Jane Tanner & IFLG – Allegations by Bennett

Hold on, wait a minute something doesn’t seem right about the latest allegations Bennett and his cahoots are spinning.

Well here goes the story.  It starts this morning with this tweet:

https://twitter.com/#!/zampos/status/130946506537701376 (unfortunately tweet deleted)

If you follow the link, you get to a post of Tony Bennetts (screenshot)

In that post Bennett states the following:

The first is that the International Family Law Group worked closely with Jane Tanner in the first few days after Madeleine’s reported disappearance to compose and refine her statement about the man she claimed to have seen walking away from Apartment G5A carrying a child.

The second piece of information is that Jane Tanner’s statement had to go through four separate drafts before everyone was happy with it. These drafts reveal a number of significant variations from one draft statement to the next, including for example very different accounts of how close she was to the man she claimed to have seen when she ‘saw’ him.

It was reported that the International Family Law Group arrived in Praia da Luz on the 11th May 2007 as confirmed by the McCann Files

And their arrival was confirmed by the International Family Law Group on the 13th May 2007, according to McCann Files (PDF)

And Jane Tanner had already given her statements to the PJ on the 4th May 2007 and the 10th May 2007.

So what statements is Bennett on about?  Because it can’t be the statements given to the PJ because the Lawyers had not even arrived by the time Jane Tanner gave her statements.

Oops don’t say your source has given you duff info…. you blithering idiot Bennett


I do wonder if writ number 4 and 5 could land on Bennetts door step after this latest smear.


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  1. And here is the DN article 


    Advogados ingleses em Lagos

    Entretanto, soube o DN, dois advogados britânicos chegaram sexta-feira à tarde ao aldeamento The Ocean Club, e aí ficaram alojados, para aconselhar os pais de Madeleine neste processo. Uma situação que surge horas depois da última presença dos pais na PJ em Portimão, onde foram inquiridos, pela segunda vez, durante longas horas.

    Muito embora a PJ reitere que sobre os familiares e amigos de Madeleine “não recai qualquer tipo de suspeita”, a presença dos advogados não deixa de ser um dado curioso, numa altura em que se fala numa possível ida do casal ao Reino Unido. Segundo a PJ, não há qualquer obrigação legal que impeça a família e os amigos de saírem do País nesta fase do processo, uma vez que “ninguém foi constituído arguido”. Certo é que, segundo apurou o DN, as investigações vão agora ser aprofundadas em Inglaterra.

  2. He’s an idiot. If that’s the quality of the information provided by his ‘source’ he needs to ask her what sauce she’s been on for the last 4 years!!

    She would not even have been there, there was no ‘Team’ other than family in those first few days. So it’s all hearsay anyway. Or simply made up, which is much more likely.

    • Afternoon Guest, yes he is an idiot, but again he has tried to smear the reputation of IFLG by this.  

      He has got to be stopped and I hope the law and the courts somehow stop him.

      There is a missing child out there and she doesn’t need Bennett putting spanners in the works so that people write her off as dead.  There is no evidence whatsoever to say she is dead and until that is confirmed by authorities, Madeleine is a living, findable missing child

  3. Bennett you source is being Challenged.

    Your source on this instance has been totally and utterly debunked.

    Now you say this:

    Now, one thing I will say is that it is possible that the source might be mistaken as to precisely who assisted Jane Tanner with her recollections. It seems that Control Risks Group may have been involved. Or Leicestershire Police. Or others who may have had connections to one or other of the security services. All I will add to that is that (1) other information given to us confidentially by this source has been confirmed and we are fully satisfied that the source is authentic and (2) that the source has both first-hand knowledge of certain events and also second-hand knowledge. The information about who helped Jane Tanner with her statements is second-hand rather than first-hand.

    So now this information is second-hand gossip.  Oh come of it Bennett, who are you trying to kid.  You have dug a hole so deep for yourself on this occasion you are finding it very, very hard to get out of.

    So now it might not have been IFLG, it could be Leicester Police, or CRG, come on your source is wrong and you know it.  Stop this persistent smearing of people.

  4. The International Law Group were also involved in the Ward Of Court legalities.

    Here is their Address 


    And here is the judgement


    And I can’t see this group being involved in anything dodgy.

    Oh by the way, legal eagles do go through witness statements with their clients etc, and they do speak to witnesses about what they told the Police – nothing sinister whatsoever – Just you Bennett gain smearing totally innocent people.

  5. All these holes he keeps having to dig, he won’t have the strength for his mitigating pleas at his numerous court appearances.

    Don’t worry I can hire you this, if you want?

  6. This just goes from one extreme to another 

    So according to the files a Gill stayed in PDL from 2.5.07 to 11.5.07

    And because IFLG have a person working for them called Mandeep Gill, they are asking if it could be them, who is mentioned in the files.

    Gill is a popular name – Wiki says:

    Gill is a common surname for Punjabis of the Sikh faith. Gills are known to originate from the Malwa region of Punjab in northwestern India. Many have settled in North America, Europe, and Australia.

    Sorry but this is stupid reasoning being conducted on Jill Haverns forum now, all based on second hand gossip.

    It is obvious these are two different people.  

  7. Oh my god, this just gets funnier than ever, so the source a poster called Midas/Coco something/Darling or what ever name they decided to use for that day.  

    Oh my ribs ache with this…. stop the hilarity, and give my ribs a rest.. 

  8. Which statement is he (or his source) referring to?

  9. God knows CaranaC after he started to get rumbled he then posted he wasn’t going to say any more about his cource

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