Pat Brown – Hypocrisy or Irony?

We have all witnessed her reactions because the McCanns through their lawyers got her over-sized pamphlet removed from Amazon.

And we all know why, because her theory, was NOT based on the Police Files, because when she spoke to Tricia Griffith of Websleuths (Full interview)

PAT BROWN  Yeah there was probably found something that was, err, DNA that would match Madeleine in the trunk and then the McCanns said something to the effect that, “Oh, we just err, we had the diapers of the children in the trunk, used diapers of the children in the trunk and…”

TRICIA GRIFFITH  But didn’t the DNA come back that it wasn’t, they couldn’t match it?

PAT BROWN  I believe it came out… Now, I’ll have to think about this because this is where some of the confusion comes in. This one I kept away from because it was such a confusion and I don’t know who to believe on this one, you know, at the moment. I’ll have to do a little bit of stronger study and see the paperwork myself.

TRICIA GRIFFITH  Now… I think its on line if I’m not mistaken. I believe the report is online. If… but I could be wrong.

Back on the 6th December 2010 Pat Brown did a Blog Radio Broadcast (Link to Full Interview), in which she said this:



And now I wanna talk about… I wanna talk about Ronni Chasen. Er, this has been a really fascinating case and its a really great case that shows you, erm, just how many possibilities there can be and how you can’t really make conclusions when you don’t have all of the information and all the details of the crime scene and the autopsy. And how many times, you know, even myself you know I’m asked on television and I was asked by CBS Early Show the first show I did on Ronni Chasen. What do you think happened type of thing? And could this person have done it? And, erm, you can only go on what you know and what has been released, you know, by the police to the media or whats been leaked or what the media has made up. Quite frankly because sometimes, you know, certain, certain media outlets do jump and say a bunch of crap that isn’t true. And that does happen. And more and more today we have more and more let me put quotes around the word “media” outlets, erm, that, er, are on the internet which are… which people working for them have no, er, bosses. They simply can write whatever they want in blog fashion. And I’ve seen some really egregious come rolling out which is not true at all. And then you find out too late that it was from an unreliable source.

Well is that irony, hypocrisy or could it be both?

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