Jeremy Vine Radio Show – McCanns Evidence – Leveson Inquiry

Today Jeremey Vine spoke about the evidence given at the Leveson Inquiry by Kate and Gerry McCann. His guest Nina Myskow was appalled at the attitude of people and how they are vilifying the McCann family.

At one point after listening to some of the comments that were very critical of the McCanns, Nina Myskow had no alternative but to state that these people really do have problems and need to visit their doctor as it is not normal behaviour towards parents of a missing child.

With many thanks to a friend who has spent this evening, mixing the programme so that you can hear it in its entirety without the weather, travel and music.



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  1. There is a vast amount of suspicion and malicious comments on many websites, blogs, youtube and forums.  The times when I have offered a personal opinion, I was accused of being a member of the McCann PR team and the words used against me can only be described as angry and hateful.  This case has at its heart, a missing child, missing for four years now.  Obviously, this is a mystery which has had global interest.  It is a very sad story. Emotions run high and it is natural to have questions but I must express my deep dismay at the hatred which is being poured upon people who do not know the McCann’s personally and by amateur detectives who have never solved any case in their lives.  Despite their convictions that they know the truth they have not produced Madeleine alive or dead.

  2. And before I have some angry mob reading this and making sarcastic assumptions about my intentions I just want to say that I would dearly love to see Madeleine McCann found alive and well along with just every missing person case.  Whether this prayer is answered with good news is something that may take years.  It can occur so who am I to say otherwise.  I am a person with my own opinion and that is all it is.  It should be seen as an opinion and not an opportunity to make insensitive and hurtful comments by a stranger who is clueless about me.

  3. Thank you for your comments, what you say is correct.  These people are amateur detectives and they do NOT have access to all the information in this case.  So how can they make an informed decision only knowing half the facts.

    Daily I am accused of being in the pay of the McCanns, but what I find do harming is that for 3 years I was very doubtful of the McCanns and all because I believed what was emanating from Portugal and the papers back in 2007.  Now the Leveson inquiry is telling the whole world that all those stories that caused so much pain to the McCann family and made people doubt them were all false.

    The papers not just in the UK but in Portugal have a lost to answer for.  Especially if the Police were leaking information to the media and the leaks were designed to start a smear campaign against the McCanns and their friends.

  4. Thanks for reading and responding to my comments Bren.  It is frustrating to read daily accounts on forums by some individuals who disguise their real motives under the cloak of so called justice and truth for Madeleine.  It is just some who are  giving their  analysis of the McCann’s mannerisms, media campaign, fund and private detectives, friends dubbed the tapas 7 etc. They make biased comments and make personal insults about the personalities of the parents.  They attack  who dothers who wish  not to make unkind comments about the McCann’s .  They treat them like enemies who must be eliminated if at all possible.  Their mission is not to locate the missing child but to develop a campaign of hatred and suspicion against two people who they do not actually know at all.  If one looks at the dreadful  murder case of Joanna Yeates in Britain, Christmas 2010. The press made it seem so clear and credible that, the landlord was 100% guilty. We all know how that turned out.  A tenant renting the apartment where the victim lived turned out to be a twisted, dangerous murderer.  The truth is that no-one knows what happened to Madeleine McCann.  She could be dead, – of course, it is hoped   that this is not the conclusion.  It could be a reality.  Obviously, there are various possible outcomes.  The bottom line is that we have no idea at all.  That fact is why I refuse to take part in a campaign of words which achieves nothing.  It is encouraging people to hate and is done by some who have never solved one missing person case, but delude themselves into believing they are the next Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot.  I personally will leave it to Scotland Yard and if it does not yield any results, the waiting game will continue indefinitely.  This will be an unsolved mystery just like all the other ones that these amateurs have not bothered about or solved either.

  5. It is a dangerous hobby that these angry people partake in daily.  The bottom line is that no- one knows what happened to this little girl or where she is.  Condemnation of the personalities and  failings of the parents have not found Madeleine.  It is not for me to say whether it is right or wrong to have spent so much money on the campaign to find her. 
    I just feel that the campaign to write with so much hatred and anger will not find Madeleine.  Four years later and the bloggers have not found her.  It is taking the experts in Scotland Yard  to try to achieve some progress. Whether they succeed is to be seen.  It may never be achieved or it may reach the wonderful result of finding Madeleine what happened to Madeleine.  Unsolved cases like this one cling to hope.  It is all that there is really.  I don’t want to partake in a campaign against anyone.  I have absolutely no expertise in detective work, crime solving, criminal profiling or missing persons cases.  The Goncalo Amaral and Pat Brown books about this case present their own opinions on this case.  Ms Brown herself has offered her support to the McCann’s and a judgment is required by the courts in relation to the Amaral case.  T hese individuals have not found Madeleine McCann either.  I await Scotland Yard’s report and if it yields no results, then I will accept that this case is unsolved just like so many other cases.  Amateurs do not take up these cases or solve them either.They rely on the experts who   are the only hope we have of a breakthrough.  Lets face it, this could be solved in years or we will have to wait for eternity to discover the truth.  A line from classic song written by the  irish singer-songwriter, Paul Brady  springs to mind.  ” There’s no use in asking.  The answer is nobody knows”.

  6. As the irish singer-songwriter Paul Brady wrote: “There’s no use in asking.  The answer is nobody knows”.  This quote could aptly describe the current status of the Madeleine McCann case.  All the bloggers have not succeeded in finding Madeleine.  Scotland Yard is on to it.  Personally, I believe that it should be left to the experts.    The truth could take years and years.  It may in fact never be solved.  There are many unsolved cases which are in the same position.  Will these amateurs on the forums solve them or do they actually care about them?  Not from what I have seen.

