Louise Mensch socks it to Internet Ghouls

Well what can you say? It seems Louise Mensch is not going to put up with internet ghouls who repeat theory after theory over what happened to Madeleine McCann, especially on her Facebook wall and Twitter timeline.

Louise Mensch posted on her Facebook wall the following:

If you are obsessed with Madeline McCann, please remove yourself from my friends list. Ghouls that tweet about this poor child and spam this and other social networks with their accusations, counter-accusations and theories just sicken me (and I assume most other politicians).

She later followed up her opening comment with this

I (and I assume all other MPs) get spammed all day long on twitter, via messages etc about people’s slimy theories about this child, her parents, the police, the authorities etc. Enough – the police investigation continues and I am totally uninterested in ghoulish internet trolls and their “opinions”

Naturally some are not going to take this too well, of course Louise now puts herself in the class of being “in on it”, by the internet ghouls, but you have to give her credit where credit is due, she speaks her mind, please or offend.  Something nice to hear from a Politician.

Well done Louise for speaking out on Facebook about something that is sickening to read. You do realise though that you will now become an even greater target by some of these internet ghouls and I see some have already posted on Louise’s wall.  I am sure she can deal with them… seconds out round two



Seconds out round three ….

Louise Mensch is definitely not taking any prisoners .. good on her

UPDATE 06.01.12

Well it seems some have not paid heed to what Louise Mensch said to them, and they are still trying to spam her on twitter.

Well Louise is not going to back down on this, that is for sure and according to her time-line today she has blocked and reported quite a few of the internet ghouls.






This lady is going far in Politcs and she is not afraid to speak her mind.  A quality is that is rather lacking in some MP’s… Well done Louise Mensch…

Who knows perhaps Louise Mensch will be the Politician that helps stop some of the libel and defamation that occurs daily on twitter along with the abuse some people have to suffer, especially on the #McCann hash tag.

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