The Shadows Over Madeleine’s Parents

What Kate McCann’s Secret Diary Does Not Tell
By Aníbal Malvar 24/10/2011 (06:00h)

Kate McCann has been in Madrid this week to present the book “Madeleine”, based upon her diaries and in which she exhaustively describes the police and personal efforts to recover her daughter. On 3rd May 2007, Maddie McCann aged four, disappeared whilst sleeping with her twin siblings in a chalet in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve. Since then, nothing has been heard about the girl.

The police had asked Kate McCann to try to reconstruct in detail and in writing all her activities, meetings, conversations, phone calls and visits, during the days previous to Madeleine’s disappearance. Including the tiniest or most trivial detail. They assured her that this memory exercise would help the investigators follow the leads that might have appeared to her as having gone unnoticed. Kate McCann was used, since her teenage years, to take up her exercise book every day and write some impressions and details of her life. In other words, she kept a diary. However, this was not told to the Portuguese police. She waited for the arrival of the British intelligence service to deliver this more intimate diary. When the existence of this book came to light, the Portuguese police requested a copy from the British. It was denied. A gesture that muddied even further the already tense relations between the Portuguese and British investigators who were collaborating in the search for the girl.

Gonçalo Amaral had spent six years heading the Portimão Criminal Investigation Department when he was put in charge of the investigation. A few days before being taken off the case “due to political pressure” according to his own words, Amaral phoned me early in the morning in my Portimão hotel. It was the 12th September 2007 and until then, the Portuguese officer had avoided any contact with the press: “Justice is done in silence”, he quoted Saint José to kindly evade any requests for interviews. The meeting took place in a Brazilian owned cafeteria in Olhão. A dull and over lit place that would remain open until dawn.

Amaral, who had charged the McCanns five days previously, arrived late, unshaven, his suit wrinkled and with deep shadows under his eyes. He said he had not slept for days. His shabby appearance was one of the most recurrent arms used by the British press to discredit him. In the UK defending the innocence of the McCann couple had become a question of patriotism, the tabloids had gone to the lengths of qualifying the Portuguese officer as a dipsomaniac, a bumpkin and even as suspected of being involved in a paedophile network. They did not pay any attention to Amaral who continued to insist on the theory that Madeleine had suffered a domestic accident and that the parents had disposed of her body to avoid scandal: according to Amaral’s suspicions, the autopsy would have revealed that the McCanns had been sedating their hyperactive daughter and that they had exceeded the dosage. Gerry McCann, a doctor by profession, was at the point of being named for an important position in the British health service when the girl disappeared. A well-connected man with influence at the highest levels.

Although the Portuguese police had not had access to Kate McCann’s diaries, Amaral knew of part of their content due to press leaks. According to these leaks, Kate admitted in her writings that Maddie’s hyperactivity would on occasions, rile her. In any case, Amaral also doubted the veracity of what Kate had written, suggesting that the version of the diary delivered to the British several weeks after the disappearance would have been later manipulated to hide evidence: “If you take this book and write now that it is the 12th September and your impressions…, is that a diary or fiction?”.

The line of investigation opened by Amaral and so dismissed by the British, is just a question of method: “Almost 90% of all missing children cases are the parents’ responsibility”, he says, referring to police statistics. But, in this case, there were more elements of suspicion.

Firstly, the McCanns did not call the police immediately after the disappearance. They first organised, together with the friends they were dining with that night, search patrols around the resort. When they finally called the Portuguese police, the McCann apartment had been infested by amateur investigators contaminating the scene of the events and making it difficult to obtain “clean” evidence. An unreasonable attitude from educated and affluent persons. Any parent having the financial resources the McCanns had would have immediately considered the possibility of a kidnapping with economic motives.

Furthermore, the media circus organised by the McCanns, implied to Amaral the immediate “condemning to death” of the girl in the case that this was an abduction by a paedophile network. The McCanns had clearly disregarded the recommendations for discretion made to them by the Portuguese police.

