Am I Missing Something Here?

Well for the last couple of days, ribs have ached and tears of laughter have been shed at “sourcegate”. Yes Bennett’s source turns out to be someone who  probably is a wind-up merchant.  And a wind-up merchant that many of us saw back in 2009.  But no Bennett being Bennett thought his source was the real McCoy.

But once the laughter has subsided and the ribs start healing, you start to ask yourself serious questions.  Tony Bennett, for over two years has held onto information that could have had the potential to find a missing child. He withheld information from the investigating forces both in Portugal and the UK.

Someone approached him with what they called ‘so-called’ info, yet Tony Bennett did NOTHING, other than show his members and discuss it behind closed doors.  Him and his Foundation did absolutely nothing.  He did not phone the Police, he did not contact Leciestershire Police, because if he had he would have told the world about it.

For two years, he sat on information. Yes he sat on information until he saw fit, to compile a dossier and tell Scotland Yard that he has inside info via a source of his.  Now who else does this?

Oh yes, Goncalo Amaral, since he resigned from the PJ back in June 2008 he is constantly telling people, he has information that could re-open the case, he is constantly referring to the “ace up his sleeve”.

A man who insists that a child is dead, without the forensic evidence to back it up and without the body of that child ever being found.  An ex-detective who would rather write a child-off as dead than admit his theory could be wrong and there is every chance she could have been abducted and there is a chance she is still alive.

An ex-detective who allowed a catalogue of mistakes to happen in the investigation he was put in charge of and an ex-detective who himself has stood before a court and been found guilty of perjury and falsifying documents.

But both these men, do nothing.  They proclaim to have information and yet they fail to deliver to the people who could do something and find Madeleine – yes they fail to deliver information to the Police.

We are not talking about someone stealing a car radio, or a wallet, we are talking here about a missing child.  A three year old little girl who was taken from her bed and taken from her family. A little girl who is now 8 years old and needs to be found.

How can these two men, sit on information for 2-3 years without doing all they can to get this case solved and Madeleine reunited with her family?

To proclaim you have an ace up your sleeve, or an inside source and do nothing, is not caring for that child, it is classed as hindering the search for that child.

And hindering such an investigation, no matter how neatly and pretty these men try to wrap it up and justify their actions, is not acceptable to me, and nor should it be to you.

And more so. how can the law allow this? If these two men are sitting on information that could solve a missing child case and find a missing child, surely it can’t be right to withhold information, can it? How can it be legally acceptable for them to be allowed to sit on information for years without doing the right thing?  How can it be morally right?

Because if one piece of information that they proclaim to hold, finds that missing child, just think how many years these men have sat there, holding onto this information without doing nothing.  Just think of  how many years they have sat there and allowed this child to live in a vulnerable and precarious situation without doing anything.  Now that can’t be right, can it?

Just think if this was your child or grandchild out there who was missing would you accept two adult men sitting on information for years, that could have the potential to find your child or grandchild?

Am I missing something here, or are these two men just playing a game at the expense of a missing child?  If so I hope the law deals with both of them severely.

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