Leveson Inquiry – Kate McCann’s Diary


GARNHAM The third suggested clarification, Sir, is this, and it is in fact me rather seeking a clarification from Mr. Sherborne. He mentioned a little while ago that Mr…, that the diary of Mrs. McCann had been obtained in some way or other from the police. That obviously caused us a little concern. I suspect its the Portuguese…

LEVESON I read that as the Portuguese police.

SHERBORNE I thought I had said actually it was the Portuguese police but if I didn’t make that clear, it was the Portuguese police.

GARNHAM I am grateful for that. That will enable…

LEVESON Yes well, as I recollect, and I don’t know whether I’m giving evidence of this from what I’ve read or from the statements or whether Mr. Sherborne said it. The diary was seized by the Portuguese police and I have a, just to make it clear, I have an understanding that the Portuguese authorities required it to be returned with no copies kept but that it some way it found it, its way to the…

GARNHAM I suspect that comes from the statement of Mr. McCann but it doesn’t matter as long as the position is dealt with.

From the McCannFiles


Order to destroy Diary from Judge


• Kate McCann felt ‘mentally raped’ when private diary printed


Who passed a copy of Kate’s Diary to CdeM?


Who passed a copy of Lee Rainbows Report (which is not included in the Police Files) to Goncalo Amaral’s lawyer?


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  1. I would have thought that both sets of  lawyers would have the Full process files.

    I suspect that Cabrita pulled that one for effect, even though that particular document remains under judicial secrecy – part of the information that the Brits applied to a judge not to be made public)

  2. Hi Samantha

    Interesting. Trying to think this through.

    – The Rainbow extract was/is, as you say, under judicial secrecy. And I presume that this legitimately fell under the categories so requested by the UK police authorities. 

    – However, it would seem that anything that GA would have known about during the 6 months he coordinated the case was considered fair game, irrespective of the decision taken upon the shelving to NOT make certain elements public (and as far as I am aware, this did not only concern UK police issues).

    – As far as I can see, the “Rainbow” extract was supposed to have been an ace-up-sleeve, but was, in fact, a total yawn. That said, I’m trying to think beyond this particular case.

    If the content of the following link* is correct, it would seem perfectly legitimate for the UK press to report court proceedings in any European jurisdiction. 

    However, how does this work if details of X case in Y jurisdiction are disseminated which could prejudice a future case in Z country? 

    Could Sans or Anna clarify?

    * http://www.millstream.dsl.pipex.com/law/libelcheck.shtml#privilege

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