After having been removed from the case, a few days after our interview, Gonçalo Amaral requested early retirement and left behind 28 years of his profession in order to write the book “Maddie. The Truth of the Lie”. In a few days more than 120.000 copies were sold. In the book, Amaral claims that Gerry McCann hid his daughter on the beach and, later, with the help of accomplices, froze her body and disposed of it. Traces of blood appeared in the apartment and car boot of the McCanns, but the police did not consider that there was conclusive proof to accuse the parents. Before the book “Truth of the Lie” was printed, PJ inspector Paulo Pereira Cristóvao had already written “The Star of Madeleine”, a book in which he relates the investigation and maintains theories very similar to those defended by Amaral. This book also had successful sales.

Now Kate McCann has just presented her book “Madeleine” in Madrid with the aim of raising funds to continue searching for her daughter. Both the Portuguese and British police have abandoned the investigation. The McCanns however, have insisted during these four years, contracting detectives who have followed false leads even to India and offering a two million pound reward to anyone who provides true information leading to Madeleine’s whereabouts. Kate McCann’s book has also been distributed in the UK and Portugal. Although “Madeleine” is partly based on them, it does not include the diaries that were so zealously denied by the British police to Gonçalo Amaral, whom, no longer a member of the police, continues to request publicly the re-opening of the case whenever he has the opportunity.

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  1. When they finally called the Portuguese police, the McCann apartment had been infested by amateur investigators contaminating the scene of the events and making it difficult to obtain “clean” evidence.

    Excuse me but the Crime Scene report done on the 4th May 2007 stated this


    Photos 21 to 23: Displays of the the bedroom with two single beds of the target apartment. 

    Then began the detailed observation of the apartment interior ending with the search and recovery of forensic trace material relevant to the present examination.
    Initially the search began for latent shoe-prints it being verified that dozens existed on the floor, in the various rooms of the apartment, which invalidated the attempt of identifying those of the perpetrator. Also, innumerable tracks [footprints] that were taken to be canine in origin mixed with red- and white-coloured chemical products, as used to see fingerprints, and an enormous quantity of hairs probably of animal (dog) origin that made it difficult to find possible traces, especially in the bedroom of two single beds and two children’s cots from where the minor disappeared, and next to the aluminium window/door leading from inside the living room to the exterior area behind the apartment.

    Foot prints could not be lifted due to canine paw prints and hairs probably dog hairs… come on that is a Police blunder, unless GA is going to accuse the McCanns of adopting every stray dog in Portugal in order to contaminate the crime scene.

    And there was the co-ordinator of the invesigation, in an all-night bar repeating all and sundry to the Press… think that is definitely confirmation of where the leaks came from.

    Bloody disgraceful behaviour and no wonder the case was shelved…. All forensics were lost and a Police force was chasing a theory that was too ridiculous to even contemplate.

    Bury her on the beach, then retrieve her and then freeze this poor child. Please could people tell me how you bury a body on the beach without holiday makers either noticing or digging it up when making sandcastles?

    He had a theory, the parents did it, and he was twisting the evidence to fit his theory. And another thing, did he know in September 2007 that he would be sacked if found guilty of any crimes relating to the Cipriano case? Because if he did know that fact, writing a book and retiring with partial pension was far better than being sacked.

