And they said, ‘It was doomed’.

We can all remember back in May 2011 when certain people said that Kate McCann’s book called Madeleine would be a failure. And we can all remember those cries of, “It won’t sell”, “It will be a flop” and “People only want to read the truth and want Amarals book”.

Well it appears those cries from way back then didn’t reach the mainstream public who bought the book. You see the Guardian have printed the top Best Selling Books of 2011 – the top 5,000 according to Nielsen Bookscan. According to the Guardian article, it states the following about the Nielsen Bookscan:

Nielsen Bookscan is the world’s largest book tracking service – they collect total transaction data directly from the tills and dispatch systems of all major book retailers. The data covers over 90% of all retail book purchases in the UK – 6,500 retailers in the UK each week.

The full Data can be downloaded at the Guardian.

And Kate McCann’s book according to Nielsen reached No. 18 by selling 246,939 copies making a grand total of £2,504,671.44

And just one more thing, those figures represent UK sales, wonder how much can be added to the UK total by sales of the book in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and United States?

Not such a flop after all, was it?


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  1. http://www.scolar.hu/index.php?site=bookDetails&bookId=479

    TOP 101. Lechermeier, Philippe: Nevenincs és sosemvolt hercegnők2. Ungvári Tamás: A halhatatlanság enciklopédiája3. Teller, Janne: Semmi4. McCann, Kate: Madeleine5. Ferguson, Niall: Civilizáció6. Ullmann, Linn: Stella zuhan7. Lenk, Fabian: Kleopátra és a kobra (Idődetektívek 7.)8. Margittai Gábor: Utazás a végeken9. Cuthbert, Robert: Vadászok szakácskönyve10. Ionesco, Eugène: MESÉK 1 • 2 • 3 • 4

  2. As you can see from the above, which I made a bit of a mess of, the book is at no 4 on Scolari’s website; they are, I understand from the person who sent me these details, the Hungarian publishers.  The Kampunsch book made no 1, in less than 3 months, Madeleine has been on sale over there since mid October (thanks to *********, as I know you read here).

  3. “In total, so far: sold 246,939/£2,504,671.44

    Would you like that in US$, brown? At today’s rate that comes to a whopping $3,849,931.45 

    And how much did your pamphlet make? Or the other so-called books, bennett’s, amaral’s etc? Is this what you are hoping to take from the McCanns in your ‘lawsuit’?”
    Comment taken from another forum.

    (Oh by the way sorry for the error in last two comments, will spell my name right this time.  Graham

  4. Oh Graham, it is selling well, and that is not liked in certain quarters, so to turn things around some are saying (well one in particular and we can all guess who) that we don’t understand those figures and that people think that it is what the fund has raised.

    I, have never said that in any posts and I don’t think I have seen any comments that the Fund has been increased by that amount (total book sales).  It is obvious that the Fund is only going to get a small percentage of the total sales… but it all helps to keep the search going.

    Yes I suspect there is definitely carpet-chewing going on in certain quarters, due to the success of this book.

  5. Clearly the sales revenue  is not the amount that will be fed into the search fund (the publishers have expenses and need to generate an income, etc.)

    It’s still good news though and I don’t think that those figures include Kindle and audiobook sales. And even then, that only concerns the UK market. 

    Royalties to the Fund are obviously needed, but that missing piece of the jigsaw could come from someone who reads the book lent by someone else and who suddenly realises a crucial detail…

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