Pat Brown Suing McCanns

What the hell is this woman on about now?  I have never heard the McCanns mention her name yet alone comment on her pamphlet.

So why does she thinks the McCanns have libelled her?

So we get to the crux of why Pat Brown got involved in the McCann case …. money.  If Pat Brown is planning on suing the McCanns for, as she put it, “tortious interference with business”, she was planning on making money on the back of a missing child.

She was planning on profit by spreading the fact that Madeleine McCann is dead and that the McCanns and their friends are responsible.

Jayelles did an excellent rebuttal of Pat Brown’s pamphlet, because that is what it is, an over-grown leaflet and undersized book.

And to-date as far as I know Pat Brown has never commented on this, I wonder why?

Oh it looks like she even has herself an Attorney called Anne Bremner

Surely not this Anne Bremner, the celebrity lawyer arrested on suspicion of drink driving, according to Seattle Pi

With a reputation as a TV legal analyst and high-profile litigator, Anne Bremner made a poor “Jane Doe.”

Nonetheless, Bremner — a Seattle attorney not known for shying away from the spotlight — was the not-so anonymous “Ms. Doe” to all concerned in a case filed on her behalf after seattlepi.com and a Seattle television station asked that authorities release records related to her June 4 arrest on suspicion of drunken driving.

Stopped in Kenmore after driving on three flat tires, Bremner was booked into the King County Jail. More than two months later, Kenmore prosecutors have yet to decide whether to charge the 52-year-old attorney.

Since her arrest, Bremner — sometimes under the “Doe” pseudonym — has argued through her attorneys that she was the victim of a hit-and-run crash after leaving a “dinner meeting” attended by prominent judges and lawyers.

And here is her 911 call about the incident:

And her heading towards the holding cell:

And of course the Incident Report(Anne Bremner Incident Report – 2012832826 (PDF))


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  1. Bren, Brown has acknowledged the rebuttal of her “profile”.  She said that anyone reading it should also read the “profile”.

    • Thanks Jayelles so she just acknowledged it existed and she did nothing to refute the facts as you laid them out.  Just guided people to her pamphlet and not even attempted to counter your rebuttal.

      Now that does speak volumes, she can’t dispute a thing you wrote.  

      Mind you I have found an interesting article it seems Corey Mitchell is not too happy with her either.  


      Mind you I do like the last two paragraphs.

      There is much more to this story, which will come out later this year. The bottom line is this: Pat Brown is not a real profiler. She is not who or what she says she is. It would be just wonderful if the mainstream media would actually look into her professional background instead of placating her with puff pieces about a pet potbellied pig named Gwendolyn.

      Pat Brown manufactured her professional background. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The networks know she is not the real deal. Nancy Grace, the Today Show, all of them, they all know she’s a fake but she’s good for rating and that’s all that matters. Just smile at the cameras and all will be good. After all, they figure that majority of the public tuning in is too stupid to catch on to the deception and the rest simply do not care. Which, unfortunately, may not be too far from the truth.

      I don’t know the background to what went on but reading between the lines it seems that she was questioning whether a rape victim was actually raped and whether it was just a publicity stunt.

  2. I suspect that this is another of Pat’s “jokes”.  She does seem rather fond of them.

  3. One of Pat’s latest “jokes” was posted just this Wednesday on her FB page: 


    – From the little I’ve watched of Anne Bremner, she seems competent at what she does. Is Anne aware that she’s allegedly defending her? She’s annembremner on Twitter if anyone cares to ask her.  

    – Where have the McCann’s even mentioned Pat, let alone libelled her?

    – Pat’s “book” appears to still be on sale:


    (For anyone considering buying it, you may also care to read the fact-based rebuttals: the links are at the bottom of this page.)

