Whatever Kate McCann does..

Will never be right in some people’s eyes.  Their vengeance and hatred for Kate is so great that they are willing to forsake the cause just because Kate McCann is involved.

Myself I don’t care how is spearheading something just as long as something gets done.

Cast your minds back to June 2011, when Parliament were listening to families of missing children. They were listening to the plight they had suffered and the lack of back up and support that was out there for families.

Kate McCann herself spoke at that Parliamentary inquiry, she explained that there is a lack of support for families and there is not legislation out there that can help families of the missing.

On Saturday, just over 3 months since the Government promised action, the Guardian broke this story, they reported the following:

Children’s charities have accused the government of failing to fulfil a pledge to devote more resources to tracing thousands of children who go missing in the UK each year.

Three months after ministers announced a high-profile initiative led by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) to help find missing youngsters, officials admit that only two dedicated specialists have been specifically assigned to the scheme.

According to government officials, the initiative was intended to ensure a “national lead” was taken in tracking missing children. Home Office minister James Brokenshire said that 230,000 missing children reports were recorded in the UK every year and that it was “crucial we can act quickly”.

But children’s charities say the scheme is under-resourced and its strategy unclear, pointing to the fact that there is no evidence of a single child being found as a direct result of its new responsibility. The only specific appeal launched by the agency to date is for Madeleine McCann, who went missing aged three on holiday in Portugal four and a half years ago.

Kate McCann spoke outside Parliament about the anguish and lack of help that families of the missing have when it comes to the law and support network.

Once again we hear all the words, the Government sanctions the relevant inquiries and Parliament listens to the charities and the victims and promises them things will change and we will do this and we will do that.  But when it comes to bringing in that change, the Government do not allocate sufficient resources to launch a support network for the missing and their families. Charities are accusing the Government of failing in their promises and too right the Government are failing these children and families.

But does that stop the anti-McCann’s?  Instead of being dismayed and annoyed that the Government are once again failing on its promises, they launch into Kate McCann because she happened to speak outside Parliament on behalf of herself and two other mothers with missing children.

And you really do get to see that some of these anti-McCanns are not concerned about missing children, the lack of support and legislation for families of the missing by this screenshot. A post made where the member of a particular forum (yes you guessed it – A forum where Tony Bennett is a member)  comments on the photo of Kate McCann rather than the article, when they say:

Now why doesn’t that surprise me !! and why is Kate McCann always in the middle of these sorts of pictures, always the most important one…

And the, “Now why doesn’t that surprise me!!” refers to the article stating that Madeleine McCann is the only child that an CEOP have made an appeal for.  Instead of demanding why CEOP are not highlighting the plight of other missing children, and offering to help in any way they can to highlight the plight of missing children, they immediately launch an attack into Kate McCann about her hair.

Her hair FFS, come on we are talking about missing children here.  We are talking about families being ripped apart not knowing if their missing child is alive or dead.

And by attacking Kate and the CEOP appeal on Madeleine’s behalf  are they that blinded by hate that they are prepared to forsake any appeal made for missing Madeleine McCann?  Are they that shallow that they begrudge any missing child an appeal, just because they don’t like that child’s parents? Or do they demand conditions, like, we will support anything to do with missing children provided Kate and Gerry McCann are not involved?

Come on, get real, this is nothing but a witch-hunt of Kate McCann hidden under the umbrella of caring about missing kids.  Because that is what it seems to me.  And just to put that person right, when people appear in studios on TV, due to the brightness of the lights used, make-up and what they are wearing can affect the picture quality.  Every TV studio has a make-up department and they do people’s hair.  That is why Kate’s hair looks good on TV, it is all down to the make-up and hair department doing their job.

One more thing, if you knew you were going to appear on TV and make an appeal for your child, wouldn’t you go to the hair-dressers first?  Of course you would, but don’t let that stop you carrying out your witch-hunt.

Even that so-called profiler Pat Brown, can’t comment on any case without bringing Madeleine into things.  Pat Brown, just one piece of advice to you, please go and listen to Kate, Gerry and their family on videos and listen to how Madeleine in pronounced.  Until you can pronounce her name correctly, please refrain from commenting on this missing child as it is totally disrespectful.

Yes you guessed it Pat Brown has now jumped on the missing Baby Lisa Irwin bandwagon.

[audio https://madeleinemccannthetruth.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/elliot-in-the-morning-pat-brown-baby-lisa-case.mp3]

Click on arrow above to listen to the Pat Brown interview.

And it proves one thing to me, if Pat Brown can’t pronounce Madeleine correctly, then she sure as hell hasn’t done her research.  Everyone watching the videos from Kate and Gerry McCann, their family and the media knows how to pronounce Madeleine correctly.


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  1. Bren, the handful of bullies left criticise her for trying to give media visibility to missing people  – a cause that would otherwise attract little media interest. If she didn’t, well, that would be held against her as well. 

    NB: I started reading about teenage bullying and resources that are available to help. I’ll try to refind the links if anyone is interested.

    • Yes I would be interested in reading them.  Apart from teenage bullying it is also prevalent with regards to adults as well.

      Seems it is not just children that suffer online bullying.

      And you are right, they would criticise her and call her selfish if she didn’t do anything to help missing people and children. It is disgusting behaviour being conducted by a mindless few.

  2. I think there’s an argument for making the kind of abuse that the Mccanns have suffered an actual criminal offense. In the course of selling sensatioanlist stories, a grieving family has had salt poured all over its open wounds. Perhaps more seriously, a Portugese cop, who later wrote a book about it, focussed on one theory, thereby failing to close off borders that might have stopped this abductor’s success. And then the world ran with that theory. 

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