How Dare You?


Ruin a family’s life by putting every hurdle in their way, by your inaccurate reporting, whilst they are desperately trying to find their daughter and how dare you think about selling papers and making profit, above reporting the truth.

Words failed me yesterday, to say the least.  I was shell-shocked, I was dumbfounded and I was angry.  Angry at the thought that under oath reporters were telling the world that what they were printing, with regards to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, was a pile of ‘piffle’.  As David Pilditch and Padraic Flanagan took the stand, I could not believe what I was hearing.

Sources with no credibility, senior investigating officers in Portugal speaking ‘off the record’ and above all their speaking ‘off the record’ was nothing but lies and spin. Senior Officers who were telling the parents and their friends they could spend two years in jail for breaking judicial secrecy, whilst they were breaching it themselves by tittle tattling to journalists.

All designed to incriminate a family in the disappearance of their daughter and to make the public class them as guilty.

Do you fully understand what you, the media especially the Daily Express, did?  Do you understand that people believed what you wrote?  Do you understand what the consequences of your actions in writing a load of tittle tattle did?

Well from bitter personal experience I can tell you.  Your desire to sell papers and damn the truth, led me to create a forum that assisted in your destruction of a family of a missing child, and it was based on your lies.  You, by not speaking the truth, were responsible for that, simply because I believed what you was writing.

You created monsters, that still exist today, my only consolation is that I woke up and smelt the coffee and realised what was going on.  The files did that you know, the truth.  Not the truth according to Goncalo and his disgusting thesis but by reading and re-reading and comprehending and by doing proper research.  Do you know what, if I had never been taken ill, I probably would have still believed the load of  bull-shit, you the media, wrote.

You helped create the witch-hunt against the McCanns and a witch-hunt that still is happening today even after you told the world what you wrote was inaccurate.  These people now have such conspiracies running through their mind that they think the McCanns are now being protected by Lord Leveson.

You helped to promote a propaganda spin coming from Portugal to cover-up an investigation that was flawed to bits.

Yes, I know now, how low the likes of the Daily Express can go, but do you know what the most disgusting part in this is? For three and a half years, instead of helping the family of a missing child, through your lack of honest reporting, I hindered the search for a missing child.

Every person that believed your lies, every reader who lined your pockets must today feel ashamed for believing what you wrote.  I know I do.  You, the Daily Express along with some other papers, have no idea of the damage you have caused to the family of a missing child, have you?

You, sit there and think by apologising and making donations to the search fund for Madeleine, it will put things right.  Well nothing can, put right the wrongs that you caused and the wrongs I caused that family.  They needed my help not my hindrance, they needed people to look for Madeleine not take it as gospel that she was dead without proper proof. You produced articles that not only failed a family of a missing child, but failed Madeleine McCann herself.

And for those that helped this propaganda campaign to protect a ex-detective, hang your heads in shame.  The files DO NOT back up what you claim, and I hope to God, that Portugal now looks into the entire mess created by some of the Judicial Police and Portuguese Press and heads roll.  I hope those who leaked information, those who sold diaries are brought to task for their actions.  Those, Portuguese officers and Journalists, who leaked information and lined  their pockets over finding a small child, should now be named and shamed.


Transcript of Afternoon Hearing 12 January 2012

Witness Statement of Richard Desmond

Witness Statement of Paul Ashford

Witness Statement of Peter Hill

Transcript of Morning Hearing 12 January 2012

Witness Statement of Nicole Patterson

Witness Statement of Dawn Neesom

Witness Statement of Hugh Whittow

Witness Statement of David Pilditch

Witness Statement of Padraic Flanagan

Transcript of Morning Hearing 21st December 2011

Transcript of Afternoon Hearing 21st December 2011

Witness Statement of Daniel Sanderson

Transcript of Morning Hearing 15th December 2011

Witness Statement of Richard Peppiatt (Made up Stories in Daily Star 29th November hearing)

Transcript of Morning Hearing 29 November 2011

Kate and Gerry McCann – Transcript of Afternoon Hearing 23 November 2011

Witness Statement of Gerry McCann

Witness Statement of Kate McCann


4 comments on “How Dare You?

  1. Wow what a hard hitting speech.
    I admire your honesty here and thank you for saying what such a lot of us are feeling.
    Yes you did say a lot of things about the McCann’s at the time, no denying that one, but you found the truth and admitted your faults, and for that I take my hat off to you.
    Kate and Gerry have been treated exceptionally poorly by the media and the people on these blogs and forms who have accused them of killing that little girl, which I will never believe, no matter who says it.
    There is a certain blog which I find totally disgusting, and one which should be removed. We managed to have the U.K. one deleted so the blogger now uses the America one……….free speech and all that……….his comments are beyond contempt, from wishing death on the McCanns and a certain reporter to laughing at someone’s demise……..says a lot about this person’s integrity to me.

    Thank you for being so open and honest and for telling it like it is……you have a lot of support.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and lets hope that we will soon have news on Madeleine being found.

    • Thank you Sinbad, hope you and your family had a good Christmas and may I wish you and yours a Happy New Year.  Let’s hope that 2012 brings news of Madeleine and all those families out there that are living life in limbo not knowing what happened to their missing loved one.  May 2012 be a year that families are reunited and children are found.

      May 2012 be a year that families no longer have to be part of a sick internet game and the law stops people who threaten, abuse and intimidate online.  To disagree with someone is one thing, but to bully, harass and spread vicious vile rumours is another.  No family should ever have to endure what the McCanns have endured in this last four years.  And it all was created by the PT Press passing on made-up leaks from certain Police Officers in Portugal, to the English Press.

  2. Bren, I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. I do applaud you. It takes courage to stand up in a wave of “friends” with a common mindset and say: “Hang on a minute, I’m not too sure about this any more”. You could have let the wave pass over you and sneaked out the back door. 

    But you didn’t. 

    You knew you’d be battered by both sides and yet you stood your ground. 

    The importance goes way beyond the Madeleine case. It’s also about showing kids that it’s possible to stand up against a mob culture and get respect for it. I’ll bet that 2/3 of the kids in knife-wielding gangs don’t actually agree with what the gang is up to – but they don’t know how to get out of it without becoming a victim themselves. 

    Don’t give up, Bren, you’re doing a great job. 

    • Thank you Carana, I think you are right, about the knife-wielding gangs, some of these children become part of the gang culture out of fear.  Fear of what could happen to them if they don’t do as Gang leaders say.  

      And that is the saddest part, because people use a person’s family to attack them with.  People who you love and would die for are used against you to attack.  

      But you can only be the victim if you allow yourself to be.  The bully is at fault, the person harassing you is at fault, and to be able to re-evaluate a situation, change perspective and change your opinion, is being open-minded and not blinded by hate or by a desire to see someone suffer irrespective of whether what is written is truth or false accusations, assumptions and innuendos.

      Happy New Year to you and yours Carana, hope you had a great Christmas.

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