Well, well, well – Goncalo Amaral and threats and accusations

It is so surprising what you find when doing a couple of searches about tourism, even though it was deviating off of what I was really searching for.

I remembered something that happened around May 2011 when Kate McCann was due to release her book in Portugal and Amaral made a comment about it.


Algarve Observer - Tourism - Sofia and Goncalo


Algarve Observer - Journalist Acquited

I don’t remember this ever being mentioned or translated…

Please note screenshots are courtesy of Google Translator.

And all I was looking for was when he was accusing Kate McCann over of wanting to buy a place in the Algarve and paying off her mortgage. Not forgetting calling her a liar.


Buying property


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  1. More about this story

    Journalist acquitted in the case of secrecy

    A journalist for the Daily News waited six years to know the sentence, after publishing an article that allegedly violated the secret court. Courts wanted to force her to reveal the sources, but a journalist resisted and won.

    April 20, 2003.

     The Daily News published, first hand, the news that the Judicial Police was conducting searches in the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA) on suspicion of crimes of active and passive corruption, embezzlement, abuse of power and misuse of public money. According to a source of journalist Paula Martinheira, the Socialist Party itself was involved.

    Concerned, would be the management of the entertainment program “Millennium” and the president of RTA.

    Among other measures, Paulo Neves (PS), decided to give away hundreds of tickets for concerts with Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Carreras and Scorpions, some worth 200 euros.

    In July 2003, and after Paul Neves accused the journalist of breach of secrecy, the prosecutor called for him to break the secrecy, to whom he had access to information.

    Among the suspects appeared Gonçalo Amaral, deputy director of the PJ in Faro, his partner (now wife) Sofia Leal, Leal and John, Sophia’s father and he also a journalist. The prosecution came to suspect the exploitation of research for personal reasons, since Paul Neves instituted disciplinary proceedings Sofia Leal for lack of zeal, but he understood that there was sufficient evidence for this thesis.

    If there is no evidence that these had been the source of information, insisted that the journalist to reveal sources, which was confirmed by the Court at Évora in 2003 and the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court, two years later.

    Only in December 2005, when the prosecution called to testify, the journalist asked defendant to be made, so you can refer to the silence, which was denied. While preserving the sources, was accused of the crime of refusal to testify.

    The process took four years, but Judge Claudia Tenazinha eventually decided that Paula was right Martinheira be formed by requiring the defendant to testify at a time would not only break the secrecy that was required, as it could be held liable for violating the course of justice, is guilty of a crime.

    The law states that “the witness is not obliged to answer questions if the answers to claim that their results criminal responsibility.

    “Moreover, the Court was absolutely convinced that the defendant in any way reveal the identity of sources, even if it was imputed criminal responsibility: “The truth is that for the defendant to protect their sources is inextricably linked to the exercise of their profession and ethical principles that guide, “the judge recognized that the journalist acquitted of the crime of refusal to testify, without having been tried for violation of secrecy.

    Reveal the sources or not, that is the question

    Paula Martinheira was accused as a witness to a crime of refusal to testify, be punished with imprisonment from six months to three years or a fine of not less than 60 days. While witness was compelled to testify, while it was argued, their rights as citizens allow it to refer to the silence, according to the principle of non-incrimination.

    However, the defendant has been made and not to reveal sources, considering that it was violation of the secrecy, the court could impose upon him a prison sentence of two years or a fine of 240 days.


  2. Now I am not accusing, (thought I would borrow your saying Bret) but there does seem to be rather a lot of information out there about the personality and character of the ex-detective.  Not forgetting that he was convicted of perjury and falsifying documents in the Leonor Cipriano case.

    Whether these allegations are true or not, I don’t know, but there appears to be documents relating to his wife writing to his boss about an incident that happened in December 2007


    And then there is the alleged phone call where he threatened the husband of a former mistress.