  2. McCanns facing fresh slurs from Portuguese press over Kate’s diariesOn the diary issue, the above author states: “Although “Madeleine” is partly based on them, it does not include the diaries that were so zealously denied by the British police to Gonçalo Amaral, whom, no longer a member of the police, continues to request publicly the re-opening of the case whenever he has the opportunity.”If that were so, how did certain selected extracts apparently get leaked to the Portuguese press mid-September?Last updated at 20:48 13 September 2007Comments (0)Add to My StoriesPortuguese newspapers are claiming to have seen Kate McCann’s diary and have published what they say are extracts.Kate is alleged to have moaned about her missing daughter in her diary and the lack of help she gets from her husband with domestic chores and bringing up their three kids.Portuguese tabloid Correio da Manha headlined its front page today: “Kate insults her children in her diary.” It claimed on an inside page: “She complains frequently that her children are ‘hysterical’ and speaks of Madeleine as a child whose excess activity exhausts her.”She tells also how Gerry doesn’t help her with the family chores and that she has to cope alone with her two youngest children.”scroll down for more Portuguese newspapers are claiming Kate McCann, pictured with daughter Amelle, moaned about Madeleine in her diaryRead more… 
    Scoial services visit Kate McCann to disccuss welfare of the twinsMadeleine died ‘after large sleeping pill overdose’Publico, a daily newspaper with a more serious reputation, also claimed Kate’s worries about her children’s behaviour and her difficulties disciplining them were contained in the diary.Police are said to have made photocopies public prosecutors have already handed over to an investigating judge.Thirty-eight-year-old Pedro dos Anjos Frios, the judge set to decide whether the McCanns should be prosecuted, has been asked to admit them as evidence so an eventual case against the couple does not fall down on a technicality.Kate McCann’s sister-in-law has described moves by the Portuguese authorities to examine Kate McCann’s private diary are “just another way to stick the knife in”.Kate was frequently seen writing her journal in private moments after Madeleine went missing from the family’s holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz 133 days ago.scroll down for more Philomena McCann, Gerry’s sister, said she advised her sister-in-law to keep the diary to show Madeleine how much they loved herPhilomena McCann, Gerry’s sister, said she advised her sister-in-law to keep the diary to show Madeleine how much they loved her.She said: “I asked Kate to keep this journal because at first the Portuguese police were doing very little.”A lot of the things that happened were only because of the family contacting the media.”So I said to Kate that it would be a good idea if someone wrote down, for Madeleine, notes on everything that was happening, because we have to prove to Madeleine how much we looked for her and how much we love her.”That wee girl will be thinking, ‘They’re not looking for me. My mummy, daddy and my aunties – they don’t love me because they can’t find me’.”I was just thinking about how insecure Madeleine would be, so Kate has been keeping that journal faithfully every day.”She’s been writing down everything that we’ve been doing so we can prove to Madeleine that we have worked so hard to try and find her, that we’ve put our lives on hold to search for her and show our love for her is unending.”Ms McCann questioned why the Portuguese authorities wanted the diary now, saying: “God knows what they are expecting to find.”And why didn’t they ask for it before? It’s just another way to stick the knife in.”Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-481645/McCanns-facing-fresh-slurs-Portuguese-press-Kates-diaries.html#ixzz1bnP16Xci

  3. Process Vol XVII

    Page 4488

    Conclusion 26-06-2008

    (Presents invoice)

    The photocopies of the “diary” do not contain any material of interest to the ongoing investigation, but relate to the personal and inviolable personal experiences of any person.

    Accordingly I order the diary’s respective destruction.



    Pedro Frias

    Criminal Instruction Judge

  4. On the diary issue, the above author states: “Although “Madeleine” is partly based on them, it does not include the diaries that were so zealously denied by the British police to Gonçalo Amaral, whom, no longer a member of the police, continues to request publicly the re-opening of the case whenever he has the opportunity.”

    If that were so, how did certain selected extracts apparently get leaked to the Portuguese press mid-September?
    Too complicated to repost the whole article…

    McCanns facing fresh slurs from Portuguese press over Kate’s diaries
    Last updated at 20:48 13 September 2007

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-481645/McCanns-facing-fresh-slurs-Portuguese-press-Kates-diaries.html#ixzz1bnTcr7f5 

  5. It was the 12th September 2007 and until then, the Portuguese officer had avoided any contact with the press: “Justice is done in silence”, he quoted Saint José to kindly evade any requests for interviews.

    My god the dates have just fallen into place, this was way before he made that fateful comment to a journalist that lost him his job.  He did that on the 1st October according to his book.


    In the evening, while driving, I receive an unidentified phone call, the last straw…A journalist asks me if I want to comment on the subject of the email. Whether due to the difficult day, the raging storm or the fact of driving through rain…I lose my cool. I reply, irritably, without thinking, that the message is of no interest and that it would be better for the English police to occupy themselves with the Portuguese investigation. Even as I am hanging up, I realise that I have not only made a blunder, but I have been unfair towards the majority of the British police who have helped us throughout these difficult months. I drive on, certain that I have triggered a diplomatic incident with predictable consequences: as soon as these simple words are made public, I risk not being able to continue to direct the Portimão Department of Criminal Investigation.

