The valuable block tool of twitter

Yes it comes in very handy, that little thing that blocks the idiots.  Honestly I have practically all the antis blocked now, especially @anotherviv, @RothleyPillow, @veniviedivici and @JillyCL.  If I want to engage in futile conversations with these people, I do so, as and when I see fit.

Other than that I don’t want to read their garbage.  Garbage based on supposition, innuendo and spin from Team Amaral.  I know for a fact there is NO evidence to support the wild claims that Kate and Gerry McCann along with their friends were involved in the disappearance of Madeleine.

Claims these people keep making day in and day out, even when the truth is pointed out to them.

Even a respected journo, Keir Simmons got to the point of blocking these people, as he wrote in his blog piece called, “How long must Kate and Gerry McCann suffer?”  He wrote:

So I find myself considering cutting these people off, ‘blocking’ them in the terminology of Twitter. Is that the right thing to do? I think it might be.

After this article they will send me abuse and vitriol over the web. I can deal with that of course. But why should two parents who have suffered so much continue to have this groundless campaign against them? Those involved claim they believe in ‘truth’ yet ignore any evidence that doesn’t fit their conspiracy theory. They claim to love children, yet ignore the effect their ‘campaign’ might have on Kate and Gerry McCann’s twins as they grow up and begin to comprehend such things.

I worry that by allowing them to communicate with me, by effectively engaging with them, I am encouraging them. Perhaps it’s time for me in my own small way to say ‘stop’, I’d like to know what you think. Please send me your views on Twitter (ironically) or Facebook.

All due to the continual harassment he received from these anti-McCann people .  And he was right, by communicating with them you are encouraging them.  And there does come a time when you have to say “Stop”.

But it seems that Keir Simmons is not the only ones doing the blocking over the McCann case, so are Leicestershire Police.

Doesn’t that tell these people, something?  Of course it does, they are not truthseekers, they are infact individuals who even Leicestershire Police can’t be arsed to communicate with.

Blocked by Journos, blocked by a Police Force and they still can’t get the message.  Will it shut them up once and for all?

No of course not, it will just add to the conspiracy theory, the police are blocking because of their protection towards the McCanns, whereas the real truth is Leicestershire Police just can’t be arsed to communicate with them and want nothing to do with their theories and their witch-hunt.

As Keir Simmons so eloquently put it:

After this article they will send me abuse and vitriol over the web. I can deal with that of course.

But nothing they say or do will stop me from LMAO at the Police blocking them today.

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