Polygraph – Yep the old lie detector test.

We have seen time and time again on twitter and forums, people crying that the McCanns did NOT take a lie detector test.

Well for a start lie detector tests are inadmissible in Court, plus the fact that they are unreliable as the person could be stressed or traumatised which could play heavily on the results.

Even Pat Brown’s attorney Anne Bremner tells us that the percentage of reliability of a lie detector test is roughly 61%.

I do wonder how this will be answered in certain quarters? Remember, Pat Brown relies heavily on the legal expertise of Anne Bremner in her so-called legal pursuit of the McCann family, all because they had her book removed from Amazon.

Well I think I would want a book removed from Amazon, especially if Amazon was being used to sell an e-book that is piggy-backing on something I wrote; and where the contents of the said book accuse my husband of bringing my missing child’s corpse through British Customs whilst returning to the UK from Portugal.

Wouldn’t you?

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