    So he wasn’t even kicked off the case, he was still Co-Ordinator yet because the McCanns are back home and not in some Portuguese jail because of his theory he decides to have an all night meeting with journalists.

    No wonder he was removed.  I bet by the time he lost his cool with the journalist on the 1st October and was criticising the British Police he was not flavour of the month.

  6. Picking up on that Daily Mail article Carana, it states this:

    Portuguese tabloid Correio da Manha headlined its front page today: “Kate insults her children in her diary.” It claimed on an inside page: “She complains frequently that her children are ‘hysterical’ and speaks of Madeleine as a child whose excess activity exhausts her.

    “She tells also how Gerry doesn’t help her with the family chores and that she has to cope alone with her two youngest children.”

    Please could someone show me a mother who has not complained at times that she is exhausted and they kids are playing up and the old man does nothing but sit there, expecting to be waited on hand and foot.

    My god I have in my time, said the same bloody things, even to the point of “I don’t know how I kept my hands off him today”, when the little-one had one of his whiny days and was forever doing things he had been told time and time again not to do.

    All mothers get to the point of despair sometimes and then the old man comes in sits in the chair and expects his dinner.  That is part of life, we all have days, sometimes weeks like that but it doesn’t make us guilty of harming our children.  Just makes us human and not some super-bionic-robotic-emotionless mum.

    • Very true Bren, and appears the Pt Judge felt the same  -“but relate to the personal and inviolable personal experiences of any person.”

  7. I have to laugh at this from MM:

    tanszi Today at 12:11 pm

    who was the source of the information, who gave this briefing to the spanish press, perhaps theyre referring to the research grant.

    Ummm it was Amaral himself, my dear.

    A few days before being taken off the case “due to political pressure” according to his own words, Amaral phoned me early in the morning in my Portimão hotel. It was the 12th September 2007 and until then, the Portuguese officer had avoided any contact with the press: “Justice is done in silence”, he quoted Saint José to kindly evade any requests for interviews. The meeting took place in a Brazilian owned cafeteria in Olhão. A dull and over lit place that would remain open until dawn.

    There is your source, Goncalo Amaral

  8. Guess what? It gets more complicated. LOL 
    I didn’t remember this journo… until:According to Wiki

    ↑ O artigo “Un confuso año sin Madeleine” foi duramente criticado no Diário de Noticias por conter informacións falsas.

    Hmmm, so I found the DdeN article (April 2008) *  that was criticising a different article of his in El Mundo in which he describes an interview with GA. He supports GA and knew he’d retired, etc. The only problem is he refers to the various PJ people using the (barely veiled) “ficticious” names used by Cristovão in his Maddie book. The journo admits it, but states that the characters are based on real people. * http://www.dn.pt/inicio/interior.aspx?content_id=998703So, even though he supports GA, it’s not entirely clear whether they actually met up or whether the guy was piecing various bits together to create a new article. 

  9. So the burning question is did Goncalo Amaral turn up at the tavern looking like the wreck of the Hesperus or not?

    Don’t say this dishevelled character sitting in some all night bar  is a figment of his pen.  My god why can’t anyone be forthright in this case.

    • Hard to tell. Presumably, he’s not referring to the same evening in the two articles, either.  
      Maybe alleging that he’d described Kate as “an actress, cold and smart” wasn’t quite the right tone at the time? 

      The critical Diario article was in April 2008… The El Mundo one to which the Diario was referring seems to be this one (27 April 2008 according to mccannfiles)

      • Seems he wrote the same sort of thing claiming to have meet Amaral back in September 2007 according to Joana’s Blog.  I have posted the links below.

  10. In April 2008,
    this blog exposed in an article titled: ” El Mundo Article: Lies and
    Plagiarism”, how the journalist
    Aníbal Malvar wrote a piece copying parts and citing quotes of fictional
    characters of the book “The Star
    of Madeleine” written by former Judiciary inspector and author Paulo Pereira

    In fact, in his article, Malvar included a description of a meeting with former
    inspector Gonçalo Amaral, something that was dismissed by Paulo Santos, Amaral’s
    lawyer: “Those statements
    are a complete lie. Gonçalo Amaral never told the journalist anything.” The
    Spanish journalist even tried afterwards to justify the use of two inspectors
    who did not exist: “The article is a literary one and has several sarcasms and
    it’s perhaps because of that that it was misunderstood”.

