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Ben Needham, Madeleine McCann and Lisa Irwin

I really do wish people would engage their brains before even typing a single word. Apart from making a complete ass of themselves some people try to divide a wedge between these two cases, by implying that the McCanns could be more favourable than the Needhams.

And in respect of the Lisa Irwin case, by implying that the parents are following exactly the same campaign as the McCanns

What do they hope to achieve?

Perhaps, sinisterly in their sick minds, they are hoping that Kerry will join their online hate campaign against the McCanns because they have had more help than her.  Or perhaps they are hoping that Kerry will do all she can to stop Madeleine’s picture appearing in the media in favour of her own son.

Kerry Needham is only interested in one thing, finding her son.  Kerry Needham knows she will never get back those years, but as Ben’s mother she just wants to know he had a good life and that he is safe and well loved.

And Kerry Needham doesn’t need her son’s disappearance to be used as a scoring point against the McCanns by McCann sceptics.  What Kerry Needhams wants is for her son to be found. Just like the Irwins and Bradleys don’t need their child’s disappearance to be used as a scoring point against them or the McCanns.

Three tragic cases amongst many other tragic cases of missing children.  Why some want to link these cases together is beyond me.

I really don’t know.

But, the sad fact and the truth is, three children are missing and three families need help. Kerry has the help of the South Yorkshire Police just like the McCanns have the help from Leicester Police.  Whereas, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have received the help from a mystery benefactor.

Hopefully, the Police will soon ascertain that the parents of Lisa were not responsible for their daughters disappearance and they will turn their concentration away from the parents back onto finding Lisa.

But when you get tweets like this it really does go to show how uneducated some of these people are.

Back in 1991 when Ben went missing, yes there was the internet of sorts, but it wasn’t in everyones’ homes like it is today.

Computers were around, but they sold for vast sums of money and they were not as far advanced as they are today.

News sites did not exist, like they do today. There was no online social networking, like there is today. And back in 1991 Facebook and Twitter were not even thought of.

There was no 24 hour news like we can view at the flick of a button on a remote control that operates our TVs.  Back in 1991, if you wanted to follow the tragic tale of poor Ben you had to wait for a designated time for the news to appear and hope they mentioned him.  If they didn’t all you had was the papers that stood on the news-stands.

Kerry Needham explains herself and understands why there was not such a campaign.  Listen to her, she understands why the disappearance of her son was not so well publicised.

Kerry herself speaks about the impact of what social networking can do.

But today Kerry Needham is using social media, Kerry Needham is taking her fight to get the case reopened and has won by the announcement that the Greek authorities are going to look into the case again.

Kerry after seeing the help and assistance that Kate and Gerry McCann received, decided that it is time the Government helped Ben, and too right they should.  For years the British Government have fobbed Kerry off by saying they don’t get involved, they have to be invited.

On the FindBen site they state:

After watching all the publicity surrounding Madeleine McCann’s disappearance and seeing all the support the McCann family were receiving from the British Government, I decided it was time that they also helped in our search for Ben.  Over the years I had been told that British Police could not investigate crimes abroad and that the country of the crime would need to invite them.

British Police went to Portugal – so why not Greece?  MP’s campaigned for the McCann family, so why not the Needhams’?  Millions of pounds were raised in the McCann case – why not the Needhams? It seemed to the Needham family that Ben was unimportant in high places.  The only people who seemed to care were his family, some members of the public and the South Yorkshire Police.

The British Government were the ones to fail Kerry and her family and it is understandable why Kerry felt neglected by her own Government.  But none of this is the fault of the McCanns.  The McCanns asked for assistance and they got it, it is not their fault that the Government failed Ben and every other missing child.

You can watch the full interview here:

If this was your child out there missing, you would do exactly the same as the McCanns to find your child.  You would use your contacts to help orchestrate a campaign to find your child and you would ask for assistance.

Kate McCann stood outside Parliament to give her voice to people like Kerry who have been let down by a system and by their Government.  Unfortunately it seems again that this might have fallen on deaf ears as not a lot is being done to help the families of the missing according to certain charities.

