Madeleine by Kate McCann nominated for book award.

In May 2011 Kate McCann wrote a book with regards to her families harrowing experience of their daughter being abducted and how they and their friends were treated by the PJ at times.

Kate McCann poured her heart out in a book, that has been nothing but a best seller.  It has been released worldwide and top the charts in the UK for many weeks.

Madeleine is a little girl who we have all come to know, but we learn more about Madeleine than the press have ever told us.  Kate McCann describes her love, her heartache and the pain she carries every day whilst being separated from her first born.  She describes her battle to come to terms with what has happened to their family and how her and her husband, Gerry, refuse to give up searching for their daughter.

Once you have read Madeleine by Kate McCann, you get to see the real Kate McCann.  Not the image that the media wanted to portray, or the image that the PJ and particularly Goncalo Amaral wanted to portray of this woman.  You get to laugh with Kate and you get to cry with Kate.  And above all you get to know the real Kate McCann.

Well Madeleine is on the short list for the Galaxy British Book Awards, under the category of Popular Non-Fiction Book of the Year.

Naturally this will not go down well in certain quarters, but personally I am hoping that Madeleine by Kate McCann wins the category.




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  1. Bl oody hell, has the teeth gnashing and carpet chewing commenced yet.

  2. Well dentists, carpet suppliers and carpet fitters are predicting above normal earnings for the next quarter. LOL

  3. The Galaxy Awards are to be accompanied by a series of 6 TV programmes and given the interest in the McCann case I expect at least one will focus on Kate.


    “Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy is among those shortlisted for the Galaxy National Book Awards 2011.

    Also up for UK author of the year are Booker nominees Julian
    Barnes and Carol Birch, plus Andrea Levy, Anthony Horowitz, and Alan

    The awards, hosted by Dara O Briain, will be accompanied by six weekly TV programmes on More4.

    Dawn French and Terry Pratchett are among those nominated for popular fiction book of the year.

    Popular non-fiction titles in the running include Kate
    McCann’s Madeleine, Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman and Brian Cox’s
    Wonders of the Universe.

    Claire Tomalin’s Charles Dickens biography features alongside
    the likes of Keith Richards’ Life and Bear Grylls’ Mud Sweat and Tears
    in the biography and autobiography category.

    The awards largely celebrate British authors, with the exception of international author of the year and paperback of the year.

    The winners will be revealed at a ceremony in London on 4 November.”

  4. Well I wish her all the luck in the world. I hope she wins!

    • Welcome to the blog Jacci, Ialso hope she wins.  I have said this many times, I know it must have been hard for Kate to write that book, but I am glad she did, it certainly put a lot of things into perspective.  

      And it told their side of the story, which they were not able to do whilst under judicial secrecy.  Yes judicial secrecy that seemed to apply to them and their friends but not the PJ when they decided to leak info damning to the McCanns to the press

  5. Whether it wins a prize or not, it’s an absorbing read and I agree with Bren’s review.

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