    As someone
    said, “stupidity is not a crime”, but whose stupidity, we ask, the
    foolishness of Malvar or the imprudence of the Editors of the El Mundo




    • Ahh, now this relates to something that happened back in 2008. I found the link on Joana’s blog


      Which relates to this article he wrote back in September 2007


      It is no longer necessary to maintain that anonymity. Gonçalo Amaral met with the journalist in an uncouth bar in Olhao, 80 kilometres from Portimao. His appearance agrees with that of which he is accused by the British lettuce-eaters: undoubtedly he has slept in the suit in the past three days; he hasn’t shaved; as he has a reputation as a drinker, the journalist- also with true pleasure –orders one whisky after another during the interview, glasses that the red eyes of Amaral continue following with anxiety; but the Torrente who dramatised Gonçalo Amaral on my whiskies and his waters immediately shows other cards:
      – You’re talking to me of police novels. You write police novels. I do other things. I read other things. I do not you see you. And I read a lot.
      Afterwards one learns that Torrente has studied, with the highest marks for his promotion, criminology, psychology, sociology and law. One day one of his subordinates asked him:
      – Chief, and what is the branch of investigation that puts you over?
      – People.
      [Note: The journalist appears to have given Amaral the nickname “el Torrente,” which in Spanish means the rushing stream, the torrent, or the flood. Since it appears that he is also saying that Amaral – somewhat longingly – stuck to water whilst watching the journalist drink water, perhaps this is a play on the fact that Amaral was drinking water rather than spirits that night.]

  11. I’m a bit dubious, although hard to tell which (if any) bits may have some element of truth. 

    • I know what you mean.  Do you employ the logic that because it is being vehemently denied in certain quarters that there might be a ring of truth to this meeting?

  12. The mccannfile link I gave earlier is a translation (a collaborative effort by half of 3A).

  13. Well according to another article  GA did say he was going to sue according to 24Horas

    The journalist that wrote an article in “El Mundo” about the PJ inspectors, namely about Gonçalo Amaral, apologises 24horas

    Aníbal Malvar says that his article in “El Mundo” was misunderstood

    Text: Paula Silva
    30/04/2008 (Thanks to ‘Li’ from the3arguidos forum for translation)

    The author of the devastating article published in “El Mundo” says there is a misunderstanding… But he apologises

    “It was never my intention to offend the Portuguese police or Gonçalo Amaral. If I did it, I apologise”. This were the words of Aníbal Malvar to the 24 Horas yesterday.

    The journalist, 43 years old, that will be sued for what he wrote said that he tried to speak with Gonçalo Amaral to clarify any misunderstanding but was not able to.

    Aníbal Malvar says he is surprised with the repercussion that his article published last Sunday is having in Portugal. “The article is a literary one and has several sarcasms and it’s perhaps because of that that was misunderstood”, he claims.

    Malvar says that he made critics but to the British police. “What I wanted to denounce was that the PJ of Portimão could not do their work because the British colleagues did not allowed. The influences were several and at a high level”, he said to 24 Horas.

    “Removed by political reasons”

    The Spanish journalist says that the former coordinator of Maddie’s case was a person with clear ideas about the disappearance of the little girl”. His conviction was that the McCanns were involved”, assumes the journalist.

    Malvar claims that Amaral, with whom he talked once during more than three hours in September, last year, in Algarve “was removed from the police by political reasons”.

    In the article it is attributed to Gonçalo Amaral the following sentence about Kate: “You did not see the mother (of Madeleine). You don’t know the mother. She is cold. She is cunning. She is an actress”. Gonçalo Amaral said that he is going to sue.

    “Silliness is not a crime”

    Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, former PJ inspector, received yesterday a phone call from the journalist of “El Mundo” asking him if two of the policemen of his book “The star of Maddie”, João Tavares e Francisco Meireles, were true or fiction. The Spanish journalist used these names in his article with some sensational sayings. Example “We smoke, we like to eat and to drink”. Cristóvão said to him that they were fictional. “Although he publishes passages of my book I don’t have how to sue him because being silly is not a crime” he said to 24 Horas.