  4. Hello Jayelles. Congratulations on the rebuttal research by you and your team, by the way.

  5. And nobody can ever forget her sick tweet about baby Lisa

  6. She is pitiful she really is.  Profiler – don’t make me laugh.  Her takes on the Beltway Sniper, let alone the West Memphis 3 are unbelievable.    She is a money grabbing, attention seeking wh*re, nothing more, nothing less.   I see someone on another forum said she was miffed because Tony Bennett was getting all the limelight and she was being relegated to the back of the room.   As for suing the McCanns, what planet is the dozy excuse for a human being on?  Has anyone told Ann Bremner about her claim that she is representing her?  Tell me, where is she going to sue – the UK or the USA?   And why can no-one find a single example or link to where the McCanns have libelled her?    Graham

  7. I’m not quite sure what she’s trying to achieve: break into the European TV matinée show circuit?

  8. Just read this on Twitter: “Amaral cites scientific facts.”

    Such as?

  9. I’ve heard from a reliable source that Brown is lying. CR have no such lawsuit. Brown is making it all up in order to get the pitchforkers to hand over their money for her February jaunt to PT. 

    • If they fall for that and part with their cash and come a cropper they will only have themselves to blame.. and Pat Brown of course.

      If that turns out to be true and there is not litigation you can imagine the lynching she will get… 

    • But what is annoying me most is she is making money out of a missing child.  Why does she want to go to Portugal to search?  What can she do?  Absolutely nothing, just a bloody good way to get a European holiday.

      When I read about her asking people if a rape victim who had died was doing a publicity stunt over her ordeal, she churned my stomach.

      She is an ambulance chaser and that proved it.   

      And thank you for sharing that information and for your comment.

    • For clarification, do you mean that CR have not received a notification of such a lawsuit? 

  10. I read about this earlier on that awful FB page “Madeline McCann – Abduction is only an assumption”. The post placed by the pitchforkers reads as follows:

    “So pleased to see that Criminal Profiler – Pat Brown, is suing the McCanns for libel and tortious interference with business. #Freedom of Speech. Go Pat!!”

    So am I right in believing that ‘Freedom of Speech’ only applies to that group of haters?It does seem that the claim of suing the McCanns is either a ‘publicity stunt’ from Pat Brown’s Camp or just another prank coming from the childish pitchforkers.

    But like evryone else, I’m still trying to work out exactly where and when the McCanns have made any libellous remarks against Ms Brown?   

    • I am trying to find the same thing, the McCanns as far as I know have never mentioned her name yet alone say anything libellous.

      This is not about free speech at all.  This is defamation and libel and it definitely isn’t Pat Brown who is the victim.  If anything it should be the McCanns suing her.  She is the one that has accused them of a heinous crime.

  11. This is her blog page where she pitifully moans on about how hard done by she is:


  12. I remember this blog post she made


    and stated:

    When my daughter cooked our kittens by accident in the dryer, I cancelled Christmas.

    Now surely her daughter must have felt awful at what happened, so why cancel Christmas over it?  Why did she make the whole family suffer because of what her daughter did when it was supposed to be an accident?

    And I noticed it was our kittens, so were all the kittens in the dryer.  Surely you would notice that, wouldn’t you?

    Wonder how Pat Brown would feel if we psycho-analysed her daughter and came up with a theory about the kittens (plural)  being in the tumble dryer?  I doubt if she would like it, especially if we decided to sell it on Amazon.

  13. What would Freud make of Ms Brown? I think the old saying “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. I also see Mr. Bret is still howling on his blog about being used as a scapegoat by a tabloid publication. You really can’t make these people up!

    • He is so insignificant I had forgotten all about him having his little tantrums. Is it a competition between these three (Brown/Brett/Bennett) to see who can capture twitter and attention-seek  the most.

      He must fell quite dejected not being mentioned all week. ROFLMAO

  14. O understand there has been no mention as at late last night on Bremner’s blog about her representing Brown.  Oh, and I was reminded by a friend of brown  trying to but booze at 9am one morning and bleating about how she was refused the purchase.  Also, he said she admitted to liking a glass or two so he suggested maybe she was one over the eight when she tweeted this nonsense?  Graham

  15. Just had a look at my Stats and it seems I have a visitor from the search page of the Sun Newspaper and they are searching for Pat Brown suing the McCanns

    And lo and behold this blog and in particularly this post, is on the first page of the google results on the Sun Newspaper site.

  16. Words fail me… I am gobsmacked

  17. She stated not so long ago that she has never accused the McCanns of murder.  If that is the case why does she allow this on her blog?

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