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MR JAY: ….. You give one example from the Daily Star: “TV Cowell is ‘dead’.

We know he’s alive and well. The point you’re making there is the story was about him leaving the X Factor, I think; is that right?

RICHARD PEPPIATT: Yes, it was. I can give you a few others, if you like, which — I thought you may ask this question. It depends how long you’ve got.

MR JAY: If you could keep it to the Daily Star and give us three other good examples, please.

RICHARD PEPPIATT: “Chile mine to open as theme park”, “Angelina Jolie to play Susan Boyle in film”, “Bubbles to give evidence at Jacko trial” — that’s his monkey — “Jade’s back in Big Brother” — she was dead at the time. Obviously we have the likes of “Maddie’s body stored in freezer”, which we’ve heard already. “Grand Theft Auto Rothbury” — that was the Raoul Moat killing. There was going to be a computer game based around it. Completely untrue.

Brittany Murphy killed by swine flu” — wasn’t the case. “Macca versus Mucka on ice”, which was Paul McCartney and his ex-wife were apparently going to showdown on Dancing on Ice. Never transpired.

Then we have the likes of “Muslim-only public loos”, which in my letter I raise. Completely untrue as well.

LORD JUSTICE LEVESON: All these are real headlines?

RICHARD PEPPIATT: These are real headlines. Yes, I know.


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  1. Contrary to my expectation, I actually surprised myself by finding Richard Peppiatt’s evidence interesting. I almost said endearing, but my naivety meter was telling me to stay on the cautious side. 

    To be honest, I’d never heard of him prior to the Leveson inquiry. I’m not even sure I’d ever heard of the Daily Star prior to the McCann case. I subsequently did become aware of some of the “articles”, but it was out of an interest separate to the McCann case per se. 

    He seems to admit remorse and explains the situation he found himself in. If what he says is his genuine opinion, then I can see a possible way via which he could help drag the “popular” press out of the cesspit. 

    Witness statement:




    AV of hearing:


  2. Yes Carana, he could help take the press out of the gutter where it is at the moment. But what is the most annoying, these people are saying under oath, “We made up those headlines”, “They are not true”, and still the blithering idiots on forums and twitter are still repeating them as fact.

    What part of “these stories are NOT true”, don’t they understand?

    • Bren, how on earth can one reason with a handful of people with multiple drawers of socks who refuse to link to anything factual (intimating that the links could be dodgy), and refuse to provide any links to their own wild assumptions (stating that their links to trooooo facts could be injunctioned to cover up the trooooth). 

      Waste of energy.

  3. I have a question.

    In what sense did he mean that the title “Maddie’s body stored in freezer” was “invented”?

    I’m curious as to WHEN this title appeared.

  4. According to Anorak it appeared on the 29th September 2007


    • Well, yes. It seems the Sun ran with this on the same date in September:

      ‘Maddie’s body was kept in fridge’


      in Praia da Luzhttp://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/press/5sep7/SUN-29-09-07.htm

  5. And none other than the former coordinator himself corroborated this view in interviews appearing in Google as dated 24-25 July 2008. 

    (Type in Madeleine McCann and congelado to see how many references were made to his interviews supposedly asserting this fact.)

    • Ironically, I’m not at all sure that that particular headline was a TOTAL fabrication from the Daily Star.

      From memory, rumours were flying around in September 2007 and being stated as fact. Everything from body fluids, clumps of hair to 100% DNA matches found in the car.

      None of it was accurate.


      Either Team GA latched on to an invented headline in the Daily Star or elsewhere (not impossible as they took the Calpol tabloid mangling as serious);


      the rumour was leaked in Portugal and taken up by the ever-hungry tabloids.

      Which is it?

  6. […] Richard Peppiatt told the Leveson Inquiry that the Star made up Headlines.  You can read the post here.  So who thinks they would risk doing it again?  Well to be honest those that don’t want to […]

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