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I always thought that Neighbourhood watch schemes were good, and if they are active in your area, they can help you protect your home.  I know for a fact that Home Insurers ask if you are a member of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme as it can help to keep those ever increasing premiums down.

Neighbourhood watch, play a vital role in protecting their neighbourhoods.  We all know what it is like with those vandals and what destruction they can bring to our neighbourhoods.

There is nothing worse than seeing the local signs defaced and vandalised. Wouldn’t you agree?  Now any neighbourhood watch scheme is only as good as the people that run it.  If they get one bad apple on the committee then unfortunately it can tarnish what the group stands for.

So how the hell can one Neighbourhood watch scheme have as Chairman a man that is forever defacing road signs because they are in metric and not imperial or because borders have changed?

Well it happens you know, and confirmation is here by screenshot of the fact that Tony Bennett is Chairman of the Harlow Neighbourhood Watch.

It was only last year, in December 2010, that Tony Bennett was reported in the Westmoorland Gazette for replacing road signs lost due to amendment of borders in 1974 and was also threatening action in April 2011:

County Watch secretary Tony Bennett said Britain’s historic county and shire boundaries should be retained.

“I think these historic signs give people a sense of place, continuity and tradition,” he said.

“People value the Westmorland county name and this is apparent in the Westmorland County Show, the Westmorland Football League and the Westmorland Gazette.

“Westmorland still has a very strong identity but there is no point retaining the name if people don’t know where the historic county starts and ends.”

The county of Westmorland and parts of Lancashire were absorbed into the new county of Cumbria in 1974.

“These areas have been governed by Cumbria County Council ever since.

Mr Bennett, 63, a retired solicitor from Essex, said County Watch has taken direct action because repeated “polite attempts” to have the historic county recognised have failed.

He said County Watch will return to Cumbria next summer if Cumbria County Council does not recognise the old Westmorland boundaries by April.

“We will be back to put ‘Westmorland’ signs up at Brough, Penrith, Keswick and possibly even on top of Hellvelyn,” he said.

“This is a shock tactic but we would love to talk to Cumbria and Lancashire county councils and we will happily pay for the new signs, agree a location and erect them to Highways Agency standards.”

And if that is not concrete proof enough here is a video of him in action.

This man, defaces metric road signs, alters border signs, tries to bring private prosecutions against the parents of a missing child, faces numerous libel suits instigated by the victims he stalks, hounds and harasses; and if that is not enough and he then prints leaflets about the parents of a missing child and gets a group he is secretary of to deliver them to the parents’ neighbours and villagers of where those parents live.

He does everything in his power to destroy neighbourhoods and create hassle… not solve it.

The people of Harlow really do need to wake up and smell the coffee of who they have as Chairman of their Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  Because you only have to visit the forum he posts on and admins/mods to see that he also posts up private emails from people who disagree with him.  How long before he has an argument with someone in the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and posts up their private communications.

I know he does this, because I have sent him emails in private and they have appeared on various blogs and forums and they have been posted up not by me but by him.

Good luck Harlow you are going to need it.

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