Has Goncalo Amaral lost his lawyer?

It is being widely reported that Goncalo Amaral is no longer being represented by Dr. António Cabrita. As of the present moment there is no confirmation as to whether this is true or not, so this blog post is pure speculation at this point but I do ask myself whether certain events today could all be part of this information being actually true.

Remember October 2011 when the begging bowl was wheeled out on a certain blog.

Now Paiava saying coming out and telling certain anti-McCann commentators to stop the witch-hunt of people, I do wonder what is really happening in Portugal and if this rumour could actually be true?

Only time will tell, but it does make me wonder especially with the begging bowl bit, whether Cabrita has not been paid for his services and hence decided to withdraw his services. Or whether this is simply another “swine flu” incident to get the hearing due to start on the 9th February adjourned to a later date, due to that fact that Goncalo Amaral will not have proper legal representation.

Or is Goncalo Amaral, biding time as to what the outcome of the PJ hearing will be, before he decides whether to throw in the towel and capitulate to the McCanns and hope that they settle for a lesser sum.

Remember, it has only recently been reported that he was evicted from his home for not paying his rent.

Now that raises another question, the last PJGA statement 30 January 2010 said there was 5718.45 euros left after they had paid Cabrita 2,000 euros.

If this rumour is true, it can’t be because of non-payment of services because surely they would have used the PJGA Fund and told those that donated what the fund was used for.  Afterall, is that not what they are demanding from the McCanns, open and transparent accounts?  Wonder if they have ever heard about ” lead by example”.


According to another site.


Oh dear,

It seems
“Amaral’s Lawyer expressly waived the power of attorney, refusing to represent him in the civil file”, for the McCann’s”.

I must stress, there is still NO official confirmation of this.

Update Number 2


by christabel Today at 9:09 pm

Marcos has clarified some of the questions.

The decision of Cabrita to renounce to defend the Beast Goncalo Amaral (BGA) is very bad for the BGA. What we have here is the lawyer that has always defended him, refusing to do it more.

Cabrita wrote a letter to the courts saying that he renounced to all the powers of attorney from the BGA. This means that Cabrita is quitting immediately to be the lawyer of the BGA. The BGA is without a lawyer now. According with the article 39 of the Portuguese Civil Procedure Code, the BGA has 20 days to find another lawyer, otherwise the court will ask to the Portuguese Bar to give him one officially IF the BGA couldn’t be notified, since if he is notified and does not appoint another lawyer, the trial will go on without a lawyer representing him,
I don’t see any advantage to the BGA with the rejection from Cabrita. Exactly the opposite. First, concerning the question of this could be a plan to postpone the trials, remember that the BGA has already two trials booked for the same day (9 February) – Madeleine parents in Lisbon and ACED Report in Faro. He was already entitled to postpone one.

The action of Cabrita renouncing to BGA – please note it was Cabrita that rejected the BGA and not the opposite – it is really a very big smack in the face of the pig BGA. Usually, lawyers do not renounce to a client except in justified situations, like the client pursuing an immoral cause, because renouncing to defending someone is seen publicly as an outrage to the image of the client, being justified only in situations in which the lawyer wants to distance himself from the client. When a lawyer doesn’t want to represent a client anymore, usually for reasons as lack of payment, he usually does not renounce to the power attorney; instead he asks the client to choose another lawyer and then the client sign another power attorney to the new lawyer replacing the former. Remember that Leonor Cipriano has done both actions: she has renounced to Joao Grade dos Santos and then has signed a new full power of attorney in Marcos favour.

So, Cabrita renouncing to the BGA is the same as saying “I do not support you anymore”, and that’s really very bad to the image of the BGA since Cabrita has always been his lawyer.
And, remember, Marcos will also benefit with that, since he now know’s that Cabrita is also not going to be in the trial of Faro!

So, this is really very good news, and I don’t know why you aren’t celebrating!!!


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  1. Still trying to put things into perspective here, but some new information has come to light.

    Pedro on JATYK has posted 

    Marcos Aragão also sent me an email about the same issue in this topic.

    Now we know for a fact from the article below that Goncalo Amaral is suing Marcos Correia for defamation along with another person,  and I suspect that GA is using the same lawyer Dr Cabrita, so if there is dealings between the two sets of solicitors, if Dr Cabrita is no longer representing Goncalo Amaral he would have to inform Marcos Correia, wouln’t he?


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