Meet the ex-housewife who stalks psycho killers

Pat Brown tells how she became one of world’s few female crime profilers

ANN CURRY, anchor:This morning, the story of how a housewife, the mother of three children, could become a criminal profile . Pat Brown in her latest book,

“The Profiler:My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths,” Pat Brown opens up about her case files.Thank you so much for joining us, Pat Brown . Good morning.

Ms. PAT BROWN (Author, “The Profiler”):Good morning, Ann.

CURRY:So tell us what happened, how this all worked. Because in 1990 here you are at home, you’ve got three kids, you’re trying to make ends meet.

Ms. BROWN:Right.

CURRY:You know, you’re a housewife.

Ms. BROWN:Exactly.

CURRY:How did this end up to be the beginning of the life you have now?

Ms. BROWN:It wasn’t the plan. I mean, I really had no clue that this was coming down the pike here. I had three children and I had a great life, I was a home-schooling mom and I did interpret at the hospital sign language, interpreting at nights, especially in the emergency room . And everything was going great, but I was in the profess of adopting my third child and they wouldn’t let anybody live in my house who didn’t have their fingerprints taken at the police station .


Ms. BROWN:And I used to have a lot of international students and they say — well, you know — and I ‘m not — I don’t really think I’m going to do that. So I didn’t have my rooms rented and that’s how we made money for me to stay at home.

CURRY:You had boarders.

Ms. BROWN:I had boarders in the house. And it was — always went well. And so one of my friends said, `Would you rent to this guy that I’m dating now? And I — he just started working at my place of employment,’ so I…

CURRY:And what happened is something happened in your town.

Ms. BROWN:Yeah. And he…

CURRY:A young woman was…

Ms. BROWN:…he seemed like a nice guy and he was personable. And he did get fingerprinted and he came back clean. But four weeks later, a woman was jogging at dusk on the path near my house and she was brutally murdered…


Ms. BROWN:…raped and murdered. And this man had just been at the other end of the path and my friend had just broken up with him and he was very upset and he walked that path from her house to my house.

CURRY:How did you know that?

Ms. BROWN:He told me. I actually asked him if he was on the path and he said, yes, he was. And he gave some bizarre explanation for why he left the path exactly at the point where this girl was murdered.

CURRY:So what made you all of a sudden become suspicious?

Ms. BROWN:Because he was really strange. I mean, within the four weeks he’d lived there I’m going, `There’s something wrong with this guy.’ He started telling us bizarre stories, he was lying all the time.

CURRY:You gathered information.

Ms. BROWN:Yeah.

CURRY:Like what kind of information?

Ms. BROWN:Well, eventually I got so concerned about this, I said, you know, I have to find if there’s anything in his, you know, that’s really kind of evidence, physical evidence. So when he went to work, I put on some gloves and I went into his room, which, by the way, was legal, some people say, `You can’t do that.’ Yes, you can legally when you rent in your own home. And I looked through everything in his room, I looked through his trash and I found that he’d thrown away his pants, brand-new pants, thrown away his shoes, brand-new — threw away his shirt that was all shredded like the briar bushes got hold of it, you know, when he was there.

CURRY:So you became suspicious and you went to the police.

Ms. BROWN:Oh, very suspicious. And I went to the police with this information and I said, you know, `I’m not saying he did this, I’m just saying he moved into town four weeks ago, he was walking that path, he has very bizarre behavior and here’s the information.’

CURRY:And this became for you kind of the launch point…

Ms. BROWN:Yeah.

CURRY:…into this life where you have become a profiler of major cases. People bring you in…

Ms. BROWN:Right. Right.

CURRY:..a lot of times the families themselves want someone to help them.

Ms. BROWN:And I understand what’s going on with these families because this is what happened to me. I really wasn’t planning to do anything but — `OK, here’s the information. Bye . See you .’ And then they didn’t even bring the man in for an interview. And I thought how could — how could you ignore this? So it took me six years and the case was reopened and the later investigator said, `How could they have ignored this?’ I’m like, `Yeah, but it’s been six years.’ So when — families are frustrated, I say to them, `Well, talk with the police department that you’re working with, and if they’re willing to have me come in, then I will come in.’ And that’s what I do, I go in…

CURRY:So this is an — this is an example of how you think the system is broken. I mean, you know…

Ms. BROWN:Yeah.

CURRY:…you — I know you talk about the BTK killer who sort of became notorious.

Ms. BROWN:Thirty-one years later he was caught. But in-between the time that he started and the 31 years he was caught how many women died?

