Bennett – Why do you do it?

This morning I received an email in an old account about Bennett’s latest claim.  So I did some sleuthing myself and again we have misinformation being spread as fact.

Why do you insist on dragging people into this that are not involved?  Please tell me, because I seriously can’t understand why.

You and your group of researchers find a news article and then twist the facts to fit the article.  Like your latest attempt at saying David Chapman is Robert Murat’s step-son as posted here (screenshot)

Dawn Murat’s maiden name was Chapman.

We know this from an article that was in the Norwich Evening News where her mother refused to comment.

Ms Murat’s mother, Margaret Chapman, who lives in Margaret Paston Avenue, in Mile Cross, declined to comment today.

The Daily Mail in an article dated 23rd November 2007 speaks of Dawn Murat’s marriage to another man where she took the name Brown.

The article states:

Dawn was the unhappily married mother of a six-year-old son, David, and Murat – the son of a British mother and a Portuguese entrepreneur – had moved to Britain from Portugal aged 16 to care for his frail grandmother.

They were friends first, and when Dawn separated from her husband they started a romance.

“At first, my family were against the relationship because they thought he was too young for me,” says Dawn.

“But Robert seemed so much older than his years. He was wise, gentle, loving and caring. Soon, my family thought he was fantastic, and he was wonderful with my son. David adored him.

“He never called Robert ‘Dad’, but when he introduced him to his friends, he’d say: ‘This is my father.’

David loved him so much he formally applied to take his surname, Murat, at 17.

We know that Dawn took the name of Brown as she is listed on 192 as Dawn P Brown

192 - Dawn Brown

192 Dawn Brown(1)

So as she took the name of Brown and had a son in this relationship it is obvious that the son was called David Brown and NOT David Chapman.

If you go and read this article which is about David Chapman you will also find that David Chapman set fire to his ADOPTIVE parents home

But only weeks earlier he had been made the subject of an 18-month supervision order for setting fire to his adoptive parents’ home.

And an article quoted on your site says:

Chapman, of Hawthorn Bank, Spalding, received a sentence of “imprisonment for the public protection” (IPP) – a potentially lifelong sentence which in his case specified that he must serve at least six years before he could apply for parole.

Bennett apart from having the wrong person, you also have the wrong flaming County.

David Chapman is from Spalding Lincs and David Brown (who changed his name to Murat) lived in Norfolk.

And it is people like you Bennett that cause families added grief.  And you were the one that sanctioned that article by the research group and you were the one that wrote on the post that the claim still stands.  So you can take full responsibility for what harm you are causing the family of Robert Murat.  Him and Dawn might not be married any more but he still has a child and a step-son that took his name.

To whoever sent me the email, thank you.  If this had not been addressed it would be safe to say that Bennett and his Bennettos would have tarnished the character of an innocent person, yet again.


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  1. Thanks to Stop the Myths for finding the clippings of the article 

  2. And they wonder why the PJ and SY consider them a bunch of fruitloops.

  3. Morning Samantha, I see he has deleted the topic and withdrawn the comments on the forum.  But has left the 

    But has still left the title in his articles link.  

  4. Fruitloops Samantha, they are a bloody danger to society.  How many people have been beaten up, even killed because of some nutter getting the wrong person because they have the wrong information?

    One Doctor even had to move because someone could not tell the difference between Paedophile and Paediatrician. 

    He has totally tarnished the wrong person, and as Urcrazy said on Stop the Myths this should involve the Police now.  Urcrazy is correct when they said that David and Dawn Murat need the Police involved as well as lawyers.

  5. I agree Bren.

    The man has  no morals, which is clear in the manner he, and the other fruits target people who have done nothing, apart from being on holiday in May 2007.

  6. zampos
    Anthony Bennett

    @UnterdenTeppich On this occasion it looks like I made bad mistake, and didn’t check my facts more carefully, but Murat remains of interest

    1 hour ago

    ……………and many other occasions.

  7. He has definitely fallen right in it.   Serves his bl**dy well right.  He is a danger to everyone.  I hope he gets stood on sooner rather than later.

  8. My exact sentiments Graham, he is a danger.  There are unfortunately fruitloops out there that take the law into their own hands, just like he does, but the only difference is they are not mentally stable enough to sort the wheat from the chaff.

    He could have got someone a serious beating for posting what he did and I still see he has NOT removed the offending tweet.

    Bennett you are a friggin disgrace of a human being.

  9. I can’t fathom what makes him tick, Bren.  He’s not like any other human I know.  He is a disgrace to us all.  

    • I can’t Graham, but I do wonder if he suffers from OCD or something, he seems to be obsessed with things.  If it is not road signs it is something else.

      I dread to think what goes through his mind at times.  

  10. Can’t possibly think why GASP & the other commemoration day seem to have gone down like a lead balloon on the other side of the Channel. Never mind, I’m sure they have it all sorted. 

    • Well apart from the 3 photos of Bennett of the Yard posing with his mucky dossier we have not seen any photo shoots of them accosting shoppers on High Streets in London

  11. I hadn’t actually realised what this was about until I happened to stumble upon what he’d actually gone and done this time. 

    If he feels his true vocation is campaigning, I wish he’d turn his attention to something humane. Promoting hedgehog road crossings or something.

    • I know Carana, it was hard to highlight how gross it was without repeating the libel all over again.

      What he did was disgusting and he classed it as a “bad mistake” and expected people to be OK with that.

      So he can make a “bad mistake” and that is fine, nothing should be said or done about and he thinks that is a sufficient enough policy.

      But the McCanns who made an error of judgement on that holiday, by thinking it was safe can’t be forgiven.  Flaming hypocrite he is.

  12. Oh dear. The Maddie-was-cloned-theorist-due-to-insert-dark-conspiracy-reason-as-appropriate now seems to be wondering if Kate has mental issues. 

    I was going to say that words fail me. Again.

    However, even if she (this person, not Kate) is probably quite harmless (in terms of physical threats), who – in the various jurisdictions – is responsible for overseeing what disturbed people get up to online? Social services? Police? Psychiatric services? Or do they fall through the net until something dramatic occurs?

    • Oh Carana, it just goes from one extreme to the other, I have posted this morning as I couldn’t post last night due to laughter.  


      In their deluded minds they think one person posting on there is Gerry McCann and I am now possibly Rosiepops.

      • Fess up, Bren. You are both. My shopkeeper’s cousin’s hairdresser’s neighbour’s great aunt told me she’d heard it somewhere. So it must be true.

      • I bet Rosiepops is cracked up if she has read that one.  When I think of it I still chuckle.

    • When you come to think of it, all you see is what they write, you don’t know whether they are mentally stable or not.  Something has to be done over the internet and what can be written on these sites.

      It has gone form Free Speech to Libelling and Defaming a person and it is not just an isolated incident.  It is prevalent.

      • Most of these people are ‘closet’ bullies, the kind that stands at the back of the crowd, egging them on, and then does a runner when the police arrive.  The kind that passes the bullets etc but dives for the bunker when the bullets come back.  The kind that, as a child, led a group of like minded morons and kicked a kid to death just because he/she was black/Jewish/foreign/Muslim.   The kind that grow up to become Gestapi, SS, Stasi, Kmer Rouge – the list is long, very long.  They thrive on the adulation of those they lead,  on the paranoia and delusions, they are like bloodsuckers, the thrill of being ‘in charge’ feeds their pathetic egos.    And now they have a huge canvas on which to continue without fear of being duffed up with a knuckle duster by an irate opponent.  

  13. Hello, i need to urgently contact you about this as it’s personal. Is there an email address i can write to you? 

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