Pat Brown wrong again.

There are many lies and spin in the McCann case, but when someone who calls herself a Criminal Profiler fails to get her facts right, then things become dangerous in my opinion.  You see Pat Brown has appeared on CNN, various blog radio shows and other TV networks, talking about her life as a profiler and the McCann Case and certain people could easily be influenced by her because of her self-promotion on TV.

As she is supposed to be an expert, as she says, people could easily think that she knows what she is talking about and that she must have done her research before commenting.  How wrong that is.

On the 4th August 2011 Pat Brown announced to twitter the following:

Well I can dispel that myth for a start.

You see, tonight I found confirmation that Carter Ruck are representing the McCanns under the Conditional Fee Arrangement Scheme.

In this document Carter-Ruck clearly names the McCanns as people they are representing under this scheme.


I take it now Ms Brown, you will be making an apology to the McCanns for accusing them of using the Fund to pay for lawyers in order to sue people.

You know you really shouldn’t listen to forum myths and Tony Bennett, you never know where their misinformation might get you.

Carter Ruck do say in their submission, the following:

As our client Dr Gerry McCann told the audience at the International Bar Association conference in Madrid on 6 October 2009:

“It is very important that ordinary people like ourselves do have legal representation. I’m not sure we could have gone through this without the CFA. This kind of arrangement should continue in the UK.”

Further Reading

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Correction made to first paragraph, should have read fails to get her facts right. .. Now corrected


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  1. I´m profiling this Pat Brown person, from what I have read about her.  I´m doing the same thing that she is doing, pretending she knows something about a case she have only read about, without having touched the base, working with the police in the case, having meet the Mccann family etc. and I´m saying she is a person who needs attention.  Perhaps she just needs a hug 🙂 She also might be broke, desperately trying to make some money out of other people´s misery and sadness.  People who listen to her, is in my opinion just plain stupid…….sorry people, ignorance is not a bliss, it is dangerous.  This Pat person could also be a scam artist, the kind that make people think they are very clever and educated just to make money when they need to sell something 🙂

    All my best to the Mccann family. 

    •  Pat Brown is a complete fraud.
      She has no professional law-enforcement experience.
      She uses her son who is in law-enforcement to run background checks on people that have called her out. (By the way, this is illegal on both hers and her son’s part).
      Has anyone read either of her books? There is absolutely zero evidence of Ms. Brown being officially involved e.g. being called in by local law-enforcement to work any of the cases. The general mush in her first book sounds like any 45-year-old woman who sits at home every night watching CSI: Miami or Criminal Minds and regurgitating the script.
      Nancy Grace’s producers finally grew a brain and dumped her from the show due to not having any credible criminal justice education and/or experience.
      Pat Brown is a monster. A true psychopath who has preyed upon the victims of horrendous crimes for her own monetary and egotistical gain.
      I hope you profile her and expose her to the world for who she really is.

  2. Needs a hug, she needs stopping in her tracks.  

    Unfortunately when she keeps tweets appearing on this show and that show, some people think she bees knees and the shows are begging her to appear on them.  So what she spouts would easily be believed by some, because they think she is well sought after in the media and a professional.

    They wouldn’t bother to check what she is saying and whether it is correct, they just think as a so-called professional things are correct.  That is the real danger, she has the status to spin more misinformation and she is doing it, right before our eyes.

    • I totally agree with you, I was trying to be sarcastic 🙂 It´s the media who is destroying people really.  They feed some people´s need for gossip and their ignorance and cruel behavior, all in the name of money.

      I´m not so sure many people outside US are really listening to Pat Brown and I have friends in the US that thinks she is plain stupid.

      I´m sorry if my English sounds strange at times, it is not my first language.

      But I really like your blog, and I really hope that little Madeleine will be found. I have children myself, and I can´t imagine the horror her parents are going through.  I wish the people that are trying to harm them with slander would start showing them some respect.

      We should be grateful and thankful to the Mccann family for waking the world up, and demand their attention to face the fact that children go missing every day and some are never found again.  These cases should always be priority cases in every police investigations and the cases should stay open until they are solved.

      • Hi Maggadora, apologies didn’t mean to sound abrupt, just been one of those days…. Christmas decorations… talk about spirit I feel right Bah Humbug at the moment…. 

        And then reading that transcript, that Jayelles did and I was getting more and more wound up about the woman.

