John Edwards on McCann Press Intrusion

Remember back to November 23rd, in the afternoon, when Kate McCann gave evidence (under oath) at the Leveson Inquiry and she said this:

Q. Then you tell us that photographers were still banging on car windows, even with one or more children in the car; is that right?

MRS McCANN: And they stayed there until December 2007. That was only after we had help to get them removed, but they were there every day, and they’d wait for Gerry to go and they knew I’d have to come out of the house at some point with the children. It would be the same photograph every day, we’d be in the car, myself and two children, the photographers would either spring out from behind a hedge to get a startled look that they could attach “fragile”, “furious”, whatever they wanted to put with the headline, but there were several occasions where they would bang on the windows, sometimes with the camera lenses, and Amelie said to me several times, “Mummy, I’m scared.”

Well today at the Leveson Inquiry, the Sun Editor John Edwards said this about the press intrusion at the McCann’s Rothley home:

“I’m a dad of a little girl who was seven at the time,” he says. “I felt tremendous sympathy with the McCanns … Looking back on it now I don’t think it was right that Mrs McCann had to drive through that crown of photgraphers and TV cameras.”

Seems the press is finally admitting their failures with regards to their coverage of the McCann case.  And about time too.

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2 comments on “John Edwards on McCann Press Intrusion

  1. I don’t know where that pic came from, but I suspect it is very similar to the press spectacle that the McCanns have had to face.

    Now, how exactly is anyone supposed to face that crowd, day in, day out? 

  2. Evening Carana, I can remember watching them come home from Portugal and that drive to Faro airport… my god I was holding my breath at times with the paparazzi chasing them on scooters…

    How Gerry managed that drive I don’t know.  I kept thinking there is going to be an accident soon.

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