  14. I’m still reading through it. It’s quite interesting. 

    Sooooo, some journo, writing for a Spanish outlet, says he’s interviewed GA in whichever bar in whichever town, but for some reason decided to use nicknames for real people represented in a “novel” about the case, written by ex-Inspector Cristovão, who was formerly involved in the Cipriano case). The fact of using nicknames from the book was the argument to discredit him in the Diario article. Fair enough.However, apart from the use of ficticious names (apart from GA’s name), the general theory that GA has been promoting all over the press, reproduced on the Internet, doesn’t seem much different to what is in that article. So what would the problem be now?

    • Could it be they are just objecting to how this journalist described the meeting and how GA was unshaven, hadn’t slept and in a scruffy suit?

  15. Ohh. Spotted a myth I’d never heard of ROFL

    “It was also published that after the birth of the twins, Madeleine was subjected to treatment to control jealousy and the doctors prescribed tranquilizers. The track of the pills also faded away…”

    How did a reward system of little stars on a fridge for staying in bed end up as this? I can guess the source though.

    • Yes Carana, and it all stems from this interview that Brian Healy did, where he said they might have given the children calpol like other parents and the Sun twisted it to say “they gave calpol to make them sleep”.


      • Pointing out details like that out at the time was an instant banning in certain quarters… 

      • Yep I know, my god how I am kicking myself now.  My god the manipulation was so intense at the time. And they call Clarrie the master of spin, well some did not do a bad job elsewhere. That is for sure.

    • And the most annoying part of all of this is, if the McCanns and their friends had help press conferences, discussed the case with journalists in bars they would have been charged with breach of judicial secrecy.

      Yet if Amaral did meet this journalist or even spoke to him on a phone about the case, he breached judicial secrecy which happens to be against the law.

  16. Just reading the current article here again. I wonder where he gets information? 

    It couldn’t be part of GA’s PR preparation… could it? 

    Any news of his new book, btw? 

  17. No news of the book but, wasn’t his theory that poor Madeleine was buried on the beach, then moved to a freezer and then disposed of in the hired car.  Well it looks like Mark Harrison didn’t agree with him at all:

    Page 5 of 13http://regretsandramblings.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Volume-IX-Mark-Harrison-Npia-Martin-Grimes-CSI-Dogs-Handler-Pages-2256-68.pdfhttp://regretsandramblings.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/beach-burial-amaral-theory.jpg

  18. With thanks to Cath on Stopthemyths, I have just read an article that I missed.


    The 30th of June 2008 marked Gonçalo Amaral’s last day of service for the PJ. It was a day that passed like many before, in a proud 27-year career, with the apprehension of two and a half tons of hashish and the detention of six traffickers.

    After handing in his duty pistol, his badge, his card and his service mobile phone it was time to close the door on a job which he had served proudly and to which he had dedicated his life.

    For Gonçalo Amaral, it had been more than just a ‘job’.

    “He would have rather preferred being a cop until he died,” says Sofia Leal, Gonçalo Amaral’s wife, talking exclusively to ‘mccannfiles.com’. “He loves me very much and he loves the girls, but he really lived for his job.”

    What should have been a momentous and joyous day, looking forward to the new chapter and new challenges of retirement – armed with the well wishes and plaudits of his colleagues – instead became tinged with sadness and profound disappointment.

    “When Gonçalo went out of the PJ door there was no one saying goodbye to him. No director. No one. After a life dedicated to the PJ, it was what most got him down,” says Sofia.

    The nature of the departure, and premature retirement, made it difficult to get an aim for his life until he got busy with the presentations of his book, ‘Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira’.

    “Gonçalo had a bad time with his retirement, but it was the anonymous bloggers and common citizens that he met everyday in the street that were his support.

    “Although we’ve tried to give him strength and hope, we were supposed to, weren’t we? It was the people that he never knew before, and most of them he will never meet, that were the true providers of hope for Gonçalo Amaral.”