But one thing the Madeleine McCann case has taught every parent out there who has a missing child, is this, use Social Networking sites to their full advantage in getting your missing child’s profile out there.  The more people that can see the picture of a missing child, the greater chance there is for that child to be found.  Use the power of the internet to its full advantage.

The way the McCann family, together and united, launched a media campaign to find their missing daughter, has set a precedent.  And any parent on seeing how beneficial that campaign was would be a fool not to follow the same mantra.

The campaign to find Madeleine, is broadcast world wide.  There is hardly a person on this planet who has not heard of Madeleine McCann.  It is tragic when children go missing.  If the parents of other missing children orchestrate the same campaign as the McCanns are using, for their missing daughter Madeleine, and if that said campaign finds that missing child, then it is worth it.

The disappearance of Madeline has shown us there are people out there with a heart.  People who will help find a missing child.  People who will help pay for private investigators and lawyers, should they feel the parents are being treated unfairly.  People who care not about the parents but about finding that missing child.

Just like Brian Kennedy offered to help the McCanns, he did it not for their sakes but for the sake of Madeleine’s as stated here from the PJ Files.

On the 13th of the current year, in the presence of the signatory and inspectors Paulo Ferreira and Ricardo Paiva, a meeting was held, in this department, with Brian Kennedy, the director of the detective company, Francisco Marco and an advisor of this same company, Antonio Jimenez, ex-chief of the Kidnapping Unit of Catalan. From the beginning, Brian Kennedy was questioned, and ascertained that the meeting only had this scope–of transmitting that his objective in all of this was purely charitable in that he is interested [in helping to stop] the bad treatment of minors and in missing children. He affirmed that he only was interested in discovering the truth and nothing more even if the McCann family, the friends, or any other person is found to be involved in the disappearance.

Just like the mystery benefactor who is paying for Bill Stanton and Joe Tacopina in the missing baby Lisa case, as quoted in the Kansas City Star:

Meanwhile, a New York private investigator, Bill Stanton, announced that he had been hired to assist in finding Lisa. He wouldn’t say who was paying him.

New York lawyer Joe Tacopina announced he now represented Lisa’s parents. He also declined to say who was paying him. He said they had consented to have their house searched again and would cooperate with investigators.

When children go missing, people want to help.  That is what being human is all about, helping others.

Of course there will be some that won’t lift a finger to help. People who will sit there  all too willing to point the finger of blame and criticise everything a family does to find their child. That is when they are not playing Judge, Jury and Executioner, without knowing the full facts.

Don’t you just love internet trials now and the like of those on the jury?… No most definitely not. Internet trials that are conducted not on fact but on gut instinct, supposition and innuendo and with only one verdict, guilty.  And a sentence that carries the punishment that is nothing less than baying for someone’s blood before tying them to stake and burning them.  All this carried out provided they have survived a few duckings in the local pond, which are held regularly during the internet trial.

Yes Kate and Gerry McCann have set a precedent with regards to their daughters disappearance, but that precedent can only help find a missing child.  What the McCanns have achieved in their campaign to find Madeleine has paved the way for a campaign that other parents who have missing children can follow.

And if by Kate McCann adding her voice to any campaign to highlight the plight of the missing and their families, gets something done, then that to can only benefit missing children and their families.

If by the McCanns begging for a review, helps find what happened to their daughter and that review is a success, perhaps then that review team will be worth the money and they will be funded in the future to tackle other missing children cases.

Whatever anyone does, whether it be Kate McCann or Uncle Tom Cobbly, if what they do helps find a missing child or gives support to the family of a missing child, then that can only be a good thing for any missing child out there and their families.

When a child goes missing, the primary concern should be finding that child.  Apportioning blame comes secondary to find that missing child.


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  1. A bit of good news for a change for Ben Needham’s mum:

    Missing British boy’s family given new hope with DNA victory
    The family of a British toddler who went missing 20 years ago have won a High Court battle to have his DNA released in a new attempt to trace him.


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