Police won’t deal with a spat on Twitter or Facebook, think again. There are new guidelines from the CPS about harassment and bullying on the internet and I suggest people start reading them before they find they are in deep water.

I know when people read this they will shout, “You did the same, you were no better”.  True and I openly admit it and I honestly feel remorseful for my actions.

I am not going to deny I played this game of tit for tat, because I did.  I felt if someone was releasing false information about me and publishing my personal family details and tarnishing my character, it gave me the right to do the same. I fell into a horrible game where people with opposing opinions or people who disagreed with me or my opinion became targets. That was wrong.  I openly admit, what I did was wrong, even though what I published was in the public domain, it still did not give me the right to cause any other person unnecessary suffering, which it must have done.  And I only have myself to blame, no-one forced me to do it, no-one held a gun to my head and said do it.  What I did was my own doing and I am the only person who can take responsibility for my actions.

I know back in 2008, there was a certain incident, where I had to inform the Police about someone, as I was administrator of a forum. You see it wasn’t just my data that got released (If it had been I could have just decided to ignore it.) it was other people’s data and I couldn’t just make the decision not to. But one thing I do now know, upon reflection, is that I took the wrong road, what I should have done is shut-down that forum completely, never posted about it and told members to get the police to contact me, if they wished to report the incident, and I will provide the details to them. I know I should NEVER have posted publicly a person’s information.

And I know that people will throw this up in my face, but I can tell you, whatever you say or do can not be as bad as having to live with the fact that I stooped to some low levels. Something I did because I thought I had the right to do because people didn’t like my opinion.  My god looking back now, who was right and who was wrong.

I know I was NOT right, but I have learnt my lesson. I have learnt that we are not just names that appear on screens, we are real people with real feelings and we do get hurt easily. And I learnt more than anything, never judge a person without knowing the full facts, because you will only get a half-baked opinion on minimal facts.

This should be about Madeleine McCann and not about pro-v-anti, or person against person. We are the adults here, how can we tell our kids not to be bullies and not to threaten people when we don’t live by the standards we preach?

People make mistakes in their life, they make bad judgements, and sometimes adults behave like children. But it takes a person with a heart and compassion to be able to forgive.

I am sitting in the comfort of my home, with family around me. Many of you are sitting in the comfort of your home with your family around you and there are people who only have the internet as a means of communication with the outside world and to make friendships, but I think it is time we all spared a thought for those families, and that includes the McCann family, that live their lives in limbo, day in and day out, not knowing if their missing loved one is alive or dead.

Families that sit there with broken hearts, wanting their pain to end.

Families whose hearts miss a beat when the phone rings or there is an unexpected knock at the door, hoping that it is news that their loved one has been found.

Families whose hearts are missing a beat whilst they are trying to remain positive and praying that the news is not bad news. The news that no family with a missing loved one ever wants to hear, ‘the Police have found a body’.

Now who are the lucky ones? US.


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  1. Brilliantly said, so much so that I cannot add to it Bren.

  2. Hi Bren
    Hope you had a good Easter!

    10 April 2012 Last updated at 20:07 GMT
    Man convicted of email threat to Louise Mensch’s childrenA 60-year-old Gloucester man has been convicted of sending a death-threat email to the MP Louise Mensch. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-17671424

    • We had a lovely Easter Carana. Hope you and your family had a good one too.

      I was just reading that story on the Daily Mail and I think part of the sentence should be internet ban.  

      How I look on it, if you get charged with drink driving you get your licence confiscated, so why not your internet.  I know people will say some people need the internet to work so by taking the internet away means that they might not be able to work, but what about the person who drives for a living and gets banned, they have lost their jobs.  

      In my opinion it all boils down to moral compass, people do know right from wrong, and they should pay the consequences of their actions.  Threatening children or anyone online is simply not on.

      I would like to see a mandatory sentence of immediate ban on internet usage.

  3. I agree, but on earth could an Internet ban be enforced? Just as someone with a driving ban finds other means of transport (or gets someone else to drive his/her vehicle to taxi them around), there are many ways of using someone else’s mobile or PC. 

  4. Thanks Bren, well said.  At times when things get out of hand and somewhat confusing I rely on you to bring common sense into this very sad situation.  At the end of the day, a child is still missing and the search continues. 

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