John Twist or Round the Twist?

After reading this thread on JATYK Forum about e-mails going out by John Twist of the Madeleine Research Group, in which people think the person is actually Tony Bennett. In which case if it is, should he be called John Twist or Round the Twist?

Personally I would opt for the second one.  Anyone that is under a Court Order for posting libellous and defamatory comments and facing several other legal actions must be a flaming idiot to ignore the trouble they are in. If by thinking a reinvention of a persona will get them out of the crap, then I am of the opinion that the person is definitely round the twist.

But by all accounts it seems that Tony Bennett could now be going under the name of John Twist.

Well my question is, has John Twist been anywhere else posting?  Yes he has.


John Twist

john twist 1


john twist 2

john twist 3john twist 4


John Twist 5http://fakedabduction.com/2009/09/the-book/

John Twist 6


John Twist 7

And not forgetting this one, which I will not produce due to its libellous content but it can be read here.

Anyway answers on a postcard if you think it is Bennett and if you have any more examples.


3 comments on “John Twist or Round the Twist?

  1. Postcard answer: the content of the email on JATYK does sound like it was prepared by a certain person, but I have doubts that the comments by “John Twist” are by the same person.

    • I am not so sure, keeping comments brief and changing style slightly would suffice, it is when you go to write an article or an email that the game is given away.

  2. I don’t know but John Twist seems also possibly to be poster Houghgree2 and Houghgree3 on Youtube

    This is from a few months ago.


    And these two are from this week.


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