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Gerry McCann and the Leveson Inquiry

Sometimes in real-life things need doing and therefore you can’t blog as often as you wish. I know some will think thank god for that, but to be truthful I don’t give one iota what people think. If I want to blog I will do. But what I refuse to do is play stupid games on twitter.

So whoever you are, don’t bother trying to make out you know me, because I know exactly who I speak to and what I say.

On another note, today Gerry McCann will speak at the Leveson Inquiry. If people seriously think that Lord Leveson will attack or intimidate Gerry McCann, all I can say is stop being deluded.

Gerry McCann happens to be the father of a missing child and he will be treated with respect and with compassion. He will speak of how the PJ leaking Kate’s diary has affected his wife and he will speak of the media intrusion.

Only recently pictures of children have been dissected on various forums and the children’s clothing has been jeered at.  In some people’s desire to attack the mother of a missing child they used her children in their vicious attack.  Didn’t they think for one minute that the uniform of that child may have been compulsory school uniform?  There are schools in my area, both private and public where the boys still wear short trousers.  All those attacks on that child’s attire did was to prove how low some people will go in their distaste for the McCanns.

And this stemmed from a press photograph which could have been amounted to nothing but press intrusion.

The majority of the public will continue to support the family and a handful of venonous people will continue to attack them.

Just one more thing, to my mystery tweeter, if you can’t distinguish between me attacking the comments someone makes and them personally, well I don’t think there is much to talk about really.  I don’t attack people on a personal level (that just serves no purpose and counters your argument) but I will attack the comments they make, if I can see errors, flaws and damn right nastiness in those comments.


One comment on “Gerry McCann and the Leveson Inquiry

  1. 16.54 The Leveson Inquiry has ended for the day – and for the week.

    It is due to resume on Monday at 10am.

    Stay with us this afternoon for more reports, analysis and reaction from today’s proceedings.

    David Sherborne stands up to assure Lord Justice Leveson that Hugh
    Grant would provide the tape as evidence if he was required to.

    Leveson insists that he wants to respect Grant’s wishes:

    Quote I’m not conducting a trial here; I’m trying to conduct an inquiry.

    Lord Justice Leveson says he wants to hear more about how Kate McCann’s
    diary got into the hands of the News of the World, and what “due
    diligence” went into that.

    We heard yesterday that Dr McCann felt
    “violated” when the tabloid published her private journal in the
    aftermath of her daughter Madeleine’s disappearance.

    He adds that the McMullan issue may be resolved by recalling the former News of the World journalist at a later stage.

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/ … -live.html

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