    Sofia was able to confirm that editions of ‘Maddie: The Truth of the Lie’ were now assured in France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. There is no concrete news of a UK release date yet, although negotiations are progressing well.

    Finally, Sofia revealed that some weeks ago she wrote a letter “to a friend of mine that lives in the UK,” and had “until now, got no answer”. She wonders “if everything is ok?”

    “She lives in Rothley.”

    So why did GA leave without a send-off, after all the dedication and the years he had given to the PJ. Surely his mates would have wanted to give him a send off. And his bosses would have wanted to congratulate him on his retirement, wouldn’t they?

    This does remind me of a situation where some is pushed before shoved. Someone offered the golden handshake, best if you go before you are pushed.

    • Well, that was what triggered a thought in a comment some time ago: it’s still not clear to me whether he left voluntarily or not. There are no doubt rules and regulations lurking somewhere in the depths of Portuguese labour law, but I admit I haven’t had the courage to hunt for it yet. 
      He left 6 months to the day after his redeployment, didn’t he? Was he actually actively working for the Faro PJ during this time? Or was he simply due 6 months compensation and time to find another means of gaining an income? 

  19. Remember the threats that GA proclaims were sent by Clarence on the eve of his book – well again totally blown out of proportion.

    Those who knew me through social communication got an opinion based on my connection with the so-called Maddie Case. During the investigation and after being removed, I was a target of the most terrible accusations from the British press, some local commentators and a man named Clarence Mitchell, whose role is not very well understood. On the eve of the publication of the book you already know, this gentleman was sending me threats : “that I should take care” – I was stunned!

    What Clarence Mitchell actually said was this according to a Telegraph article now pulled: 


    Mr Mitchell said: “Mr Amaral needs to be very careful in repeating those allegations. Kate and Gerry’s lawyers are watching his words very carefully.

     “He is also completely at odds with with his own Attorney-General who, in lifting Kate and Gerry’s “arguido” – official suspect – status, made it clear that there is no evidence to suggest they are guilty of any crime whatsoever.”

  20. Carana I always forget when he resigned, when the book launched etc but found this timeline that is very good.


  21. And according to that timeline he planned to publish the book on the 23rd April 2008 to quit the PJ and then by the 25th April 2008 (48 hours later) announces that he is publishing his book.

    Now add this to the fact this snippet on a book synopsis

    It is my deep understanding that the disclosure in a work of this kind, of all the facts, could compromise future efforts to determine the discovery of truth. 


    Was he told that he could not publish his book all the time he was a serving officer?  And was he also told, back in June 2007 when he was charged,  that if found guilty of any crimes he will be fired and will not receive his pension etc?

    Was the book something to fall back on should he get sacked if found guilty of those charges laid against him?  And could  it all  have gone pear-shaped if he was told by his superiors that he can’t publish the book as a serving officer.

    And according to the Sun on the 25th April 2008 Clarence said:

    “It’s reported that it will not be published until Kate and Gerry’s arguido status is lifted. We are grateful to Mr Amaral for acknowledging that it will be lifted. 

    “Our lawyers will enjoy reading this book on its publication. 

    “We are also concerned to note that a serving police officer is proposing a book to cash in on Madeleine’s disappearance. 

    “We also expect Mr Amaral to adhere fully to Portugal’s secrecy laws, as we have done all along.”

    Was his plans scuppered because his superiors knew that there would be an outcry at a cop writing a book about people who had their arguido status lifted and told in the archiving dispatch that there was no evidence of any crimes being committed by them?

  22. This is not related to what I was actually looking for, but it is well worth a read:

    Quem se responsabiliza pelo ‘caso Maddie’?