  3. Thank you BB1 for reminding me of the Birthday bash incident.

    Here is the decision made in Portuguese 


    Translation by Pedro

    An important recent decision of the ERC – Regulatory Authority for the Media, which condemns the junk mail in the morning newspaper “for” party-in-pig “, in which the Beast of Portimão assaulting his ex and her husband.Subject: Complaint of Marcos da Fonte Aragão Correia against the newspaper “Correio da Manhã”The council’s regulatory body for media regulations who had a meeting on September 7, 2010, approved a resolution 28/Cont-I/2010 on the issue identified above, which is annexed.Council´s Regulatory body for media regulationsResolution 28/CONT-I/2010I – Complaint1. On the edition of October 5th 2009 of the newspaper “Correio da Manhã”, at page 12 (“Portugal” section), arises published a news, under the title “Aragão tries to ruin Amaral´s dinner” and subtitle “Leonor Cipriano´s lawyer interrupted birthday party of former PJ coordinator, with the content:”Marcos Aragão Correia, Leonor Cipriano´s lawyer at the Gonçalo Amaral´s trial, which ended condemned with suspended sentence by false testimonial/ perjury at the case of the alleged torture to Joana´s mother, interrupted at the yesterday dawn the birthday party of the 50th of the former PJ coordinator of Portimao. With the company of a PSP patrol, the purpose was to identify the authors of a supposed aggression attempt, minutes earlier, at the door of the restaurant.Aragão was parked in front of the restaurant, driving a car, with to more occupants, around midnight. According to a witness, the lawyer made an obscene gesture to the guests, which were at the outside making a toast after five minutes of firework. The witness recognises that threatened Aragão, because his wife (the witness´s wife) assisted to the gesture. The lawyer took off with the tires to slip, then returned with the PSP. 2. The news published at the same site of “Correio da Manhã” has the same content as the news published at the printed edition, with few alterations, added the next paragraph:”When Gonçalo Amaral and Paulo Pereira Cristóvão(co-arguido absolved at the Leonor Cipriano process) addressed to the agents, in the middle of the street, Aragão fled. “Correio da Manhã” tried yesterday to contact him, but the cell phone was off. 3. At October 6th 2009, a complaint entered at ERC, subscribed by Marcos Teixeira da Fonte Aragão Correia, in which, Marcos considers that the news in question uses lies and distortion of the reality and is considered as an attack against his person. Also mentions that the newspaper insisted in publish lies, despite received several email messages of witnesses, citing one in particular, allegedly sent by Ana Brás, one of the persons presented in the car of the complainant, which tells a different version about what happened. 4. At October 16th 2009, more entries at ERC statements of Ana Sofia da Conceição Marques Brás e José Olímpio Araújo Branquinho, with the same content, claimig falsity of the news and stressing that Marcos have not done any obscene sign to anybody. II. Opposition of the denounced5. Notified, at the legal terms, to deduce, wanting, against the complaint, the “Correio da Manhã” referred that no one from the wording section had knowledge of the content of the message sent by Ana Marques Brás, which can be explained by the fact of the message allegedly sent to general email addresses, without any reference, request or explanation. The “Correio da Manhã” mentioned also that the news published is only a chapter of the quarrels between GA and Marcos Aragão Correia, which are public domain. The part was, according CM, prepared based in statements of people who saw Marcos made the obscene gesture to a group of persons who celebrated GA´s birhday, and it is, objective and rigorous, since it refers also the attempt of aggression from which the complainant had been victim, also the fact of previously appeared to the restaurant where the party happened with the company of the PSP agents.6. The denounced mentioned also that the reporter made no comment or judge comments about the actions which describes on the part and, during all day which was previous to the publication of the news, tried to contact Marcos, but no phone from him was answered. By the reasons invoked, the denounced concludes that there was no breach of ethical obligations. 7. Finally, the denounced requests to be listened the reporter Paulo Marcelino about all the issue about the newspaper´s oppositon.III. Analysis and validity8. Through analysis the news, the Counselor´s understands that the exercise of the right of reply is the most adequate way the complainant restores, in useful time, his version of events, dismantling the statements, in his view, jeopardizes his good name and reputation. 9. However, the complainant had not showed that right, so, it will be the ERC to appreciate, at their offices, in what way the newspaper assured the rigorous informative duty and guaranteed the respects of the personalities´s rights of the complainant. It is important to refer the article 3º. of the press law approved by law nº. 2/99, of January 13th, which determines that the “freedom of the press has as unique limits the ones that comes from the Constitution and the Law, with the way to protect the rigorous and objective of the information to guarantee the rights of good name, the reserve of privacy of private life, the image and word of the citizens and to defend the public interest and the democratic order”.10. It appears that the journalistic part has a speech, in which, certain points, may be considered adverse to Marcos Aragão Correia: it says in the title that either the complainant “tries to ruin GA´s dinner”, at the body of the news it says either the complainant “had made an obscene sign to the guests”, and shows (apparentely) the presence of the complainant “parked in front of the restaurant, at the driving of a car with two more occupants around midnight”, had the purpose of provoked a reaction of GAand his party members. 11. Refering also that the adverse character of the complainant at the construction of the text, comes, naturally, from the sources on which the same exists, namely the “witness” who told to Correio da Manhã that threatened Marcos Aragão Correia, after saw him made the gesture [obscene for the guests]”.12. The Correio da Manhã says that tried to vary his sources, being started attempts of contacting the complainant, without success. Besides, at the email edition it is expressely mentioned that “CM tried to contact him [Marcos Aragão Correia], but his cell phone was off”.13. Indeed, was exigible the audition of the complainant, allowing that the same contradicted the facts reported and exposed his version of the reality, cautioning, with that way, the informative rigorous of the issue published, in compliance of duty “of listened the parts with justifiable interests”, demanded by the article 14.º, nº1, aline e, from the Journalist status. However, the mentioneds in certain journalistic part, may rightfully prescind their exercise, by remaining in silence. When that happens, the involved must be aware that it will be released certain facts which are from their concern, with a configuration that omits the one that would be their version by their own choice.14. About the case in analysis, a comprehensive balanced way of the events impose that the newspaper devoted all it´s efforts that allows an audition of the complainant, which could eventually impose that the news were only released at a later day, with the sense of allow additional diligencies with the purpose of an audition of Marcos Aragão Correia.15. Finally, it is mentioned that by unnecessary the audition of the reporter Paulo Marcelino about all the issue regarding the opposition of the newspaper, since there are no quarrels about the issue that may be clarified by the reporter.IV. DeliberationBeing appreciated a complaint of Marcos Teixeira da Fonte Aragão against the newspaper Correio da Manhã, by alleged failure of rigorous duty, the Council of ERC, based on the articles 8º, aline a, and 24º, nº.3, aline a, of the statutory attached at te Law nº53/2005, November 8th, delibers to gives partial filing to the complaint and, in consequence, urge the newspaper Correio da Manhã to compliance of the ethical-legal duty of “listening the parts with justifiable interests” which may impose that all unfavorable news about the mentioneds will not be immediately released, to allow all the diligencies to be performed at the reach of the newspaper with the purpose of the audition of the mentioneds. Administrative charges are payable in the amount of 4.5 units of account in accordance with Article 11, paragraph 1, aline a) and Annex V of Decree-Law no. 103/2006 of 7 June, as amended by Decree-Law No. 70/2009 of 31 MarchLisbon, September 7, 2010.The Regulatory BoardJosé Alberto de Azevedo LopesElísio Cabral de OliveiraMaria Estrela SerranoRui Assis Ferreira

