You bet I am angry.

Yes I do read JATYK forum, so what? If I can spend my time reading the rubbish that is spouted on twitter, Missing Madeleine and Jill Haverns, then in all fairness to the argument, it is only neutral to read all forums and blogs.

Today I read a comment BB1 made and I think she summed up perfectly how I do feel.

I suppose it’s a bit like ex-smokers turning into the most vocal anti-smokers, Sabot, and from her recent posts, she does seem to be genuinely angry that she was fed such a pack of lies, and was foolish enough to believe them for so long.

Yes you have it in one. I do feel angry, very angry.

I feel angry because after the Leveson Inquiry testimony given by so many people and hearing Journalists say how headlines were made up, it really hits home how the media played suckers like me.

And you are right BB1 it is like being an ex-smoker, which by the way I am as I gave up in April 2010. Just like when I now walk into a smoke filled room or pass a person standing outside a shop or pub smoking and breathe in the smoke, how it now makes me feel sick and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Something it never did when I was one of them, a smoker.

They say people who have given up smoking are more finicky about smoke than those that have never smoked and it is true.

But just like that awful taste in my mouth left by smoke, I get the same feeling when I now see the anti comments about the McCanns, their family and their friends.

Yes I am angry, very angry to be precise, not because of the vilification I have and still receive by certain people – to be honest I don’t expect anything less, when I see  what vitriolic tirades they write about a family they have never met –  but because I was used and abused and had my mind played with so that certain quarters could protect a now convicted ex cop and all because these people wanted to peddle his flawed theory and cause as much pain as they could to a family who were already suffering the most horrendous pain imagineable. The pain and anguish of having a child go missing.

I feel angry when I see the lies still being peddled and the myths being spun for facts and to witness how certain people think Madeleine is their way to fame and glory.

Madeleine is the daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann and she is their missing daughter. How dare people criticise these parents, especially when these people who are so eager to criticise base their narrow-minded opinion on media spin that is designed to sell papers, along with myths and lies created by certain elements.

I feel angry that I for so long was suckered in to this “you are one of the good guys, because you want Justice for Madeleine” ideology. Yes it is like being in a bloody cult, to the point where you felt frightened to speak out because of fear of what others might do or say about you.

Yes I am angry that it took me so long to wake up.

But, I am angry most of all, because what I was suckered into thinking did absolutely nothing, whatsoever, to help find Madeleine McCann. If anything it did everything in its power to hinder the search for Madeleine McCann. And that was morally wrong.

Madeleine is a findable missing child, every mother with a heart would pray she is found alive. Every mother, father, brother or sister would feel remorseful at how they carried on while on forums and blogs and twitter, especially now the truth is being confirmed, that the parents played no part in what happened to their daughter.

They made an error, they thought it was safe. Who in their right mind would think a child could be taken from a holiday resort? Who would think that the media you desperately needed to get the message out to help you find your missing daughter would turn on you like a pack of wolves?

Because that is what happened to Kate and Gerry McCann, they made a bad call, which any one of us could do at any given time and they have paid the ultimate price for it.

I am not perfect by a long shot, and neither is anyone else. We all have our faults and we all make mistakes. Unfortunately for the McCanns, the one time they were lulled into a false sense of security and made that dire decision was the time that fate played its dreadful hand.

There is a saying ‘don’t kick someone when they are down’, and that is what makes me more angry when I read all these anti comments, the fact that I see in amongst these messages, the sick games being played by people who actually enjoy kicking people when they are down and that this to them is nothing but a sick game to be played out on the internet.

These people are not human beings, they are worse than animals, they are beneath animals.

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