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Fedrules writes on Missing Madeleine forum, the following after reading Kate McCann’s book (Screenshot).

I read Kate’s book recently as I found it in the cupboard of a house we rented in Sicily. I actually thought it was rather well written and was so convincing that I now wonder if Maddie really was taken from her bed. One thing I am sure of, is that Kate is devastated by the loss of her daughter. The part where she talks about a dream where she’s told that Madeleine is at school and she is finally able to hold her in her arms again, is so moving that I find it impossible to believe that Kate could have invented it.

Another part which troubled me was the fact that, according to Kate, there had been a number of cases in the area prior to Madeleine’s disappearance of men getting into bed with children who they abused. She also claims this person or persons targeted the children of British holiday makers.

I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. I would never have bought this book but, having read Amaral’s, I decided that, in the interest of fairness, I should also read Kate’s. I now feel that either Madeleine was abducted and that somebody planted cadaver scent and human blood before the arrival of the sniffer dogs in order to try and extract a confession from the McCanns or that only Gerry knows what happened.

I just felt Kate seemed so sincere in her writing and I actually feel really guilty and uneasy…

Naturally the onslaught has begun, with one member denying the attacks on British children. All I can say to that is why would Bill Henderson tell Kate McCann that if it was not true? Why was it in the files that Kate McCann read?  Why would Kate McCann take the risk of being caught out lying by saying such thing?

She wouldn’t, it is as simple as that.

Fedrules, just take the other step and read the files without blinkered eyes, read the forensic report, where it says the results are inconclusive.  Read the part where the blood found on the key fob actually belongs to Gerry McCann.

Then sit down and read Martin Grime report, where he tells you both dogs can alert to blood.  And read where he tells you outright that the dogs can detect cadaver scent from decomposing fluids from a living person.

Then read his summary where he says categorically that the only results that can be corroborated by forensic analysis are those of the CSI dog (Keela).  He states even though Eddie could have alerted to a cadaver scent as no human remains were found, then those markings are only suggestive.  Martin Grime says this:

My professional opinion as regards to the EVRD’s alert indications is that it is suggestive that this is ‘cadaver scent’ contaminant. This does not however suggest a motive or suspect as cross contamination could be as a result of a number of given scenarios and in any event no evidential or intelligence reliability can be made from these alerts unless they can be confirmed with corroborating evidence.

I see already people are hoping that your post was a wind-up and they are denying certain assaults took place. Yes it is hard and you are shell-shocked when the truth finally dawns on you.  But one thing I do know, no matter what people call me, I know I can sleep at night knowing that I am not hounding the family of a missing child.  I too, still feel guilty, Fedrules, like yourself.

But don’t be swayed by others, if you look at the facts, the facts will point to the truth and that truth being that the Madeleine McCann is a findable missing child, who could very well be alive and a child that needs finding.

And like you I felt Kate’s book was written with sincerity. I laughed with her and I cried with her and I felt her pain.  Only a mum knows the real bond between mother and baby.  And Kate not once shirked from her responsibility as a parent, she spoke of her guilt and her remorse.  And she spoke of how safe they felt on holiday and if they had known certain things, like the burglaries and the molestations and attempted molestations they would never have made that fateful decision, to dine at the Tapas bar and leave those children.

Her book tells you a truth, a truth that others do not want you to find out.

The majority of the whole summer of 2007, started to make sense.  Why Kate wrote about Murat in her diaries, and who was to blame for her remarks about him?  Yes, the PJ for feeding her information that Murat was responsible.

The cancelled trip to Huelva, cancelled because the PJ wanted to see them and do forensics.

The ‘informal meetings’  in August that were not recorded and which are not in the files.  The ‘informal meetings’ where the PJ cancelled the McCanns normal translator and quizzed them in a Police station without proper legal representation..  Now where are those interviews or informal chats as the PJ called them?

And why do certain people want to conceal the truth?  In whose interests do they not want the truth to emerge, because it can’t be in Madeleine’s interests, otherwise they wouldn’t keep proclaiming this child is dead without solid proof.

Ask yourself, Fedrules, other questions like, why would someone who had committed such a heinous crime, campaign to get the case reviewed?  Why would they appeal to the Police, the Government for assistance if they were responsible.  Wouldn’t they just fade away into the background and pray they never got caught?