    8:00 Segunda feira, 7 de julho de 2008
    O chamado ‘caso Maddie’ foi um desastre. Por mim, sempre me indignei com a ligeireza com que certos polícias, ex-polícias e jornalistas amigos de polícias insinuaram que os pais da crianças eram os responsáveis pela sua morte. Mesmo sem saberem se, de facto, havia morte.
    Escrevi-o, disse-o na televisão e mantenho que, caso se provasse que o casal era culpado, eu perderia completamente a confiança na condição humana.
    Pois bem, felizmente não perdi essa confiança, mas passei, infelizmente, a desconfiar muito mais dos nossos métodos de investigação.
    O que me é dado entender é que a nossa polícia não investiga: faz conjecturas. O desplante com que um ex-polícia dizia qualquer coisa como ‘não foi provado o crime, mas também não foi provado o rapto’, mostra como certas pessoas na PJ se sentem mais magistrados, mesmo juízes, do que investigadores. E, para que não se pense que há corporativismo, o mesmo digo – sem qualquer hesitação – de certos jornalistas, para quem a verdade é o que lhe diz uma fonte da polícia, ainda que o bom senso contrarie a lógica dessa pretensa verdade.
    A nossa polícia de investigação tinha os olhos do mundo sobre ela. O que fez foi desastroso. Transformou em arguido – com a arrogância própria de quem sabe que arguido é um termo esquivo – os pais de Maddie e, simultaneamente, enviou sub-repticiamente para a opinião pública sinais de uma conjectura que foram dando como se estivesse provada: que a menina tinha morrido e que os pais tinham ocultado o cadáver.
    Poucos jornais (orgulho-me de o Expresso ter sido um deles) escaparam desta lógica. E, passados estes 14 meses, a mesma gente que alimentou um mito, acusou sem provas um casal a quem a filha lhe desaparecera e deu do nosso país uma imagem terceiro-mundista, não pede desculpa.
    Ao contrário, desculpa-se.
    Desculpa-se com poderes ocultos no processo, com o Governo inglês, com o que mais vier. É gente mesquinha, pequena, sem qualquer grandeza.
    Alguns jornais chegam ao ponto de parecer ter esperança que o casal seja acusado de “exposição ao abandono”, como se quem sopra essa hipótese não soubesse que jamais se poderá provar o dolo, ou seja a intenção, por parte do casal em abandonar a filha, requisito indispensável para tal acusação.
    Enfim, um desastre total, o ‘caso Maddie’, apesar de toda a gente conhecer os riscos desta investigação. E, o pior, é que ninguém será responsabilizado por esta enormidade.
    Henrique Monteiro

    Ler mais: http://aeiou.expresso.pt/quem-se-responsabiliza-pelo-caso-maddie=f358353#ixzz1bu0MlrDZ

  23. By the way, Bren, your choice of photo isn’t lost on me. 

  24. I see they are dissecting photos again on another site.  Why do they have to keep doing this to this poor child?  

    I see nothing wrong with the photo, it just looks like one of those snaps that you get every now and again.  Probably playing on the floor and was told to look at the camera and arched back to see it.

    What can’t these people grasp, if there was anything untoward happening to these children, no way would people  release photos like that for fear of getting caught?

    Doesn’t it prove to them all, that the parents here are loving, caring, protective and filled with guilt at what happened?  

    And if the Police had any concerns of what images were being released they would investigate themselves.  All it reminds me of are some that want to cause as much grief and harm to this family as they can.  They want to inflict as much pain on this family as they can, by ripping every photo they release apart.

    And above all, what goes through these people’s minds in the first place to see things that every other normal parent can’t see.

    • Oh no, not again. They must be bored. 

      • Yep it seems one of them has emailed the photographer… didn’t they believe that this had already been done and the answer was found out in April 2008 over three and a half years ago.

        Honesty, you couldn’t make this up if you tried.

  25. Just a little shout out for other children who are missing – there are no doubt many others who have had no, or little, media attention at all. Every family has to draw a fine line between media attention and privacy. I have no doubt that prior to the explosion of the Internet, many families had no idea as to how to maintain attention, and no doubt many may be appalled at the level of intrusion of privacy, suspicion, etc., to which the McCann family was subjected.

    The following is just a short list off the top of my head and only concerns European cases. Not all concern young children.

    – Madeleine McCann
    – Ruis Pedro Mendoça
    – Joana Cipriano

    -Ben Needham

    – Yeremi Vargas 
    – Sara Morales 
    – Amy Fitzpatrick

    – Denise Pepitone 

    – Livia and Alessia Schepp
    – Joy Vincent may be an example amongst many

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