  4. Interesting article here from Sky News


    About how Joana’s family begged the Police to follow leads and they didn’t.

  5. Gosh, time flies. I’m rereading the Misinformation thread. 

  6. Something very interesting from CdeM

    Gonçalo Amaral e Paulo Pereira Cristóvão acusados de agressões a Leonor CiprianoPJ pede suspensão para investigadoresA Unidade Disciplinar da Polícia Judiciária pede a suspensão de Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, Gonçalo Amaral e três inspectores da PJ pelo alegado envolvimento no caso de agressões a Leonor Cipriano, condenada pela morte e ocultação do cadáver da filha, Joana, em 2004.11 Dezembro 2011
    Nº de votos (0)
    Comentários (0)
    Uma medida que para Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, ex-PJ, não faz sentido. “Não fui notificado de nada e exonerei-me da PJ em 2006, pelo que não há qualquer ligação e não posso ser suspenso de nada. Além do mais, se alguém está a dar como provados agressões e actos de tortura depois dos tribunais não provarem nada, então incorre num crime de difamação”, disse ao CM.Os cinco foram acusados pelo Ministério Público de estarem envolvidos no espancamento de Leonor Cipriano durante um interrogatório na PJ de Portimão. O CM não conseguiu chegar à fala com Gonçalo Amaral.

  7. Well I wonder if this CdeM article has anything to do with the Letters that were sent by Correia on behalf of Leonor Cipriano


    Thinking about this logically, if he has a case going to the European Court of Human Rights, the PJ can’t be seen as covering up for what officers might have done.

    Remember it was only in March this year that GA’s appeal was dismissed and his conviction stood.


    Perhaps the PJ heads are having a clean-up and decided that it will not look favourable if they are seen as allowing officers to have convictions without taking disciplinary action against them.

  8. Mind you after reading a snippet of gossip, (which I can’t confirm is true or not), it does rather make sense of this comment he made in that Algarve 123 article.

    “It’s another part of the whole plot to assassinate my civil position,” Amaral says matter-of-factly. “I’ve been left with no chances; no way of paying my debts; liens on my property. I’ve had to move away from my family in order to protect them. My marriage, well, it’s not so good. Not good at all, really. My life seems to be all about divorce…”


  9. Wonder if this is still on going

    Meanwhile, the Public Ministry has accused the former PJ coordinator again,
    but this time over co-authorship of torture. According to the accusation, the
    victim was Leandro Silva, Leonor Cipriano’s partner. The case has allegedly
    taken place at the PJ in Portimão, during questioning, within the Joana case


    12 July

    Leonor’s trial may be repeated Jornal de

  10. I wonder that Samantha.  You know the more I think about this, the PJ have got to be seen as cleaning-up their act. Especially as they got a mention in Amnesty International’s report.

