This is seriously hardwork

Trying to explain to certain people that the evidence in the case will NOT be tested when Bennett hits the High Court in February 2012, is seriously hard going.

In November 2009, Bennett, voluntarily, took an undertaking NOT to repeat his comments about the McCanns being involved in what happened to their daughter and that they may have helped conceal her body.  He was NOT forced into taking this decision by a Court Order, he AGREED all by himself, to the undertaking.

All Carter Ruck have to do in February 2012 is to prove he has breached that said order.

They are going to prove this to the Court in February 2012 by supplying to the court evidence of postings clearly made by Tony Bennett which he has posted on forums and the Madeleine Foundation wesbsite.  Carter Ruck are saying in their Affidavit, made by Isabel Hudson, to the Court that they can clearly prove beyond a shadow of doubt that he still continued to post his false allegations about the McCanns, AFTER undertaking that Court Order in November 2009, where he promised the Court he would cease and desist.

The McCanns are NOT taking him to Court for LIBEL & DEFAMATION, they are taking him to Court for Breach of a Court Order ie, Contempt of Court.

The time for the evidence to have been tested was back in November 2009, in a Court of Law.  Bennett by signing that order ADMITTED that what he was posting was libellous and defamatory to the McCanns.

The Judge won’t be interested in Martin Grime and his dogs, he won’t be interested in the Police Files, all he will want to see is PROOF that Bennett breached the Court Order by continuing to post his allegations that the McCanns were involved in what happened to their daughter and that they could have concealed her body.

The judge has only got to see ONE comment that breaches that Order to find him GUILTY of Contempt of Court, unfortunately for Bennett, there is more than one post so the Judge is not going to go lightly on a person who breaks a Court order.

Simples… really except when dealing with people who have the inability to understand what Contempt of Court actually means.

So stop this trying to twist it and spin it that the evidence will be tested, because it won’t. All that will be tested in that Court is Tony Bennett’s failure to adhere to a Court Order.

As I said the McCann’s are not his problem, Ed Smethurst is, because it is evident that Ed Smethurst apart from being libelled and defamed has had his family dragged into this saga by none other than Bennett.  He has had his livelihood threatened by Bennett and others when they took to writing to the Law Society about his ability to be a lawyer.  After the actions of Bennett and others, I can’t see Ed Smethurst letting Bennett off lightly, can you?


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  1. Correct Bren.  This is why Bennett’s “defence” consists of tactics like trying to prove that (in the words of Xavier at Haverns)

    “It is interesting that he says he intends to defend the action, but not by arguing that he has not libelled the McCanns. Instead he is apparently going to argue that the original undertaking was too widely drawn, or that he signed it under duress. ” 

    With regard to Edward Smethurst – all he has to do is prove that his reputation was damaged in the eyes of one person as a result of Bennett’s accusations and that will be incredibly easy to do.  All one has to do is look at the posts made by Bennett’s Buddies where they CLEARLY accept Bennett’s accusations as gospel.  In fact, they are still doing it.  “JD” made a seriously libellous post about him just yesterday in support of Bennett.

  2. Jayelles, does he think we have short memories?  We can all remember the fall-out between him and Debbie Butler, because he decided to capitulate.  She wanted to go the full hog and let it go to Court and she posted that, but no he wanted to capitulate and by all accounts she was telling people he was running around Liverpool faxing off the stuff to Carter Ruck in order that they did not instigate legal proceedings.

    He had weeks of prior knowledge that they intended to stop his libel and defamation but all he kept doing was putting them off due to this holiday and that holiday and treated them with utter contempt.

    What did he expect that he was going to be allowed to mess around with them for eternity before they took action.

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