CURRY:So what is the solution in terms of what you’ve seen, then, coming from where you’ve come to where you’ve gone now…

Ms. BROWN:Yeah. Well…

CURRY:....what is going to fix the system?

Ms. BROWN:Well, here’s my idea; what I’ve found is that we have very, very dedicated detectives and police officers , absolutely they’re working their butts off, they really are, but they have so many cases, they’re overwhelmed, they don’t get proper training a lot of times, they just go on the job and they’re just kind of winging it until maybe they get a week here and a week there. So what happens is they don’t have time to actually sit down, analyze these cases, do the crime scene analysis, profile them so that maybe they go in the right direction. So they’re sort of guess-working it and just trying to get information and then the case doesn’t get solved. Then they bring me in five years later and I profile it and they go, ` Wow , we didn’t see that.’ But now where’s the evidence?


Ms. BROWN:So I’m trying to get profilers in in the first 24 to 48 hours or do the training for the detectives so I’m expanding training for detectives so they can do their own work. And what’s what I hope, it’ll just solve more cases and less people will get killed.

CURRY:Pat Brown . On that note, Pat Brown on a mission.

Ms. BROWN:I am.

From MSNBC article

Where’s the evidence?
“I went to the police with this information, and I said, ‘I’m not saying he did this. I’m just saying he moved into town four weeks ago. He was walking that path. He has very bizarre behavior and here’s the information,’ ” Brown told Curry.

And the police did nothing. Although they had no suspects, they didn’t question Williams or check any of the evidence Brown had gathered.

“It took me six years and the case was reopened, and another investigator looked at it and said, ‘How could they have ignored this?’ ” Brown said.

Although Williams would be named a suspect, he was never prosecuted. The problem, Brown said, is common in cases she revisits. Frequently, years have passed since the crimes, and even if she is able to construct a description of the likely killer, there is no evidence left to link anyone to the crime.

As a result, she said, even when she identifies a suspect, there frequently is no conviction.

Sorry am I missing something here?  The Police solve cases and arrest people involved years down the line.  I think she has summed up her profiling up in that last paragraph.

As a result, she said, even when she identifies a suspect, there frequently is no conviction.

Could it simply be that she never gets it right?


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  1. I live in the US and Brown is considered a complete fraud here. Police forces laugh at her. She thinks she can do their jobs better than they can. I’m sick and tired of this woman. She’s a parasite and latches on to high-profile cases for her own sick agenda. She’s like a psychic and uses vague statements and profiling terminology to make it sound like she knows what she’s talking about. She has not once solved a case. She’s a pathetic excuse for a human being and I pray she gets hers and very soon. 

  2. Hiya, at the moment I am torturing myself by reading her profile book.  But something I have picked up on is this:

    In that interviews she said this:

    “It took me six years and the case was reopened, and another investigator looked at it and said, ‘How could they have ignored this?’ ”

    But in her profile book she said this:

    IN THE SPRING of 1996 I got the phone call that I had been waiting for for the last six years. WaltWilliams finally became the number one suspect in the murder of Anne Kelley.

    A new investigator had taken over the case, and he said, “Can you come in? I want to interview you about Walt Williams.

    “I said, “Thank God.”

    And then she kept pestering the Police to get the DNA results and was told they had excluded him, well apparently she carried on so much the detective told her to ‘go and get a life’.

  3. Not the right thread, but anyway. 

    Borrowing this bit of transcript (which either came from here or JATYK):

    “PAT BROWN So sometimes people bury people they’ve killed or had accidental deaths or whatever the reason is. The ones they don’t want to be investigated. They bury the child or the other person on their own property because, yeah, without a search warrant nobody’s walking on your property to find that person. Then you can say, “Look everywhere. Look everywhere in the world.” Because you don’t have to worry about her ever being found, least not the body being found.TRICIA GRIFFITH Okay. I, I don’t know. That just sounds really creepy and I… You’ve been to London through Heathrow and everything. If they did take the airport or an airline it would be hard because they have all of those, you know, animal dogs or food dogs there sniffing to see if there’s food and…PAT BROWN Do you know how much meat gets through? Thats one of the things I pointed out.TRICIA GRIFFITH I know its a big problem, a big problemPAT BROWN There was a big problem with huge quantities of meat going through the airport. They were smuggling meat straight through Heathrow.”

    Hmmm. There could be another slight problem with this theory. I haven’t actually checked whether any existed in the timeframe she suggests in 2007, but I’m not aware of any direct flights between Faro and Heathrow.  

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