        I thought for a minute I was going to turn into a female Jeremy Clarkson when I was listening and reading her drivel.  LOL

        At the heart of all of this is a missing child.

  3. From Twitter: “ProfilerPatB Statistics back that a toddler girl kidnapped by a stranger is most likely not alive. Names of toddlers found alive years later? #McCann”

    What a strange comment. 

    “Statistics back that a toddler girl kidnapped by a stranger is most likely not alive.”

    Can she provide a reliable source? If she does, fair enough. If not, that comment could cause undue distress to the families of all missing toddlers. 

    “Names of toddlers found alive years later?”

    I know of several. However, she does realise that families generally request privacy when a child has been found, doesn’t she?

  4. It seems that Mr Brat is now distancing himself from Ms Brown. But then again with Mr Brat he’ll probably claim that he was attempting to fool the press who are now out to get him, after his spoutings against the McCanns. This is what he has had to say today on his blog:

    Saturday, 10 December 2011
    Pat Brown: Crank Or Genius? You Decide Pat Brown, criminal profiler, the woman whose head is so big, she has to enter the house via a window. They wrote about people like her during the war: “Over here, over-mouthed, over-paid!” Thankfully, we’re separated from her by the Big Pond, and let’s hope it stays this way.Ms Brown wrote a book about missing Madeleine McCann wherein she put forward her own ideas regarding what happened in Portugal one evening in May 2007.Not surprisingly, complaints were made and the book was pulled by Amazon, citing (as happened recently with one of my own books, since reinstated) that its content may contravene the company’s guidelines. Ms Brown did not take kindly to being treated in such a way, and now claims that she is suing the McCanns themselves for various things. I dislike this couple intensely, but even I can see where they are coming from with this issue, if it was they who removed the book. Write what you believe may be the truth, by all means, but do so once the case has been solved, if this ever happens. Ms Brown also boasted that she would be attending Goncalo Amaral’s libel trial in Portugal in February, and that she was also about to launch her own private investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance. So, the “profiler” becomes Jessica Fletcher. I should imagine, what with the British review team and the team of private detectives still allegedly working for the McCanns, it really would be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. Still feeling snubbed, Ms Brown posted on the Justice4Maddie Facebook page, asking members to leave kind comments after the one-star reviews on retail sites where the book is still on sale. Therefore I politely made her aware of a few facts. First of all, there is no shame in having one-star reviews–I get them all the time and still sell thousands of books each week–but there is shame in asking people to write nice things about your book when they might not want to. Also, I again politely pointed out that, as she had  since changed her mind about going to Portugal, after all the initial fuss, she risked a ribbing from the opposition.Then it was whoosh! Ms Brown goes off her head, accusing yours truly of spreading lies and libelling her–how dare I, a humble skivvy, talk like that to the mistress of the house! “It’s him or me,” she tells the site administrator, Ceri Poole, whose previous long posts concerning the post have usually amounted to little more than the occasional, “Aww, the poor wee thing!”Earlier in the day, a very nice young man who posts regularly on the Justice4Maddie site was accused of being a paedophile. Ms Poole chose to ignore such a serious accusation–not so much as one word of sympathy. Someone else posted there from Canada, with links to some very dodgy images. Ms Poole ignores once more. But Ms Brown bleets, and Ms Poole springs into action, not only banning me from the page, but from seeing any of  its content.Therefore the moral of the equation is: it’s fine to turn a blind eye to a good man being called a paedophile, to another man with possible links to obscene material–while jumping to the defense of a “top criminal profiler”, against polite comments which were neither libellous nor offensive. With supporters like this, Maddie McCann certainly does not need enemies!I have now decided to distance myself from all things McCann. I’ll close the petition–it’s served its purpose–and I’ll withdraw my statement from the Leveson Enquiry. I may or may not close this blog. I still have the tabloids to deal with, but now with the assurance that if I go down, I will be taking someone else with me.As for poor little Madeleine McCann, who time and time gets left behind in the machinations of this circus–and I’m referring to BOTH sides–I’m sure you’ll be found one day.By The Great Pat Brown….or by Ceri Poole.Regarding the other 140 members of the Justice4Maddie Facebook group, some of which have become very good friends–you could not anywhere on earth find a better bunch of people.

  5. As much as I think Pat Brown is foolish and incredibly misguided, I do however believe that she like many before her have been used as a pawn by David Brat.  Strange how Mr Brat writes on his blog that it has been alledged that a tabloid newspaper was to print details of posts he had written (I’m of the belief that this is yet another fantasy of Brats).

