Just Imagine

There you are, a victim of a crime and the police don’t believe a word you say. How awful that must be, don’t you agree?

You know you are speaking the truth, but the Police are not listening and don’t want to know the truth.  There you are in this nightmare of a situation where you don’t know which way to turn.

But just imagine, also, that you needed the Police to realise you were telling the truth because at the heart of this situation you find yourself in, is your missing child.  Hard isn’t it?

You desperately want your child found and your heart is breaking.  But deep down, you know that  if the Police are too busy concentrating on you and accusing you of harming your child, they are not really looking for the person who took your child.

What can you do? The only thing you can do is get lawyered up.  Get a lawyer to be with you at interviews with the Police.  Get a lawyer to represent you and he will know far more about your rights than you do.

It seems Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have had to do exactly that.  And now they are at a situation where the Police want to talk and the lawyers want conditions to those talks.

Yes, and only a fool would go against their lawyers advice.

Today I was reading an article in Kansas City Star with regards to the Police, the parents of Baby Lisa and the talks the Police want to have with the parents.

One defence lawyer the paper has spoken to, with regards to the  Police and interviews with people they represent, says:

Just the thought of putting his clients in a room with police officers makes defense lawyer John Picerno nervous.

“My own view is that my clients should never talk to police,” Picerno said Tuesday. “I tell them, ‘The prisons are full of people who talked to the police. The police are going to do what they are going to do, with or without your cooperation and your statement.’ ”

Still, defense lawyers and former investigators said that ongoing negotiations between police and attorneys for the parents of a missing 11-month-old girl over the conditions for more interviews are a routine part of the system.

Another lawyer the paper spoke to said this:

Defense lawyer Pat Peters said that investigators could consider granting the couple so-called “use” immunity in future interviews. Under such immunity, the subject could not be prosecuted for anything she said during the session unless the investigators could support the charges with information “derived from a legitimate source wholly independent of” what she said during the interview, according to a 1972 Supreme Court ruling.

Without some kind of assurances, Peters said he’d be reluctant to advise Bradley and Irwin to speak with investigators again.

“You want to make sure it’s geared to finding your missing daughter and not so that you can be lambasted again,” Peters said.

Yes the Police do have a job to do, and they need the co-operation of the parents, but the moment they start accusing you of harming your child and you know that is not true, that is the moment that you lose faith in the system.  That is the moment when you feel that all the police want to do is close the case, find someone to blame without finding your child.

Mind you I did have to laugh about the piece at the end of the article about the tips that the Police had received, it stated:

So far, investigators have received 976 tips and cleared 793 of them. The rate of tips coming in has started to slow, Kansas City police said. Many calls now are from psychics or people offering suggestions for how police should conduct their investigation.

Now who the hell does that remind you of?  Yes the research groups that waste police time and try to tell Scotland Yard how to conduct their review into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Yes the same group that send their wild theories – of cloning, masonic brother-hood cover-ups all assisted by every Government minister since May 2007 until present day and not forgetting she never really went on holiday in the first place..and they used a substituted child – to Scotland Yard and expect them to take them serious.

Only problem is, recently their so-called research accused an entirely innocent person of heinous crimes and it was put down as a “Bad Mistake” by their leader Tony Bennett.


Research is only as good as the researcher.  The moment they admit to not checking their facts out before going to print, is the moment they bring every other piece of research they did into disrepute.

How can anybody trust what they have written before? All the articles they claim to have written before could now be littered with content that has not has not been thoroughly researched.

A simple error people will accept, but to base an entire document of research and have the wrong person involved altogether, invalidates every other piece of research this person has been involved in, in my opinion.

Mind you I suppose Scotland Yard, if they do ever get 5 minutes spare, can read these theories and have a giggle at how flawed and inept they are.  I would love to be a fly on the wall though when they are reading them… I bet the whole review team are in fits of laughter and their chuckles echo through the building.

Front desk must now know that when they hear these rumbles of laughter not to panic and it is only the boys in blue reading another crazed internet theory based on gut-instinct and no evidence.  Of course we must not forget the sources these crazed theories have, yes the friends of a friend whose hairdresser knew the mother of the girl that lived next door to them back in the year dot who knew someone down the local chippie who had a cousin, who said it happened that way.

Kansas City Police hasn’t seen anything yet when it comes to internet fruitloops and their crazed theories.  The only added advantage these coppers have over Scotland Yard is that they are not that easy to get to, in order for someone to pose outside for a photo-shoot with their crumpled paper research based on a list of people who are helping the family of a missing child.  And not forgetting  at least two of the people named on that list are taking legal action against the person standing there.

All I can say, is Kansas City Police had better hope he doesn’t collect air-miles.


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  1. Same old same old every time a child goes missing.  Who needs Evidence?  Some are guilty and some are not, but who cares.  Tear the parents to shreds anyway.  They can always apologise.  Except that so few of them ever do.

  2. Afternoon Sabot, it is always the way, people say I would say this and I would do this, but they are not being accused and not facing a lengthy time behind bars when they say it.

    It is a totally different ball game when it becomes reality and people are faced with a police force that is accusing them of something they know for a fact they did not do.

    We can all sit here and say I would do this and I would do that… yes as my mum says, “You say that until the time comes.” 

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