Freedom of Information Request – You mean witch-hunt

Here we go again, certain people have got the hatchets and the voodoo dolls out yet again in order to continue their witch-hunt towards the parents of a missing child.

What is wrong with these people?  I really can’t understand why they keep bothering to try to rake up dirt that is not even there.  They accuse and abuse and still fail to grasp the basic concept that the Portuguese Police and the UK Police do NOT suspect the McCanns or their friends of being involved in or of playing any part, whatsoever, in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

They have now uncovered these two PDF Documents, 0001 00221411 Resp 13MADELINE MCCANN REQUESTS 01.DOC and0002 00221411 Resp 14RESPONSE.DOC.

And again Leicester Police are in the firing line because of one of their answer to one of their questions, mind you I think that it is the only comment they made, the rest were answered by the words, Response – No Information Provided in other words, mind your own flaming business and  go forth and multiply.


1/ Do the Leicestershire police agree with the McCann website that a man seen by a Mrs. G. Cooper probably abducted Madeleine?

2/ Is there any information that any particular man was “Madeleines probable abductor?”

3/ If so, why has this information never been released to the public?

4/ If not, how can they be helping the search for Madeleine by referring the public to a dishonest website that makes that claim?

5/ Are the Leicestershire police going to continue to aid a deception or are they either going to remove the website link or insist the McCanns remove the false statement?

Response – No information provided except for the following statement

A number of law enforcement agencies, including Leicestershire Constabulary, have a link to the ‘Find Madeleine’ website. Whilst we encourage anyone with information about Madeleine’s whereabouts to contact the Portuguese police or their local police, we recognise the fact that some people may not feel comfortable in doing so. This link provides them with an alternative means of passing information.

We are unable to provide the information that you request concerning the number of complaints regarding the website link.

What must be borne in mind is that at the heart of this tragic case is an innocent little girl who went missing in May 2007. Our focus has, and will always be, to do everything we can to assist our Portuguese colleagues who lead the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance. I would hope that you will support us in this.

And notice the first few words, “A number of law enforcement agencies, including Leicestershire Constabulary…”, doesn’t that tell you something?

Of course it does, but not what people want to hear.  What it tells you is that the Law Enforcement agencies in Portugal, United Kingdom and other agencies, know for a fact that the McCanns are not involved in what happened to their daughter and therefore they feel that finding Madeleine is the most important thing going.

It also tells me that for these Law Enforcement agencies to have the link to the “Find Madeleine” site, proves that there is total co-operation between the McCanns, their detectives and the Police.  The Police, want to find Madeleine first and they are confident that the McCanns and their detectives will provide all the information they need to make the apprehension of culprits possible and to find Madeleine.

The only person that keeps going on about this, is Goncalo Amaral and his book, that keeps saying the McCanns “did it”.  Everyone else, understands what the truth is and they understand that the main priority should be in finding Madeleine McCann.

God even the Germans did their homework and ascertained what the Portuguese Police thought of Goncalo and his theories.  Remember this from the Stern interview as shown in this post called Poetic Justice.

I am sorry but I am fed up with my taxes being spent on having to employ people to answer these mundane Freedom of Information Requests, specifically when it is obvious to the glaring public that they are being asked these questions, due to a witch-hunt being orchestrated against the parents of a missing child.

Rant over.

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