     In my honest opinion this is how I see it, Mr Brat has a new book due to be released in Feb 2012, this time he’s written about Greta Garbo, and so his book stands a chance of selling a few copies, he has now chosen to distance himself from Pat Brown (after all it was only a number of weeks ago his declaring his undying support of her and her trip to Portagul) and the whole mess he has created.

    Even more interesting is his manipulating of comments that have appeared on JATYK blog, giving one the impression that he has their support by the way he has commented about certain posts. I always said that when the proverbial hit the fan, that Mr Brat would walk away (with the belief that his nose is clean) and dump those he was associated with, allowing them to face the blame. Let this be a warning to anyone who believes that Brat has their best interests at heart – he hasn’t. He’s a trouble maker, who believed that with his ailing career, he could make a few bob with the McCann case (it was only a number of weeks ago that he posted that he would consider writing a book about the case, but only when and if the case was solved – and no doubt he’s probably removed that post). Don’t be fooled by his dislike of Pat Brown now, she served her purpose and now he’ll be looking for his next victim.

  6. Re Davis’ observation above re bret’s manipulation of posts, I can categorically state that,  in no way, shape or form does JATYK support either bret or brown.  Bret’s evil, nasty posts re members of JATYK,  and his hounding of the Valentino ladies, are but two examples of why the forum would never even consider giving him the time of day.  As for brown, her obvious money grabbing exercise is just as vile.  I do hope this ensures that no more suggestions are made re JATYK being in any way supportive of these two travesties of humanity.

  7. Hello Sykes, many thanks for your reply… Apologies, it wasn’t my intention for it to come across that JATYK was supporting either of those cretins, I was merely stating from what I had read from Bret’s blog, that he was suggesting that he had support from the group, I think he’d read Jayelles posts and thought he’d found a new friend (joke). I know fully well the stance of the groups members in regards toboth them – I too share the same stance, especially with Bret, after reading his catalogue of harrassment over the last few years to many people who “challenged” him. Please accept my apologies as it wasn’t my intention to give the impression that JATYK was in support of either one of them. 

  8. I’ll be honest here.  I don’t think David Bret’s motives are anything like Pat Brown’s.  I think she is undoubtedly in it to make money from the McCann case.  David Bret has always puzzled me because he’s an established author of books which have a pretty broad appeal.  For example, he writes the kind of books that people might buy as Christmas gifts.  Therefore, his pretty awful behaviour on the McCann case (which he has conducted under his own name) could actually end up harming his writing career/earning potential.  Recently, I was shocked to discover that I’d actually bought one of his books for my own mother a few years ago.  Knowing what I know about him now, I’d certainly not buy any of his books again – out of principle. 

    So I feel that whatever drives David Bret, it can’t be money.  I do think he’s as mad as a hatter and if he wasn’t writing such poisonous stuff about a tragic missing child case, he’d possibly be rather funny – in a “grumpy old man” kind of way.  But cruelty to the already wounded is never funny in my book.

  9. Hello Jayelles, many thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Personally I feel that Mr Bret “believed” that his coverage of the McCann case would open doors for him career-wise, sadly this is not going to be the case. His career as an author has seen it’s lifeline limping somewhat since the release of his Joan Crawford & Clark Gable books, and those that have followed since has been resounding flops.

    I wouldn’t even suggest that Bret is “a grumpy old man”, not even Victor Meldrew would be as caustic in his dislike of others opinions. David Bret is a desperate man, desperate for respect, desperate for attention, desperate to be taken seriously as an author, and more importantly he is desperate to live in the real world. This is a man, who makes countless claims about his career, his peers (and there’s many who he claims to know, who when asked have never heard of him, let alone read his books) and having read his retorts on blogs and forums (including the one’s he claims not to follow) all I can say is that he equates to being incredibly sad. The fact that he has yet once again has removed his ‘McCann’ blog’ would suggest quite rightly that despite what he types, that Mr Bret is unable to walk the walk, as he is spineless to deal with, head on the issues that he has created all by himself.

    The sad truth is that the McCanns are part of a long list of innocent people who over the years have been harrassed by Bret. Whether he was in it for money or not, I really can’t make that call. But as the past has shown, he is bitter, he is a nasty piece of work, and as the old saying goes “a leopard never changes it’s spot”.

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