People like myself, are not welcome on forums that are anti driven, we are not allowed to debate the case and highlight the failures by the PJ.  We are not permitted to join, because of the fear that others might start to see the truth for what it is.

And if we were allowed to join to debate, would it be a fair debate, a level playing field?… No way would it be equal because to debate with those of us who believe that Madeleine was taken on a fair basis means having to deal with those that abuse.

Your post, Fedrules, is brilliant and an honest assessment of Kate’s book and don’t let others make you feel guilty for wanting to know the truth and for thinking that the McCanns could have been telling the truth the whole time.

And this shouldn’t be about being Pro McCann or Anti McCann this should be about finding a missing child.


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  1. Excellent post Bren – as always!

    Thank you!


    • Thank you Annie and welcome.

      You see there are so many myths that are out there, and gradually day by day people see them as rumour, speculation and innuendo.  But some people still believe they are true.

      For instance take the birthday photos, for years I thought Kate and Gerry McCann were laughing and joking on Madeleine’s birthday.  For years I was under this false illusion that they did not care.

      Then I found the video of them walking out of the church, and I saw the real reason why they laughed, and it was due to balloons hitting Gerry.

      If my memory serves me correctly I think out of a 35 second piece of video they smiled and broke into a laugh for 6 seconds. It was a brief moment that was captured and portrayed by the media and bloggers as if the McCanns were happy on her Birthday and were laughing and joking around.

      They were not happy and you can see that clearly.

      Whatever the McCann family do they are damned, if they don’t ever break into a smile and laugh they will be accused of bringing up the twins in a sad environment and it will affect their emotional well-being.

      If they smile and laugh and try to be a normal family they will be accused of not caring.

      Nobody can expect someone to walk around in a permanent state of distress and I can remember something happening just after my Dad died and my mum and I couldn’t stop laughing for a moment.  Did it mean we loved my dad less?  Did it mean we didn’t care?  Was it disrespectful?  Of course not… that brief moment of joy and laughter was soon gone and we were back where we started, being grief stricken and back to the tears.

  2. Many thanks for sharing Bren.

    • Good Afternoon Davies, I do feel sorry for those that are wavering in their opinions and are now finding themselves in a position where they start questioning and voicing their questions.

      For them to do so, in an environment that is so geared up to one side of the argument, these people know for a fact that they will be abused, they will be accused of being a closet pro or they have been paid off. 

      When the truth is they just read the files without those blinkers and they are just finding the truth of what really did happen and what was really going on in Portugal.

      Now I don’t know where this all stemmed from but I found a post made by someone back in December 2007, in which it says “they have found out some  info about Jane Tanner and Russell O’Brien, and they don’t know how it got on the internet”.

      Now I had always thought this was released by the papers probably from PT, little did I realise it was probably some gossip from someone on the internet and not sourced properly.

      So it proves how easily internet rumours and myths can turn into facts.  And if people now are seeing through those rumours and gossip it is hardly surprising that they are beginning to question many other things.

  3. Well done, Fedrules, for having the intellectual honesty to take a step back and the courage to actually say so. I think I have already said the same to Bren, though perhaps not as directly. 😉

    People may, in the end, come back to their initial or long-held beliefs (whatever they may be), but at least there will have been an attempt to question assumptions and what had been assumed as “facts”. And unsourced media allegations certainly do nothing to clarify matters, even less blogs/forums discouraging any valid questions that do not follow the “party line”. 

    I do believe that being able to stand back and question assumptions, the subliminal influence of propaganda, the tendency towards group-think and the exaggerated importance of inconsequential details is important whatever the subject may be. 

    After all, if people hadn’t been able to do so, there would still be a large proportion of the world’s population continuing to deny the Holocaust, let alone the facts of other major issues that have been presented on a platter of disinformation since then.

    I do understand what this self-questioning process is like, as the same happened to me, but in the opposite direction. I originally assumed that the child had, indeed, been kidnapped, but then progressively started wondering what all the press “hints” were about, and at the time (back in the summer of 2007), I thought that I was perhaps being a bit naive. So I listened, but tried to fact-check, which was totally confusing back then.

    I tried to verify what I could, but still wondered if there might have been a smoking gun or an “ace up sleeve”.  So far, absolutely nothing indicates that either exist. I’ve come back to what I originally thought, but with a far greater understanding of the facts and context.

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