  11. An interesting piece here

    The ‘judicial secrecy’ and the press’ ‘lies’

    Henrique Monteiro, chief editor
    28 July 2008

    Who lied in the Maddie case? The answer lies in what is told by former inspector Gonçalo Amaral. All the fantastic and never proved theories that a certain press has spread are in his book. And they remain without any evidence to sustain them.

    Gonçalo Amaral must be a man who is full of himself. He was responsible for a calamitous investigation in the ‘Maddie case’, but according to the balance that he does, everyone is to blame except for him.

    According to Gonçalo, the blame lies with the fact that the McCanns’ apartment was not preserved, with the British police that did not fully cooperate, with the journalists that stood in the way, with Her Majesty’s government that pressured, with the Portuguese government that let itself be pressured, with the prosecutors, with the PJ’s directors, with the conspiracy of the powerful and – if he is allowed to continue unloading – it will hit the CIA, the Masonry, Opus Dei, the Trilateral, Bildberg and the Pope, the usual suspects of the conspiracy theories that circulate on the internet.

    The same inspector must not be inhibited (not to mention being ashamed), because after the suspicions that befall him due to the conduction of the ‘Joana case’ (another missing girl, whose mother, who was condemned over her death, accuses the PJ of torturing her) and the disaster of the ‘Maddie case’, he pretends to be a national hero and the holder of the truth, against everything and against everyone, and he maintains an absurd theory that does not resist a minimally structured analysis.

    Amaral probably didn’t think about the fact that it does not become him to talk and to write in detail about a process which – despite having been widely abused – is still under judicial secrecy, either. Or that it does not become him to be a judge in his own cause.

    But the most interesting about the former inspector’s book is that we get to know where the famous ‘lies’ from the media that everyone talked about, came from. Finally, we can verify that the most unbelievable theories came out of that illuminated brain. And that certain newspapers, lacking a better option, published them without contradicting, without investigating, without logics and without evidence.

    But Gonçalo continues to state his ‘conviction’ that Maddie died in the apartment. He must have inherited from medieval justice, this notion of ‘conviction’ without evidence; or from Alice, by Carrol, the idea that first the criminal’s head is cut off and then the trial is done; or from ‘The Foreigner’, by Camus, the fixation in the importance of the criminal’s “facies” or the fact whether one does or does not cry in front of death.

    The lawful state bases itself on evidence, beyond doubt. The notion that innocence prevails over guilt – when there is no evidence to the contrary – is what separates civilization from barbarism.

    Unfortunately, there are remains of barbarism among us. Until very recently, it headed the PJ in Portimão. I hope he was the last one.


  12. Now this is interesting, Claudia on MM says this:

    GA was not suspended without pay and was not sacked. He was taken from that particular case and actually promoted. He asked the PJ if he could continue in his position and write a book to defend himself from the filth written about him. He was told by the PJ hierarchy that was not possible so he decided to retire in order to be able to exercise his right to speak his mind. And so he did. 

    now if you look at this time line

    So the 1st of July 2008 he retires from the PJ and in 24 days he writes a book, gets it published and in shops for the launch…  Nobody can write and publish a book in that time frame surely?  Not unless a publisher has editors and a printer on standby ready to go, yet alone sort out the artwork etc for the cover. And Goncalo Amaral is not that important, so he must have been writing his book whilst still being in the employ of the PJ.

  13. Well it seems that GA’s been evicted as well

    by christabel Today at 2:26 pm

    SABADO Nbr. 394 – 17 to 23 Nov 2011 – Page 34 


    Gonçalo Amaral doesn’t live here any more

    Last month, Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ coordinator in charge of the investigation of Maddie’s case, was evicted from his rented apartment in Portimão. Lack of payment of the monthly rent of the furnished three piece apartment, around 600 euros, was the reason claimed by the landlord and the Court satisfied his demand.

    After getting rid of the Jaguar, bought with the royalties of the book about Maddie, the ex-PJ has just released a new book. 

    To see if his luck changes. 


  14. Well done Cath on Stop the Myths for finding the relevant article

    Source :Ordem de despejoIndiscretosGonçalo Amaral já não mora aqui No mês passado, Gonçalo Amaral, o ex-coordenador da PJ que investigou o caso Maddie, foi despejado do apartamento que tinha alugado em Portimão. A falta de pagamento da renda mensal do T3 mobilado, cerca de 600 euros, foi a razão invocada pelo senhorio e o tribunal deu-lhe razão. Depois de se desfazer do Jaguar que chegou a comprar com os direitos de autor do livro sobre Maddie, o ex-PJ acaba de lançar mais um livro. A ver se a sorte muda http://www.sabado.pt/epapper/

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