    It is a dangerous hobby to preach speeches of  condemnation about the McCann’s and attackingn those who do not wish to write about them with unkindness.  It is not for me to say whether it is right or wrong to have spent a large amount of money on the finding Madeleine process.  I think it is just sad to see some people  operate a campaign of hatred based solely on their lack of knowledge of solving crime and who have shown no interest in achieving justice in other unsolved crimes.

    The recent Joana Yeates murder case shows how wrong the press can be in informing the public.  The press made it clear and credible to the public that the landlord was 100% guilty.  The truth emerged and it was a very different result as we are all  of.  Not alone did the guilty man kill this poor woman but had a perverted and twisted mindset from the evidence of his online activities prior to this evil killing. 

    Everyone has a right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.  The Jaycee Dugard abductors were entitled to every legal aid to assist them in the justice process.  Despite it being so utterly obvious to everyone how guilty they were, the process went on slowly at the pace of a snail.   This missing child case was concluded after almost two decades of despair.  Hope is all that is there in the McCann case will achieve the desired result, a person who is alive and unharmed.  The alternative is a child who needs enormous support to repair a stolen life or a child who has lost her life. Truth is required in many cases and there are no voices shouting for these lost and forgotten souls.  Silence is golden.

  7. As the Irish singer-songwriter Paul Brady sings: – “There’s no use in asking. The answer is nobody knows”.  This is an apt description of the current status of the Madeleine McCann case.  It will take the experts in Scotland Yard to reach the truth.  Hopefully they will achieve their desire to solve this case final.ly.  The bloggers speak out against the McCann’s and use the title justice and truth for Madeleine as their cloak of disguise.  I don’t see any sign of any of these people searching for Madeleine.  They certainly have alot to say but for four years have not proven anything.  Spreading hatred is their intention and attacking those who refuse to utter words of unkindness against people who are strangers.  Amateur detectives with delusions of being the next Ms. Marple or Hercule Poirot.  The truth is that their posts are filled with condemnation of the tv appearances of the parents, and attacking everyone and everything associated with the McCann family. 
    If the truth is found one day, I just hope they will try to put some time into supporting other unsolved cases and perhaps, will be capable of solving them.  Some how though, I doubt it.

  8. I don’t believe the bloggers really care at all about Madeleine.  They believe she is dead,  The parents are responsible.  End of story. What  worries me about this, is that, they have not provided their followers with any evidence.  It is based solely on their opinions and is not based on any previous expertise in solving other unsolved cases.   They show no similiar passion or interest in taking up other cases to study and prove them.  Condemnation and hatred of the parents is all that is really evident.  Analysis is constant and those who do not utter words of unkindness are attacked.  That is not what the Madeleine’s case should have  become.  It is a sad case and an unsolved mystery. As the irish singer- songwriter Paul Brady sung:-  “There’s no use in asking.  The answer is nobody knows”.  He could be describing this very case.  I hope this case is solved in my life time and I hope that other unsolved tragedies are given the expertise and knowledge of those who really are capable of proving them.  Scotland Yard is using its very best resources to try and prove what really happened on May  3rd 2007 in Portugal.  I wish them the very best of luck and pray they solve this case. They may find the answers in time.  My faith is not really in the bloggers.  I don’t believe they have ever solved a mystery or ever will. 

  9. Totally agree with you Lydia about bloggers never solving anything.  All bloggers can do is repeat what is in the news and voice their opinions on it.  I have seen some blogs where bloggers have backed up their arguments with facts, including links to sources and facts. 

    But with regards to the Madeleine case, you are right it is opinions.  Nobody, other than Police, have seen the FULL files, so therefore they are not knowledgeable of the full facts in this case.

  10. Bloggers sometimes do take things out of context to give weight to their ideas.  It is a dangerous game to play and will not be of any help to Madeleine’s circumstances.
    What can appear as credible is perhaps a completely different situation in reality.  I have often seen a misquote from the parents and watched the actual  recording on youtube.  The conversation is not what it seemed in the bloggers own version of events.  I would like to illustrate this point with some quotations from the forum concerned but I do not wish to have these individuals interacting with me in their abusive manner.  I have experience of this in the past and it can be a time consuming battle where every sentence I write is picked on and dissected and torn to shreds. I wish not to have a repeat of the experience.  I also think there has been enough hate filled attacks already and don’t wish to attract the sharks to these waters. 

  11. I fully understand how you feel.  People refuse to argue the post and show evidence of where someone has either misquoted or got things wrong, instead they attack the person.  Perhaps because they attack the actual person and not the contents of the post proves that what is written is something they can’t dispute – no matter how hard they try.

    The only option left is to attack the person.

  12. Thanks for your patience with my posts Bren,  My repeated attempts are visible and I was just trying to correct them but unfortunately it appears that I am repeating myself instead. Sorry, I should really do a rough draft before I make too many versions of my replies.

  13. No worries Lydia, I tend to repeat myself quite a lot.  And your observations in this case are spot on.  To me is seems as if things are taken out of context, and in some cases words are altered to make an entire new meaning, in order to beat the parents of a missing child yet again.

    One classic example was Tony Bennett in how he changed something Clarence Mitchell said.  Clarence said, “The only assumption” when speaking about the abduction, into “Only an assumption”.  It totally altered what Clarence Mitchell had said.

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