The Journey Back home and the Media

GERRY McCANN:…. it started when we said we were leaving Portugal, which we’d already told the police we were going to leave before we were declared arguidos, and the journey to the airport was one of the most terrifying experiences, I think, anyone could have, where cars were coming across, cutting in front, cameras, people hanging out of windows, motorbike riders. It was just dangerous, frankly dangerous.

When we got back to our home in Rothley, again there were tens of journalists — we live in a cul de sac, at the end of it — camped outside our house, cameras, helicopter crews following us. We were hemmed in the house for a couple of days before the police moved them to the end of our drive.

MR JAY: Then you tell us that photographers were still banging on car windows, even with one or more children in the car; is that right?

KATE McCANN: And they stayed there until December 2007. That was only after we had help to get them removed, but they were there every day, and they’d wait for Gerry to go and they knew I’d have to come out of the house at some point with the children. It would be the same photograph every day, we’d be in the car, myself and two children, the photographers would either spring out from behind a hedge to get a startled look that they could attach “fragile”, “furious”, whatever they wanted to put with the headline, but there were several occasions where they would bang on the windows, sometimes with the camera lenses, and Amelie said to me several times, “Mummy, I’m scared.”

GERRY McCANN: I’d like to point out the twins at that time were still only two and a half years old. Very frightened.


Leveson Inquiry – Transcript of Afternoon Hearing 23 November 2011

Witness Statement of Gerry McCann

Witness Statement of Kate McCann

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